Meer Abru Episode 28 & 29 Story Review – Emotions Done Right

Opening Thoughts – Emotions Done Right:

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Meer Abru were like a roller-coaster ride of emotions, there was good, the bad & then the ugly. Every single emotion was portrayed to perfection & all of it was so heart-breaking. I hate seeing my favorite character of Abru being treated this way but I am sure she will rise & shine. This drama has to be the best of 2019 for me, the pace has been consistent & every set of episode brings something new & a change of scenario with it. I can not emphasize enough on how good Meer Abru is & what a perfect drama this is. I must also add that one of the best aspects of Meer Abru also is that they show personal as well as professional life & the rivalry in it as well, it is like it immediately shifts the mood & makes you wonder what is happening on the family business front too.

Terrible Trio of Zaibi, Haya & Waleed Have An Upperhand At The Moment:

Abru wanted to take care of Haya & make her feel special that is why she was keen that Haya comes to her father’s house & allow all of them to give her some mental peace & relaxation that she was in need of but Abru had no idea what was going on in Haya’s mind. Haya has proved to be a dimwit & even though I did feel for her when she was being mistreated by Waleed but not anymore, in fact now I want her to fall flat on her face so bad that she realizes how stupid & evil she has been. Zaibi has succeeded in planting the seed of hatred in Haya as well as Waleed’s heart against both Abru & Meer. Zaibi’s agenda has been clear, she wants this family as well as the business to split that is why she is now using Waleed as a pawn to make that happen.

It was unfortunate to see how Zaibi kept on using Saim’s death to rile Waleed up. Waleed is emotional & he is doing everything irrationally without putting much thought into it. He thinks this was he will avenge Saim’s death & teach Meer a lesson but he has no idea that he is making a fool of himself by following what his mother is telling him to. Waleed has been doing everything that will tarnish Meer’s reputation & then in front of Jamal he is making it seem as if he is working alongside Meer to flourish the business further but that is not what the reality is. Meer has obviously understood but his hands are tied. It is like Meer can totally see what Waleed is upto but because he feels guilty & also feels a lot for Waleed for the fact that he has lost his brother, Meer has taken a backseat & is not saying much to Waleed. Meer also knows that no matter what he’ll say, Waleed will never ever understand, so he is not even taking any measures.

So, Haya created a mayhem at her father’s house & she let Abru & everyone know what she feels for her eldest sister. Haya was immature but I actually underestimated how pathetically stupid she was. I actually felt my blood boil when she misbehaved with her entire family but then I low-key giggled too as I could see that she was making a fool of herself, because later when she will realize that Zaibi was just using her, she will be ashamed of herself. I must say, both Haya & Waleed make a perfect couple, they both are equally dumb-headed & foolish, so Mr. & Mrs. Foolish are a match made in heaven. Abru was broken but she was still trying to keep her family intact as she knows that this is something Zaibi wants so bad but she didn’t want her to win. Unfortunately, Abru was once again humiliated right in front of Zaibi & Haya was playing along the lines. At that moment, even Waleed seemed shocked, may be he couldn’t believe that his wife turned out to be a bigger fool than him, may be he felt a burden being lifted off his shoulders that there was someone more foolish than him in this World. I can’t wait to see how Zaibi will continue to torture Waleed & Haya. Haya thinks she has won Waleed over by having his baby, Waleed may want to change but they both will now understand the scrutiny of family politics.

Meer & Abru have hit the rock bottom, they both are shattered, they both are feeling dejected & they both know that everyone around them is misjudging them & their intentions. Meer & Abru are in the same boat & may be this will bring them both back together, because both of them will be able to relate to each other & feel their pain on a personal level as they are going through the same phase in their lives. I can’t wait to see how all of that will happen & how both Meer & Abru will end up supporting each other through this dark phase. Meer is full of regrets, he has no idea how to deal with all of this because he blames himself for putting Saim through so much during his last days, let’s see what he will do to come out of this guilt!

Closing Thoughts – My Favorite:

Overall, these episodes of Meer Abru were action-packed. I don’t think I have said this enough so I will say that again, I absolutely love watching Meer Abru & it is hands down my favorite drama of 2019. One complain that I have with the dialogues is that everyone is blaming someone else for someone’s death. Zaibi blames Abru for Saim’s death & Abru blames Meer for Saim’s death too. I mean, don’t they really have any idea that no one can be responsible for anyone’s death, Saim couldn’t live a day longer than his pre-destined lifespan, but I guess they really are being dramatic about it! Sanam Chauhdry, Noor Hassan, Saad Qureshi, Rabya Kulsoom & Srha Asghar, all of them have been acting brilliantly in Meer Abru. I have also started finding Jia Ali tolerable but I am not ruling out her bad & overdone makeup yet. I love the character of Saira too, it is nice to see a calm & composed person like her who is analytical but also knows how to mind her own business. Saira feels for Abru so much but she knows that Zaibi is after her so she won’t allow anyone to interfere in her personal affair. I hope Meer comes to Abru’s rescue & protects her from whatever this terrible trio of Zaibi, Haya & Waleed is brewing against her. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Meer Abru.

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