What Does “Fix It Organization” Represent

Alamgir Khan, a member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), started  “Fix It” as a campaign on January 4, 2016 against the inability of authorities to cover Karachi’s manholes that were left open for way too long. Fix It basically was an initiative by Alamgir Khan to highlight problems faced by inhabitants of Karachi, during unstable socio-political times.

Initiator of Fix It that has become an organization now, Alamgir Khan recently came on the morning show hosted by Sanam Baloch and shared how he had started Fix It and what it represents. Alamgir said that Fix It is for the awareness of the public especially youth to know the problems and try to solve those problems. He said that the youngsters need this kind of empowerment so that they could go ahead and take their problems head on. He said the black shirts that team Fix It wear are a symbol of unity and power. If you are wearing that shirt no one would dare to ask for bribe from you, no one would be able to delay you work unnecessarily.



Fix It ignites hope that perhaps we are moving towards a change for the better, a change where the common man is more conscious of his role and rights in the society and is an active participant in ensuring their security. Alamgir calls it a silent protest that is not harming people but merely giving them a platform to address their problems.