What Reviews Superstar Getting From Public

Superstar Movie released on the Eid day is getting truly mixed reviews. The fans of Mahira khan lend their unprecedented support for movie but there are the times when the public watches it as a critique, it gives the just and honest opinion. Here are the tweets of people, not bloggers and Reviewers so you can get real opinion about the film.

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  • What the reality is..Whatever Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan did in 90s and early 20s, Today’s Pakistani filmmakers are repeating the same. Pakistani filmmakers are presenting their stars like bollywood. Stories, Songs, Makeup, Costumes every thing has shadow of bollywood what they lack in, is only in direction as they direct film like a drama..
    watching a Pakistani film is nothing more then wasting money and time…

  • Been long i stopped following review it pk for their vendetta filled reviews and I’m happy about my decision. A friend sent me this link and i unwillingly had to go through this pathetic post.

    Guys be a little more sensitive at least….

    • ReviewIt has serious gripe against Mahira. They seems to really hate what she does just because they can.

  • I watched it it was good if ive to rate the film I would rate it 8.8/10 cause it deserves that dialogues were strong which hasn’t been the part of our films songs made movie more interesting movie was up beat and it wasn’t boring at all Mahira’s performance was the best along with Nadeem sir story was good it was a narrative which hasn’t been done so watch the movie it’s great a simple love story that will make you happy 😊 p.s Mahira’s theatre sequences were Awesome 😎 💫🌟⭐️🌟👍👌❤️❤️🤩

  • Humari qoum padmavat aur ram leela jaisi ghatiya movies dekh ly ti hai aur usy highly recommend bhi krti hai mgr apny mulk ki achi simple saaf movies nahi dekh sakhti aur ussy boring bolti hai kyun k uss mai koi raam kisi leela ky kaproun ka size nahi mang rha hota
    I encourage all of you to watch it for once trust me it is much better than this review

  • There are as many positive reviews as there are negative. But congratulations of pulling out the negative ones to fit your narrative.

  • I dont know what the hell is with review it…superstar movie is awesome….ye reviewit to mahira k against hi likhta rehta hai….jo chez achi hai use acha kaho…..ap bollywood ki 3rd class films dekh sakty hain magr apni itni achi films nahin……smaj k bahr hai pak awam….

  • Mane abi ya movie dKhi nahi but ma bht excited ho dakhnay ka liyay or bht jaldi dakhnay jao
    Jis ko jo kahna ha kahy har insaan ma achai bi ha or boorai b

    So plzz kisi pa comment karnay sa pahly soch lay

    Mahira khan is my favrt😍😍 or mahira sa request ha ka wo muneeb butt or junaid khan ka sath b kaam karay

  • It has to be jealousy of trolls to get some kind of cheap thrill by attacking ,the real superstar with the X factor Mahira khan. Her acting in superstar film,gives tight slapped to all the trolls,including the fake name pak artists,senior and junior. This film superstar is a beautifully love story. Mahira khan has elegance in her acting and dancing ,the pairing with Bilal is very good! Music stays with you ,sure there are few soft spots,but the film works,and Romace comes out beautifully! Bilal and mahria ,have emerged as pak films truly romatic pair ,they should be cast again! Momina has an eye for casting ,and picking stories,she will be power house producer in the future! Trolls last time ,stop trolling Pakistan ‘s beauty ,power house of talent Mahira khan !

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