What To Expect From LSA 2016?

These days the Instagram accounts of Frieha Altaf (producer of the award show) and Ahmed Ali Butt are buzzing with images of backstage preparations and rehearsals.


In a recent interview with Dawn Images, the awards manager Fareshteh Aslam shared,“This year’s awards ceremony is primarily going to be about celebrating 15 years of the LSA’s. And there will of course be the usual performances, tributes, comedy and glamour.”

It has been confirmed that Ali Zafar will be hosting the biggest award show of the year. It’s the first time Ali Zafar will be seen hosting an LSA ceremony. Last year’s hosts Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan will be a part of the show’s major segments.


Last year, Syed Noor bagged the Lifetime Achievement Award (Male) and Musarat Misbah bagged the Lifetime Achievement Award (Female). This year, one of the finest fashion designers, Nilofer Shahid will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.


Amjad Sabri’s sad demise shocked the whole of Pakistan and it seems only fitting that LSA 2016 will pay a tribute to Amjad Sabri.

And what’s a Pakistani award show without Ahmed Ali Butt and Vasay Chaudhry to entertain the audience? Joining this dynamic duo will be Yasir Hussain – brace yourselves because we will be seeing a lot of him this year.

The awards manager promises a stunning finale.“The finale is going to be scintillating. People will be staying till the very end of the ceremony in order to see it.”

Let’s see.


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