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What Were They Thinking?

We all sometimes make decisions that we regret later or look back and think what were we thinking. Actors are gifted with the magical talent of transforming themselves into the characters that they are playing, and their demeanor and appearances in that drama or play are dictated by those characters. But sometimes some small tiny part of that character or getup sends a strong signal about something else that distracts the viewers and they cannot help making connection. For examples look at the following pictures and read what distraction came to my mind the instant I saw those characters on screen.


Hadiqa Kiyani was extremely inspired by the London Eye, so she hung one from her ear.


Sajjal is so beautiful but was this tall nest her inspiration for hairstyle in this particular picture? I am also worried that her head may weigh as much as the rest of her body and keeping this hairstyle beyond a short period of time may result in serious consequences.


And here is Soniya Shamshaad in Daraar. She is playing a Bholi Bhali (read fool) little sister in Daraar. I assume that her hair style was inspired by the Walrus tusks. So I assume that character in Drama gets up in the morning and work really hard to groom her tusks.


This was also a scene from Daraar. This particular clip just reminded me of the yellow angry bird.


Hareem Farooq is a beautiful talented actress and I have very high hopes for her. But some how her make-up in Mausam was a disaster. I guess Chhoona (Limestone) was the inspiration for the white putty on her face.


I looked at Mansha Pasha in this scene and a color palette came to my mind. Her makeup and dress has covered almost all the colors in the palette.


And Tayyaba’s eye makeup in this scene was inspired by raccoons’ eyes. It seems like nature is giving her a black eye for cheating Rudaba out of her love.


And when Busrha Ansari appears on screen in this outfit/getup, I thought my TV was on fire.

So these were the few things that came to my mind when I saw these getups. I do not in any way mean that these actors look like any of these objects. This article was written to criticize their looks in particular roles or pictures. These actors in real life are beautiful people.

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F. Kazmi