When Amma Came To See Bhola’s Baby

We are all hooked to Ranjha Ranjha Kardi and it is a must-watch for everyone these days, all thanks to a unique storyline and some very strong performances in the play. One relationship that has stood out for many viewers is the bond between Bhola and his mother. Bhola and Amma are really cute together and Asma Abbas and Imran Ashraf have outdone themselves to make it look extremely on-point and relatable.

Imran Ashraf is recently blessed with a baby boy and how was it possible that his reel life Amma did not come to visit the new arrival. So, Asma Abbas visited Imran Ashraf’s newborn baby boy and it was a sight to see as reel life Amma and Bhola bonded with the real-life baby boy. It is a beautiful moment for the fans to see them together in real life and it is always great to see co-stars getting along well like family:

When Amma Came To See Bhola's Baby

Congratulations to Imran again from our side!

Pakeeza Dar