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Interview of Deepak Parwani – When feels bored from routine work, I do some acting

deepak parwani 11

deepak parwani 11

Translation of interview of Deepak Parwani for Sunday Magazine of Daily Nawaiwaqt. The interview is conducted by Ms. Ambreen Fatima. Content and pictures courtesy of Daily Nawaiwaqt.

“Deepak Parwani” the name which needs no introduction, whatever he has done has proved his talent. Many big names of fashion are admirer of his work. He introduced new trends in Pakistani fashion. Famous models feel honored to showcase his dresses on ramp. This famous Pakistani designer has not only impressed fashion following audience abroad but also in Pakistan masses eagerly wait for new designs of Deepak with seasonal changes. Every time Deepak comes with new efforts. If we say the dresses of Deepak Parwani are life of a fashion show, it would not be an exaggeration. Apart from fashion designer he is a very good artist as well. Whenever he appeared on screen, people appreciated his appearance, beautiful voice, facial expression and lively acting. Currently his drama ‘Kadoorat’ is being telecasted. Story of this drama and Deepak role is gaining attention of audience. Deepak has also won Lux Style award and Indus Award. In recent days we have a special conversation with this talented fashion designer and artist, which is presented for the readers.

NW: Tell us about your family?

DP: We are three brothers, I am the eldest and my family belongs to Mirpur Khaas.

NW: How did you come towards fashion?

DP: I was always attracted towards fashion and my mother has helped me a lot in pursuing a career in fashion, because she herself likes to wear stylish and good dresses.

NW: What is fashion?

DP: Fashion is the name of a lifestyle and this lifestyle is a reflection of traditional dressing and taste of a country. The best quality of fashion is it adds freshness to your personality.

NW: How do you see future of Pakistani fashion industry?

DP: Future of Pakistani fashion industry will be bright as this industry is leaping forward without many resources. I think export and import play a vital role in progress of a country. That is why our work should be accessible to international level, so international buyers can visit our country.

NW: Some particular section in Pakistan considers wearing western dresses as fashion. What is your say on this?

DP: Western and Eastern fashion, these terminologies are only used in Pakistan. I don’t believe in it as Fashion is just Fashion.

NW: Whether events of Fashion Weeks are helpful to promote fashion industry?

DP: Events of fashion weeks is good news for Pakistani fashion industry. There were times when fashion and bridal weeks were not arranged in Pakistan. But now these events are an encouraging sign. New models, designers, makeup artists and photographers get a chance to display their talent due to these events. International buyers also come to these shows; they not only appreciate our work but also give orders. Important thing is that foreign journalist are astonished to see the work of Pakistani fashion and fashion designers, that Pakistani designers are capable enough to design such fashion. It can be justified if I say fashion shows are providing earnings to many persons.

NW: There is a impression that fashion shows promote western dresses?

DP: I disagree with this misconception as per me there is nothing like that. All types of fashion is showcased in these shows.

NW: Dresses of famous designers are out of the range of a commoner. What will you say on it?

DP: Every designer has its own class and they design for their class. I also design for my class. If a commoner cannot afford my dresses ranging in thousand, it doesn’t mean that my creations are not for him. So there is no need to create such impression that dresses of famous designers are out of ranger from a commoner. Everyone lives as per their budget.

NW: What are the similarities in fashion of India and Pakistan?

DP: Indian and Pakistani fashion is not much different. They prefer light colors. We prefer Shalwar and they prefer Choori Dar Pyjama. Rest is almost similar.

NW: What are the actions required from government for promotion of fashion industry?

DP: It’s a matter of vision and preference. I feel sorry that promotion of fashion industry is not a preference for government. Whereas textile and fashion industries have the potential that with minimal investment one can earn quite a lot and it can also provide jobs to many persons. If government includes promotion of this industry in its preference it can change the situation.

NW: How is the performance of new comers?

DP: New comers are performing very well and I am satisfied with their work to a point. Rest there is always a room for improvement.

NW: Who is the competitor for Deepak Parwani?

DP: Deepak Parwani is the biggest competitor of Deepak Parwani there is nobody else.

NW: How you come towards acting?

DP: When I feel bored with my routine work then I do acting. My first drama was at the age of 19 with Aneeta Ayoob. My work was appreciated in that drama. After that whenever I accept any offer for a good role.

NW: How many dramas so far?

DP: So far my four plays have been on-aired. Kadoorat the fifth one is currently telecasted. My role in it is of a father who is quite depressed on mental situation of her daughter.

NW: You also did telefilms?

DP: Yes so far I have worked in three telefilms.

Talented model Ayyan said, Deepak’s work cannot be praised in words. His contributions for Pakistani fashion industry cannot be denied. Deepak’s work is classic and is exemplary for new comers. I feel honor in wearing dresses in fashion shows designed by Deepak.

Model Emaad Irfani and Fahad Mustafa said, there is no praise for his abilities. There is no one like him in male dress designing. Deepak is designing unique dresses for past two decades. Every designer has his own style but there is no one like Deepak. He is not only a good and experienced fashion designer but an equally good human being.

Nadia Hussain said first photo shoot of my life was with Deepak. Deepak has always worked as per need of the hour and it is his biggest quality. I was in school when gowns designed by Deepak were quite famous. Girls love to wear Deepak’s gowns in gatherings. I also found interest in knowing more about Deepak and when I get a chance to do first shoot with him, I fully enjoyed it . Whether its western, male or bridal Deepak has designed everything very beautifully.

Rashid Nazir Ali


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