Kankar Episode 19 – Mind-Blowing Dialogues

This latest episode focused on showing everyone’s reaction to Sikandar and Kiran’s relationship coming to an end. The most appalling reactions were those of Faiqa, Shaista and Arzoo. We already knew just how short-sighted and shallow these women were but even then every time the manner in which they justify themselves and make Kiran look like a culprit is shocking. Faiqa’s statement “wo kiran thi tum arzoo ho, tum se aisa salook krne ke bare mei vo soch bhi nahi skta” showed that she has no fear of God, she is the one who really needs a reality check. The way Kiran was treated as a lesser human by all these women in particular right from the onset is simply loathsome.


Faiqa maybe blinded by her “obsession” (love would be the wrong word) with her nephew but Kamal tries his level best to save his daughter from a “violent and abusive” man. Even after everything that transpired Sikandar (according to Faiqa) is still the most sought after bachelor in the family. I found this part slightly difficult to believe because not very parent is as big a fool as Faiqa.  Arzoo’s statement that Sikandar and her have a lot in common was actually very true; Arzoo is just as self centered as Sikandar, she wants to marry him whether he wants to or not. She loves Sikandar in the same manner in which he loved Kiran.


The conversation between Sikandar and his friend was splendidly written and executed with perfection. This was yet another one of those moments where the viewers realize that Sikandar is still trying to justify his actions; he still thinks that there is nothing wrong with a husband hitting his wife. Kiran was wise enough to break free from this abusive relationship before it completely annihilated her life and personality. Women who stay in such relationships for too long usually end up feeling worthless and I am not talking about women who are physically abused but also those who spend years with men who keep on belittling them.


Rukhsar’s track seems to be wrapping up; she is finally getting married which means that Adnan can also get married now. Adnan’s feelings for Kiran are so genuine, they really do come across as soul mates. Kiran may not look at Adnan or think of him in that way but he is the only one who she truly connects with. Rukhsar is such a negative person, there is nothing likeable about her character at all. No wonder life has been so unfair with her, if she wished well for others, she would have gotten the same in return. The dialogue “mere betay ke liye talak yafta lrki hi reh gaye thi” went to show that no matter how much Rukhsar’s mother may “feel” for Kiran, the fact of the matter is that she will never think of getting her married to her only son.


Kiran’s conversation with her mother in the end went to show that deep inside she was hoping that the divorce will affect Sikandar in some way. There is obviously no room for reconciliation now but it was normal for her to feel the way she did. The manner in which Ayesha finally applauds her daughter’s bravery was very touching. When Kiran was strong, she may not have supported her but now that she is more sensitive and vulnerable, her mother voices her true feelings. This scene was another skillfully written scene in tonight’s episode.

Sikandar and Arzoo finally get married in tonight’s episode and the beginning wasn’t exactly perfect! What is in store for Arzoo now? For how long will Faiqa cover for her nephew? Do Adnan and Kiran have a future together? I am waiting to find out!

I must applaud the wonderfully written dialogues and the perfect way in which this play has been directed. Umera Ahmed really is one of the best writers we have, I am more convinced of that now than ever. And I am very impressed with the way Aabiz raza has directed this serial.



Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • The scene between Kiran and Ayesha at the end was beautifully done and had a lot of emotional weight. I’m so glad we got to see Ayesha as a well-rounded character. I know I wasn’t the only one left wondering what her deal was with the constant ignoring of Kiran’s feelings. Way to go for the writer, hats off!

  • I was eagerly waiting for your review today!

    Like you, I cannot believe how low Faiqa will stoop to get Aarzo married to Sikander, but alas, mothers like this do exist. She will learn her lesson when Sikander will not accpt Aarzo as his life partner. He may live with Aarzo but he will not include her in his life.

    As for Sikander, I sorta felt bad for him today. I think he may finally realize his folly and open his eyes to the false advice given to him by the other men of our society. Sikander ka dost apni shaadi bachnay kay liye samjhota kar lay gay aur biwi par haath nahin uthae ga lekin apnay friend to mard bannay aur sakhti karnay ki advice day ga. Hypocrites! Dost aisay houn tou dushman ki kiya zarurat?

    The divorce has impacted Sikander so much so that he didn’t even acknowledge Aarzo on their wedding night. Although he didn’t love Kiran the way he should have, he had very strong feelings for Kiran and it is difficult for him to move on. He was rushed into a new marriage. His dulhan is still Kiran, not Aarzo.

    I really hope Rukhsaar’s chapter is closed now. Her monotonous tone and consistent negativity is putting a strain on the drama. Add Shaista and Faiqa and it goes overboard! However, I know she is not done wrecking havoc on other people’s lives just yet.

    Finally, the way Kiran’s mom supported her today was really heart warming. She finally recognized the courage and strength this decision required. She also acknowledged that she was weak and didn’t protect herself whereas her daughter was able to do so. Kiran proved that maar khanay aur sabr karna bahaduri nahi hai. Breaking this abusive cycle is what requires the real courage! I hope Pakistan ki sari abused larkiyan Kiran say sabaq aur himmat lain aur apnay tahauz ko yaqini banaein. Iskay yeh matlab nahin kay sara Pakistan divorce lay lay =) lekin kam as kam stop accepting it and stop encouraging it and raise your sons to know better and raise your daughters have self-respect. Teach them kay aurut bay quwat, haqeer aur addnaa nahin. Bibi Hawa Hazrat Adam ki saathi thein, ghulam ya baandi nahin. A source of companionship, not bondage/slavery.

    • agreed!. sikandar got many chances from her and she acted after losing their child. A woman is best gift of Allah, as hadith says, the best among men are those who treat their wives in best way.

      there is a reason, Allah has left divorce out there although it is one of the disliked halal deeds. sikandar is a nice guy but should get help to fix this issue (just like many men). there is nothing wrong in acknowledging and getting medical help for matters which require so.

      Men should not get to the point of abusing their power given to them by Allah (swt) for this test of life. they have been made protectors of women – not as a show of machoism but to act responsibly to set an example, develop a society of mo’ahids (believers of monothiesm) as ambassadors of Islam and leave this world with message of Islam before completing their test of life (and passing on) – unlike the father in law in first review on this site. what a coward – leaves his wife of several years in these issues when she needs him most while he is the cause of her mental problems anyway

      A woman’s role in this is extremely important. she is the bearer and nourisher of the future generation and cannot be treated like this.

      We must see the message of the play in the bigger picture for the sake of individuals, families and community. It is writers like this writer who bring important reforms. someone here had a very surprising and rather naive comments about scholars and politicians lecturing us. They conveniently forget that teachers and writers are those reformers who bring the practical aspects of islamic teaching to forefront by using their own God gifted skills

      People like rukhsaar get no sympathy. ill teatment in life should have taught her to be silent at the minimum, rather we see people like her become full of poison and then spread that poison to others. pity!

  • It was a nice episode and a wonderful review. I like the pace of the drama now, the story is moving forward. I liked Kamal’s (Shakeel) dialogue ‘tumhari beti tum se bhi baree baywaqouf hai’… lol :) How could Faiqa and Arzoo be so excited about this wedding and Sikandar. I loved it when Sikandar called Kiran ‘bahadur’, he is a good & supportive friend. I liked the scene between Sikandar and his friend, Sikandar acted very well in that scene, you could see the confusion on his face. I loved the scene between Kiran and her mother in the end. When she asked Kiran if she is regretting (pachtawa), I hoped her mother would not say something negative after that. On the contrary she was so supportive and loving. With such parents by her side Kiran will succeed in every aspect of life. She is a strong person and has a supportive family. Looking forward to the next episode

  • I can’t get the writers message ,because if she feels that after watching this drama ,our society will change and every men will start respect the women,no,because respect and moral values are given to a child not only from father but mother is the main character in child ‘s life.
    In this drama woman is trying to destroying other woman.
    So, kindly make such dramas ,which help to tell and make realise that how should they build their children ‘s moral values.
    Here is also a big flaw which I want to point out,if sikander is foreign qualified and he also knows that his mother was treated badly from his father ,why his mother or he himself ,decided that they will not repeat the past?.???

    • Agree. Women plotting and conniving to destroy other women. That’s the only message I get from this medieval story. M disgusted.

    • Sikender needs to see a shrink! hitting women is a psychological disorder which needs to be treated but only if we realize its a disorder!

    • Rani but this is reality I’m afraid. Women are always other women’s worst enemy. The drama is beautifully written andi look forward to it each week and your reviews too Fatima.

    • so rani – where and how does a society try to change? it will happen when issues like this will realized at public level and a process of change will start. your message is rather a message of hoplessness. Allah help those who start the change with good faith and effective realization

      in practicality many homes around the world, women are destroying other women. they do not stand up for the rights of other women and often want the repeat of abuse dished out to them

      your last point makes no sense

  • The scene where Kiran was signing the divorce papers and flashback of her signing nikah papers was a well executed scene; touching and sad. I felt like Arzoo’s wedding dress was very similar to Kiran’s wedding dress; same color, same style, wonder if that was done on purpose.

  • I agree society will not change. Men even living in America and Canada treat their wives with abuse and most of the women take it because they want to keep their marriages. I also agree that person’s moral start at the childhood where he needs to learn his it is not right to hit. when they grow up, they are so perfect that they can’t control.

  • The title of your review only says it all …. ! Indeed this latest installment had the most mind blowing dialogues…such beautifully scripted and executed…! We are indeed lucky to have a writer as talented as umera ahmed… may Allah Ta’ala reward her for portraying the right picture of Islam…
    The way she has portrayed each and every relation especially a perfect mother daughter relation, daughter father relation and cousins relation without any jealousy is truely commendable!
    And as always an excellent review! Such a nice one it is that despite of my upcoming exams just ahead I was compelled to comment..:D

  • Agree with your comments Fatima. My favorite dialogues were the ones between Kiran and her mother. She really needed those empowering comments to come out of the stressful mood. I wish to see more support from Kiran from her parents and cousin. Arzoo needs a lesson she deserves.

  • Beautifully written review Fatima & I love your personal thoughts on the episode as well. :)
    For me Sikandar-Friend & Ayesha-Kiran’s conversations were the highlight of the episode. Sikandar is still so blind to be actually trying to blame his friend for telling him to be stern to Kiran whereas he never relied on the advice of his friend initially when he started to hit Kiran.

    Ayesha who at first tried to weaken Kiran by frightening her with the evil face of society now envies her & finds no shame in admitting that in front of her own daughter. I think Umera Ahmed stirred a new thought process that when the daughters’ get divorced, parents degrade them but here when it has happened after Kiran tried to make this marriage work, there’s no point left in belittling her. Right now all Kiran wants is some support be it verbally or what but Ayesha’s comforting words would help her heaps in regaining the confidence & dignity she forgot she had while married to Sikandar.

    Not for Arzoo’s sake but for Faiqa’s, I want Sikandar to at least slap her daughter once so that she can understand it wasn’t THIS easy for Kiran to stay in a wed-lock with a guy like him. She thinks Kiran hurried her way out of this marriage because of zero tolerance will soon understand Kiran’s position when she’ll see Arzoo in the same boat too.

    I loved the juxtapose scene of signing a nikkah-nama & then the talaq-nama. It was absolutely gutting but beautifully executed. Just so sad for Kiran but I hope her life has something better in store of her. Loved how everyone spoke of her bravery on her face to make her feel better about the decision she made. & I fail to understand why Rukhsaar is always after Kiran? She got married before her, ohkay but now when she is divorced, she shouldn’t worry about why Ayesha Mumani didn’t tell them the real story rather she should sympathize with her cousin at least. I think Rukhsaar’s in-laws will make her live with them & her husband will once again go abroad to earn money, which will result in another round of thun thun by her. LOL!

  • Well written review as usual, agree with all your points.the Ayesha kiran scene, the way faiqa said “jis din say yaah shaadi hui mein to angaron per laut rahi thhee” shows how much jealous nature she has.
    I like more screen presence of shakeel in today’s episode, the father-daughter scene with aarzoo, was well executed. He looked like a worried father for secure future of aarzoo. He tried to convince her to change her thoughts about sikandar but she was adamant on her stand “mein sikandar sey mohabbat kartee hoon aur mohabbat insaanoon ko badal deti hai” I like the simple reply of shakeel “mohabbat insanoon ko to badal deti hai magar fitrat nahin badal saktee”
    every scene of the drama looked concise, and to the point with clear and simple sentences, which is trademark UA script, she has proved one can be still effective without using philosophical tone or difficult phrases.
    I was just browsing bilqees kaur today, the girl playing the role of aarzoo was also in the play bilqees kaur as an American friend of ahsan khan.

  • my father in law was very abusive towards my mother in law and when they would fight she would create a toofan in the house and crying and not eating for days later, then he would buy her something or plan to take her out for a vacation out of city and she would get all happy and start her shopping and packing, I would find all tht very disturbing cos she would come crying to me asking me for comfort when she was hit and when things would be ok she would tell her husband tht I said things to create differences between them . my husband would always fight with my father in law for hitting his mum but I think he is like tht because he was not raised with him, he was raised in his nanhial so hadn’t seen this abuse while growing up. he hasn’t raised a finger at me and we have been married for 15 yrs now. we are infact very good friends and tolerate each others mood swings well .however my devar would always tell him ke bhai hojata hai cos he had seen this abuse while growing up so was normal with him.
    one day I had a disagreement with my father in law over something and he started cursing screaming shouting foul language on me and about my parents infront of the whole house servants etc I didn’t buckle and stood up straight he said u have guroor of your fathers wealth bade gher ki hogi apne gher mai ja chali ja. I said ok no problem. the fact is that wht he thought was gurroor was actually tawakal on Allah. mine was a love marriage, my father was rich and he actually wanted nothing to do with my inlaws. so I had no backing. but I would never take this from anyone because I believe tht he was being zaalim just cos he thought he was providing for us cos my husband used to work in his factory. and I believe only ALLAH is the provider and sustainer and if u assist in being a mazloom to a zaalim u r zalim urself. neway he got more infuriarated at my calm and confidence and started to come to hit me. my mother in law saved me by screaming and crying and coming in between. I still remember the look on his face and my thoughts as I looked straight in his eyes without fear. at tht moment I had thoughts in my mind tht u touch a finger to me and ill break ur head and I would have done tht. the point is tht if men think tht women are supposed to be treated this way on their zabaan darazi then be it bahoo wife or whoever it is they will hit. if he hits once he is definitely gonna hit again regardless of how good or submissive u r. he always used to lecture my husband tht u should control ur wife but thank Allah he is poles apart from my father in law.
    we now live in a different country from them, my mother in law has become a diagnosed depression patient. my father in law tells everyone she has nafsiati masail and is currently engaged in an affair with a lady he is thinking of marrying.
    it is no use trying to stick with men like these and destroying your life. it is Allah who is the provider for all . women should put all their trust on HIM alone. I often think tht all the time my mother in law had fights , she would again put her trust in her husband after being hurt. if she had put her trust in Almighty Allah and taken a step for herself she wouldn’t have been in the situation she is today. May Allah help her and all women who suffer abusive relationships.

  • Hi nice review. The show I find depressing and regressive. Message loud and clear but still being drummed into our heads. And the comments further depress me. And u all call this entertainment??

    • go and find loser like you on some other forum and vent. leave us alone and spare us your monotonous “rukhsaar” style grunts. what a loser

      • Zombie, hi dude, your upbringing is pretty obvious from comments.
        Keep it up. You only can get personnel
        ‘Ll love to hear from you again.

  • Drama/torture delivers clear messages. Women are greatest enemies to other women and mothers are worst of them. I’m lucky, seen better sensible ladies around me.
    Hate me but show is unbearable. From next Friday granny will watch this alone.

  • AOA! Very well written review.. MASHAALLAH! :) & yes it wz a brilliant episode with awesome dialogues & exceptional performance by all the actors.. Every single scene had a meaning & some message. I especially liked when Ayesha said “mein munafiq hun” ..although most of us kn relate with this sentence bt it really needs courage to accept it! Kamal’s saying to Arzoo “Mohabbat insano ko badalti hogi fitrat ko nahin” wz another gem of insight.. Kankar z simply outclass!! Looking forward to see more of it.. :)

  • FatimaAwan, as usual a well detailed review. Yes! friends and Kiran & mother scenes were brilliant. However, you missed or ignored these…..”Jaao dulhan tumara intezar kar rehi hai….kaun Kiran” and ” Main achha admi nahin hoon, I think you made a mistake to marry me” Very significant for the rest of the story!

    • As far as i watch this drama from the eyes of a typical, conventitional. stereotype women related to society people blame kiran rightly
      Women relates to our society does not have so much courage to fight for getting worth in man’s eyes. She is extra ordinary belonging to ordinary family, even after acknowledging about her father’s behaviour with mother taken the most difficult decision of her life.
      Sikandar is basically a stereotype man of society do not bother to hit wife for her egoistic nature .
      Writer’s message is really splendid but in order to implement it on our society we have to better our roots and its takes lots of time
      Acting and dialouges are owesome indeed Hats off to Umera Ahmed for another splendid drama

      • I totally agree with your remarks. Kiran is a courageous woman with resolution. Umera Ahmed’s insights into society is remarkable.

  • Hi Fatima how are you? As usual wonderful review. I was touched by the conversation between Kiran and her mother, very positive and supportive. Man should respect the women.
    Today saw Malala!!! Very brave girl! God Bless her.
    Can you do me a favor , I need address of morning shoe tv one , I am big fan of Mr. Qureshi . Thank you, hope to hear from you.

  • Kiran should forget about marriage and complete her college/ university and try for civil service. Some one will come in her life some day. Adnan is not fit for Kiran. This sort of mis-match should not be shown in drama. This affects our young generation. They are the main viewers. Writer sh

  • Fatima well done for all the thoughts you have penned up on today’s episode of Kankar…..uff I cant stand women like faiqa and her sister who were just sooo desperate to make their daughter and son get married to each other. Poor kiran she raised her voice very well….I wish sikander could have gotten out of his male ego and could have tried and apologized with sincerity from Kiran but at one point kiran should have thought of giving another chance to sikander when they came to her house…..because that was a turning point after giving them that high dose she should have thought of getting back to sikander but perhaps when one is beaten up esp by a person who claims high degree love then one’s heart is broken …..i feel sad for both sikander and kiran i wish their parents could have tried their level best to get them back together…..besides it was sikander’s stupidty that he has been sharing his personal life with his friend taking advises….usually we never know if a friend is a saint or a sinner….or a foe….as these days people are just upto breaking relationships as far as it comes to their own life…..but excellent dialogues and beautiful performance by kiran

    • yes, i too think the same that after giving that heavy dose to sikandar’s family, kiran should give at-least/at-most give one more chance to sikandar. Sikandar really need help at that time. Also its a hadeeth “k uzr (excuse) qabool kr lia kro”.

      • I also think kiran should have given sikander another chance.If he belittled her.she was also quite complexed backtalking,and going around the house with a swollen face,and attitude.she did not appreciate any of sikander’s good points..even when they went to arzoos house for dinner her attitude and bodylanguage was very bad..granted arzoo’s mother was hostile towards her,kiran should have tried to break the ice on the dinner table..showing her self as a lovable personality.Women are also to be blamed.for marriage breakups thats the reason for divorce rate going up in pakistan..mostly khulas…

  • amazing amazing drama nd outstanding review sanam baloch has acted outstanding nd ofcourse the dialogues were very strong ..

  • Very comprehensive review as usual fatima….:) ….I must say that kankar has got better and better with the passage of time….loved the excellent dialogues of umera ahmed….thank god rukhsar is getting married….it was a nuisance to hav her in the play. Any ways I am looking forward to how sikander treats arzoo after marriage….. What a shock for faiqa to see her hope s going in vain…… and seeing sikander slapping her dear darling arzoooooooooo ;)….waiting for the next episode….fingers crossed..

  • Sikandar keliye acha hai ke uski jaan chutti aisi nashukri biwi say. Ab dekhna Kiran par kaisa makafat e amal ayega jab wo adnan sei shaadi karegi. Adnan ki maa aur behn, kiran ko maza chakayegi aur kiran ko tab jaakey pata chalega.

    Kiran ki pehli saas koi itni buri nahi thi, bas teekh thi. Aur Sikandar bhi apni jaga sahi tha kyunke wo bohot pyaar karta hai kiran kei saath aur maafi bhi mangta hai apni biwi sei. Aur iss kaam keliye mard ko bohot himat aur muhabbat chahiye, ke wo aurat ke saamney jhuke aur maafi maangey.

    Rasulallah ne farmaya chahey koi kitni baar galti kyu naa karey, ussey phir bhi maaf kar dena chahiyey. Allah ko tawbah karney waley bohot pasand hai. Allah nei tau aik tawaif ko bhi maaf kardia tha siraf isliye kyunke usney aik kuttay ko paani pilaya tha.

    Ab dekhlo hazrat asiya ko. Unkey husband firaun tha. Aur Firaun ne hazrat asiya ko hot desert mein torture kiya tha. Kitna bara darjah phir mila unko. Allah nei hazrat asiya ko unka jannat mein mahal dikhaadiya.

    Aur sabse bara HYPOCRITE tau kiran ka apna baap hai. Kissi aur ki beti (kiran ki ma) par haat uthayey huwey ussey sharam nahi aay. Lekin jab iski beti ke ssat yei huwa tau wo bardaash na kar paya.

  • I totally agree with u fatima…. I knw this is the truth of life but really felt v sad… Wish they cud have settled between them selves… Wish sikander cud really quit the habit of beatings… Wishh.. But yes truth is bitter….i feel sad

  • Here comes an end of the marriage !! Divorce !! I felt really sad for kiran.. :( Finallyyy in this episode kiran’s mother took her side and spoke some words of encouragement for her daughter….. thanku auntie :p !!! on the other side sikander is still not ashamed of what he did ! He is still thinking that its not a big issue to hit his wife… although he wanted to be with kiran but he was not admitting his mistake… ! Lets c what he is going to do with arzoo but really sure that he will not hit her ever…. ! Hoping that in the coming episodes they will show kiran living a satisfied happy life n sikander suffering :p
    Btw fatimaaa u r awesome !! Keep writing … All the best (Y) :D

  • Hi,

    Last week people had concerns re Kiran’s mom’s reactions… I think this episode was super in bringing out the mom’s emotions. How she kept her feelings hidden, kept trying to make Kiran do as society expects her to accept abuse as part of marriage… A woman who has been abused and has cowardly or for other reasons kept quiet about it will act exactly as Kiran’s mom or like Shaista because to say Kiran is doing the right thing in effect amounts to saying that they did the wrong thing by tolerating abuse. This is a very big deal. To admit you were weaker and wrong as compared to a chit of a girl is a huge for a middle aged woman as it means unraveling her confidence and self-esteem. By admitting her admiration for Kiran openly, it seems Kiran’s mom finally mustered the courage. How hard it all was for her is obvious!!

    I hope Arzoo gets the same treatment from Sikander and she and her mom realize what Kiran went through. I bet they will fight tooth and nail if the victim is Arzoo. And that would show the depth of their hypocrisy.

    What is shocking is that Arzoo doesnt have any trust in Kiran. Despite their disagreement one would think she would know what sort of a person Kiran is. How she can be blinded by prejudice despite her education is a bit surprising.

    Rukhsar is the meanest character of all even worse then Arzoo’s mom. At least Arzoo’s mom is wicked to promote her daughter’s interests. Rukhsaar is evil, mean and a hateful to everyone and never ever has anything good to say about anyone. With al the hatred and negativity that she will take to her marriage convinces me that hers will be one awful marriage. There is no room for love, kindness, gentleness, trust, forgiveness and benefit of doubt…

  • Im sure many people on here are thinking it was the wrong decision of kirans only because sikander is rich!!! alot of girls would tolerate his abuse just to have all that money and status.. kirans character is teaching us a lesson that money is not everything it doesent buy you respect. Being young and poor kiran is still not swayed by all that money this is another great lesson for our youths who covet money . If sikander was poor and abusive and kiran asked for divorce it would not have been such a big deal and society might have been more accepting of it because oh kiran could find someone better and poor men are jaahil and gawar lol we as a society are hypocrites and should find respectful matches for our daughters not matches based on money. further on in the drama we will see adnans approach to his marriage when he marries kiran we will see his integrity of character his big heart and his goodness and will find out who is the richer of sikander and adnan…

  • I don’t have anything to say about the episode, I’m still trying to process. Anybody know when Episode 20 will be shown? or will we have to wait until next week to watch. I saw something about EID special shows on Facebook but I’m not really sure what that means.

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