Kankar Episode 16 – Can Money Buy Happiness?

This latest episode of Kankar further highlighted the different circumstances in which Kiran and Sikandar grew up. A lot of what the viewers had already concluded from everything that transpired till now was shown in detail today, maybe for those viewers who may still have some ambiguity in their minds regarding the reason behind Sikandar and Kiran’s opposite approaches. Kiran has come to the point where she is certain that nothing will ever change, therefore she wants her relationship with Sikandar to end, whether her parents agree or not.  We do live in a society in which divorce is a total no no, no matter what the circumstances a girl must try her best to reconcile with her husband. Therefore, Kiran’s parents reaction was very relatable. Kiran’s mother feels that she is being immature, her statements along with the preview actually scared me because I have a bad feeling that this drama may be putting forward a completely different message from what many of us have been interpreting till now.


The scene in which Kiran finally tells her mother about the reason for her miscarriage was very touching. The way she shares with her how she feels that it was a blessing in disguise was very moving. Kiran feels betrayed because she never expected her husband to do all this to her. She is sure that her children will meet the same fate because she has seen a living example of a child who was brought up in a hostile environment.


The flashback scene of Kiran and Sikandar’s conversation also revealed that Sikandar has already told Kiran about what went on between his parents. He saw things getting from worse to perfectly fine and that is the reason why he thinks that it is perfectly normal for a husband to hit his wife and for the wife to forgive him.

Shaista was just as unreasonable in tonight’s episode as she was in all the previous ones. Her attitude has never come as a surprise to me, in fact I would expect a woman like her to do just that.


Tonight’s episode of Kankar actually left me with a very confused state of mind, not because I did not understand the underlying messages but because I got the feeling that the writer may just be putting forward a completely different message from what we have been concluding till now. Kiran’s parents conversation and her mother’s attitude in particular went to show that her husband wasn’t always the perfect husband that he is now. The preview of the next episode also suggested that there is something about Kiran’s father which she does not know. I really hope that I am wrong about all this but if Kiran’s father also used to hit her mother then I won’t be happy with it at all. I remember when Shandana in Durr-e-Shehwar decided to give her marriage a second chance after her mother tells her the realities of marriage, I actually liked it but if Kiran does the same I will surely be left with tons of questions in my mind and it would be like sending the wrong message to the men. It is not just the women folk who watch plays but many men watch them too. It is not normal for any man to hit his wife no matter how big their differences may be and putting up with abuse isn’t something that should be accepted as normal.


I must say that Sikandar seemed genuinely sorry today but then he has been that sorry before too. Sikandar’s patient and submissive attitude in front of Kiran’s parents was a complete surprise for me. It is not easy for a man like him to hear everything that Kiran’s father had to say to him. Sikandar did not only listen to him but he also did not react to everything that Kiran said. Was that because the loss of his child proved to be an eye opener for him or was it because people like him do not want to ruin their image in front of others? We will know soon enough.  Do you people think that Kiran should give Sikandar another chance?


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Don’t you worry, I have read the story & kankar won’t be putting forward that wrong message :) Today’s episode was excellent like previous ones. Last 6,7 episodes of kankar have kept me hooked to the screen & even waiting for the upcoming episodes which was not the case in the beginning weeks! :) I’m happy that finally Kiran is taking a stand & she isn’t playing that role of “mazlum yet loyal & dutiful wife” which I hate in the dramas nowadays. In my opinion she is absolutely right in her demand of divorce. Nothing matters more than self respect.

      • yes she will but that’s not the end! In the end Sikander will get the answer of his questions according to the story i.e. “Wuhi Dil ke Teher janay ka mausam” I don’t know if they have changed the drama or not.

      • I have read it at “Umera Ahmed official” which is the official fb page of umera ahmed. Her novels have been uploaded on that page in the form of albums. Search for the album named “Wuhi dil ke teher janay ka mausam”

    • Hamnah, that is a relief:) But you know the ending of SeZ was very different from that of the novel too so you never know. I agree with you Kankar has been very engaging and it has instigated some very intelligent discussions.

  • I am sure in the end Kiran will not stay with Sikander. She will obtain a divorce and will marry Adnan instead. Of course Sikander will be forced to marry Aarzo against his wishes. He will be abusive towards Aarzoo as well and only then will others around him will realize that he needs professional help. Is attitude kay saath apni pasand ki biwi ko khush nahi raks saka mom ki pasand ki bahu ko kaisay khush rakhay ga…

    • I really hope that Sikandar marries Arzoo and treats her the same way too, that ought to teach Faiqa a lesson she really needs to learn. She is such a negative person.

  • Sikander’s mother never made her husband realize that he is doing wrong but intact by accepting the precious gifts afterwards she made his hitting habit strong….on the contrary Kiran is making her husband feel that this hitting habit can break our relationship and the gifts mean nothing to be,,I just need respect which is must for every rrelationship…so I think Kiran will win in this match and achieve respect becoz that’s the only thing she needs..

    • It is great to hear from you after a very long time:) I agree with you and I mentioned these things myself in the previous review. Do take time out and drop in every now and then:) Do you think Kiran should give Sikandar another chance?

  • Kiran is doing what’s right, but today for the first time i really felt for Sikander when he remembered his childhood. the way his mother said “sab mard aisay he hoatay hain” made him think that it’s okay for him to be like that and that he’s supposed to be like that. He’s not right and it is his fault but you can’t judge a book by the cover. Sikander too is pondering about his childhood and questioning himself but the audience as people were too judgmental about him. Also i agree that Kiran’s scene with her mother was very touching ans Sanam Baloch made me cry but i also feel that no one could have played Sikander better than Fahad Mustafa. he is one of those actors whose characters become a part of them and one can’t imagine them being done by someone else. I feel that this quality proves that an actor is really getting in the skin of the character and playing it with complete honesty.

    • Agree..Aaj Sikandar ki shaksiat ko bohat khobsorti k sath highlight kia gaya hai..and mjhe bhi Sikandar k liye bura laga..and most importantly today he realised k hath uthana mard ka HAKK nahi hai…infact woh aisa sochta tha bcuz uski mom ne kabhi is baat ko GHALAT nahi kaha balkeh usko mardon ka NORMAL behaviour mana….i think ek last chance to banta hai..after all for the very first time he not only realized his mistake but accepted it aswell…atleast aaj patah chala keh woh KOSHISH ker raha hai….so ek chance to i think dena chahiye…abb yeh aur baat hai keh in dono ki divorce har haal main ho kar rahegi drama main….

      • But i still don’t think that he deserves another chance because Kiran can’t trust him anymore. He has apologized before too and I’m not sure whether this regret is any different from the past ones. I felt for his character but the life doesn’t stop for anyone to give them repetitive chances and like Sikander, Kiran has the right to be happy as well or atleast satisfied.

        • I still think last chance dena chaiye….bcuz is baar woh pehli dafa waki main sharmindah tha…and is baar Kiran k parents se bhi wada ker keh gaya hai…so ek last chance apne baron ki baat mante howe dena chahiye keh shayad asar ho jai….agar result same nikle phir zaror divorce le le….

      • Aiman yaar buhat bara dil hai aap ka;) You always want the hero heroine to be together in the end , don’t you? i like happy endings but only when they make me happy too haha! Nahi zaruri nahi hai, remember Falak also went back to her husband although the story of the novel didn’t have such an ending. You know me mei tu zalim samaj hun jee:) On a serious note I think if Kiran goes back to Sikandar then the whole message of the drama will be lost.

        • I agree with you Fatima. I like it when the ending makes sense rather than when its happy, and i think that’s what makes a drama a hit. Remember Dastaan, I wanted Hassan to marry Bano so badly and their was hope until the last moment but Bano’s love for Pakistan was greater than her h love for Hassan and that is what made Dastaan so iconic. Bano and Hassan should get the couple for the century award. Well I can keep going on and on about Dastaan but about Kankar, I don’t think that Kiran will go back to Sikander and i hope she doesn’t, but I also hope and think that Sikander will learn his lesson (the hard way).

          • Haye Amna kya yaad kara diya. Bano and Hassan were just extraordinary. One of the reasons for that was the awesome chemistry between Sanam Baloch and Fawad Khan. You are right the ending was unforgettable because it was in line with the essence of the storyline. Dastaan wasn’t just a love story of two individuals but it was mainly the story of Bano’s love for her country. I still remember the last scene, it was amazing.

          • yes really Dastaan was a blockbuster serial nd the chemistry between the two is unforgetable why there aren’t more dramas like Dastaan

          • Amna at the end of the day what really matters is that the ending should be convincing enough. When the hero or heroine have a change of heart right in the end then it is really annoying!

        • Nahi mera dil bara nahi hai kaafi chota hai (trust me) but naram dil zaror hai..jab Kiran screen k us-par roti hai to main screen k is-par ro rahi hoti hoon..lolzz……but on a serious note..Shehr e zaat ki novel main yehi ending thi as far as i remember..infact i wz worried keh drama main ending change na ker dain bcuz phir poore drama main jo msg dia gaya tha woh be-maine hojata….aur happy endings bhala kisko achi nahi lagti??? but main is liye nahi favour kerti thi Adeel ka ya iss liye nahi Sikandar ko last chance dene ki baat kari……………Fatima jee……main khud apni life main itni mistakes/gunah kerti hoon toh at the end of the day mera dil chahta hai keh Allah mere Gunah aur Allah keh Bande meri Mistakes maaf ker dain…is liye i always give a little bit of margin to every1…..aur phir woh kehte hain na keh har bure insan keh peeche uska bura experiance hota hai….thts y i blv agar koi apni burai ko chorna chahta hai..khud ko badalna chahta hai toh uska sath dena chahiye usko beech raste main chorna nahi chahiye aur ziada bura banne k liye keh liye….bcuz koi paidaishi bura nahi hota na.. woh khud bhi toh victim banne k baad victimizer banta hai….

          • Aiman you have very positive thoughts Masha Allah. I agree with Amna, Dastan’s ending was unforgettable because it seemed more real. Kiran isn’t the sort of person who will forgive, forget or compromise that conveniently so it would be more in line with her character if she leaves Sikandar and Sikandar gets married to Arzoo. That way Arzoo will learn some important lessons too and Sikandar may consider seeking help for his behavorial problems. I honestly don’t think that people like Sikandar can change overnight, no doubt he is a victim but his wounds are much too deep to be healed in a week or two. Like many other people here, I also think people like him need professional help. I totally understand what you mean, I always feel for Mina in Kadurat although she stoops so low often enough. I always find myself blaming her father. I haven’t read the novel SeZ but someone who has read it told me that Falak doesn’t go back to her husband in the novel, she just dedicates her life to her religion.

          • Aapko kissi ne ghalat bataya hai bilkul…..Umera kabhi itni extreme baat ko favour nahi kertin…novel k end main Falak ko apne husband k sath wapis apne ghar jate howe dikhate hain as far as i remember….dosri baat zarori to nahi na keh jo baat aapko logical lage woh dosre ko bhi logical lage….jaise dil e muztar ka end for me wz completely logical but for u it was’nt…..hmm sub apne apne experiance k hisab se sochte hain bss….ya Sikandar jaise log ek week main sahi nahi ho skte..but drama main Sikandar ko koshish kerte howe dikhya hai already…aur baaz aukat ek Dhakka kafi hota hai insan ki kaya palatne k liye….he lost his baby bcuz of his immoral behaviour aur usko yeh patah hai….ya he need professional help but sirf Kiran hi usko help ker sakti hai yeh realize karane main….

          • I totally agree with that Aiman, everyone has a different perspective and that is why this forum is here so that we can all share our views and engage in discussions. Lets see how the story unfolds.

    • I agree with you Amna, Fahad Mustafa is doing very well indeed. Sikandar has psychological issues due to his troubled childhood, that is where the need to control comes from too. I think this drama sends out a message to those couples, particularly the husbands who verbally or physically abuse their wives. You eventually reap what you sow. Kids learn more from what goes around in their house than from schools and universities. Sikandar is the perfect example of a child who picked up all the wrong things from his environment.

  • Just one line that suits the whole scenario is ‘Treat your wife like you want your daughter to be treated’. Therefore, Kiran’s mother told her that it was ok to accept whatever Sikandar did because at least he was giving her the luxuries. Because Kiran’s mother accepted the domestic abuse & even her husband failed to give her some standard lifestyle.

    At that point even I uttered that there was a lot more similarity with Durre Shahwaar because the writer is the same & the brain is as well, so how many ideas will she conceive? Hence, the similarities. Even if Kiran comes to truce with Sikandar, she’d always be living in this fear of when his mood will change, because he has not even taken her seriously when she was bearing his child.

    I think Sikandar’s childhood memories & those few tears that he shed are NO justification for his behavior with Kiran. Even if he seemed sincerely apologetic I believe Kiran’s stand for herself is right.

    • zahra, it think to some extent durre shahwaar and kankar are similar, but they are different at large. Durre Shahwaar was more toward a girl coming from a luxurious family to a middle class one and facing problems in adjustment, while inlaws not keeping their promises, element of mutual respect and physical abuse was not part of that story. Moral of story of durre shahwaar was that a girl has to face some issues like in the drama but have to compromise with those to build her marital life, no such issue like joint family, transfer of husband are shown in this drama.

      On Sikandars memories, i guess these scenes were there , to show that Sikandar also thinks that a lady can be abused, and then can be cherished by giving some luxurious item. The reason for such perception is his mother who was proudly telling someone that my husband abuses me and then i dont let him go unless he gives me some precious thing.

      • Thank you for your say Rashid but by no means I said that the whole story-line is similar of both these writings. I just pointed out the bit I felt was similar & never felt that ever before or not even compared the two.

        Yeah, that’s why even Sikandar asked Shahista that wasn’t that his right to hit his wife & Shahista went into dismay. She could have stopped him by doing so IF she had not bragged in front of him about her tolerance & then her greediness. She set the example herself, therefore, she can’t stop him!

        • yes I got your point, I agree its not on whole story line, but on some situations, definitely there is resemblance in many situations even the scenes of father-daughter , and sister-sister relationship of DeS and kankar were somewhat identical. In early episodes some scenes and situations were identical to daam another serial of umera.

      • There is a big difference between the relationship DeS had with Mansoor and the one that Kiran and Sikandar have – they are poles apart. But there are times when you are reminded of Umera Ahmed’s old plays while watching Kankar. Like the miscarriage incident in the previous episode reminded me of doraha.

    • Zahra, it is actually very refreshing to see a woman on screen who is taking a stand for herself, although she does not have the support of her parents. But I have this “fear” that she may go back to Sikandar. Because Falak forgave her husband in SeZ & in MUU Mikaal’s character got away with cheating his wife like it was no big deal. Oh yes, even the preview reminded me so much of DeS, when Kiran looks at her father and the conversation that follows.

  • I think Sikandar needs to see a therapist. His issues are psychological and and he needs to be evaluated by a professional. I know that in our culture talking about mental health is a taboo and such things are always disguised as routine family problems, but there is a bigger issue here. What Sikandar witnessed as a child had scarred him and left him with a warped sense of reality and for this reason he is able to justify his actions. Also, I have noticed that the audience are reacting to his act of guilt and shame and are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but such people are able to manipulate the situation for their own benefit. Sikandar keeps apologizing and when he is forgiven, repeats the same behavior.
    The actor playing Sikandar is brilliant because you actually begin hating him for hitting his wife. I also love Kiran’s character because she is today’s woman and knows how to stand up for her rights. Gone are the days of women compromising their self respect for the sake of their family’s reputation. We should support such women who refuse to succumb to such atrocities.
    I am thoroughly enjoying this drama and wating with bated breath to see what happens next.

    • Hi Soni, you are right about Sikandar, he needs help. That was something Kiran said to him too before he pushed her. He has some serious anger management issues. I like Kiran’s character too, she knows what she wants and is not swayed away by false apologies and emotional blackmail anymore.

  • Aj kay episode ka part 1 deikh kar mujeh shock laga hai. Koi Maa apni baiti say aisa kaisay keh sakti hai or Kiran nay yeh kiyon nahi kaha kay “wo meray bachay ka katil hai”?

    • its not easy to live in a society where a woman is divorced. In this case Kiran does not have kids but what if she had any kids. It would be hard to go on. I am not saying that she should put up with Sikander’s abusive behavior but people don’t let you live in peace even though things are changing. Sikander needs a therapist to work his problems and anger management classes.

  • Maa say ziyada to bap ko ehsas hota dekha rahe hain halangkeh amooman maayein ziyada ehsas kartin hain bachon ka.

  • Ghusa karnay ki adaat aisi hai jo insan ki tamam khubiyon par hawi ho jati hai. Ghusay main insan ki aqal bilkul nahi kam karti or wo ghaltiyan karta hai. Isi liye sunenay main aya hai keh Islam main ghusa heram hai.

  • Bachon kay liye maa bap aik role model hotay hain. Unhi say bachay sab kuch sikhtay hain. Aj kay episode main aik bat wazay ho gayi kay Sikandar nay apna Biwi ko marnay wala behaviour pattern kahan say liya hai.

  • I agree with all you’ve said. That preview has given me a bad feeling too. I mean, is every man in our society like this? And a woman has to, what, put up for years (i.e. for her whole life) with an abusive husband on the off chance that he’d get rid of his tendency to hit her? Kiran’s abba seems like a very good man to me and I’d be sorely disappointed if he turns out to be cut from the same cloth as the rest of them!

    • I hope her mother only tells her that he had a bad temper because if he hit her too then it would be a little too much of a coincidence.

  • Excellent episode and excellent review! I think Kiran is doing the right thing. If she was to give Sikander another chance it should be after he sees an anger management or therapist and really makes an effort otherwise Kiran should choose her self respect first. Only thing I didn’t like was that it seems they are hinting that Kiran’s father also hit her mother. I really hope this is not the case as it shows all men do it, women are ok with it and sends the wrong message. Why can’t they show a positive role model in Kiran’s dad that even if they would fight or he would raise his volume he never hit his wife. The mom in law is a disappointment. She gave the wrong messages to Silander as a little boy and even now she is taking his side for the wrong reasons. Faiqa probably will get Aarzo get married that woman deserves to have her daughter beaten up so once and for all she will realize. I have a feeling once Aarzo starts getting hit, both Shaista and Faiqa will throw fits that how date he raise a hand and then Sikander will say why is it wrong to hit Aarzo and was not wrong to hit Kiran? I’m glad the writer is bringing realities of life on screen

    • I think they have shown that women in past in past used to bear everything their husband put them in………….but now women should not…………like in the novel the girl Sara’s guardian (her Taya) also used to beat his wife and they also taught Sara to bear evertything……………. :(

    • Pino that sounds perfect, I hope this is exactly how the story progresses. I think that sparkling star is right about the writer showing that women used to put up with abuse many years back but the girls of today know better. If Kiran goes back to Sikandar then the entire message that the drama has put forward till now will be Lost. I still remember how betrayed I felt when Silla went back to Adeel. I really cannot take another dissapointment like that! Thanks a ton for following the reviews

  • Wese me to intezar me hun ke kab Arzoo ki shadi ho Sikandar se aur kab wo bhi mar or galiyan khae………..tabhi Faiqa ko samajh aegi ke jb apni beti pitte to kesa lagta he……………aur phir jb Faiqa Shaista ka dimag kharab kregi to hi use bhi aqal aegi……………..unhe yeh rialize krna chahiye ke Sikandar jesa mard jo kisi aurat pe bhi hath utha sakta he chahe wo us se kitni hi mohabbat krta ho wo Arzoo ko kia khush rakhe ga……….aur phr baqi sb jo abhi Kiran ko bura bhala keh rhe hen kahenge ke Sikandar to Arzoo pe bhi hath utha ta he is ka matlub Kiran theek kehte thi…………………

    • Arzoo and her mother really need to learn some lessons. I agree with you Arzoo should get married to Sikandar so that she finds out what an ideal life partner he is!

  • It was surprising how quiet and calm Sikandar was in front of Kiran’s parents. Even when Kiran talked of divorce he was quiet, had it been his house and alone with Kiran, he would have hit her at saying that. I think the reason is he did not want to ruin his image in front of others. As Arzoo had said in a previous episode ‘a polite person like Sikandar’ and the way he was talking to his friend & projecting himself as the mazloom husband in this relationship. I loved Kiran’s father role and his acting. You could see the pain on Behroz Sabzwari’s face for this daughter, he is an amazing actor. All the actors and actresses are doing their roles remarkably. I don’t like all the mothers here, Kiran’s mother who just wants Kiran to go back and compromise, Sikandar’s mother who is brainwashing Sikandar further against Kiran and Arzoo’s mother who is so cunning and is enjoying saying negative things to Shakeel about his family.

  • Hi Fatima long time no see. Nice review. After reading the story, comments and Rona dhona I am happy that I dropped this drama after five episodes. It is depressing and boring. Hope we get a break from Umera Ahmed after this drama. I will catch up with your review on Numm tonight.

    • Hi Farah, yes it has been a long time. Good to have you back:) Good to know that you’re still watching Numm. As for Kankar, it gave us tons to talk about.

  • Hi Fatima how are you?sorry to reply you late ,I Was on vacation . thanks for sending me the link about “Vani”. I understood little better . Excellent review , Kiran SHOULD NOT go back to Sikander, it is not fair for Kiran . Woman should have self respect and when you marry both should respect and trust each other.thanks and hope to hear from you.

  • Fatima, I am thinking if a woman has a child(ren) from an abusive husband(like sikandar), what options does she have in our culture? Does she have an option to leave her husband? I have seen three women (from middle class respectable faimilies) physicaly abused by their husbands. All three of them had children, they could not even think about leaving their husbands. Besides “loguon kee baatain”, those women must have two main questions in their mind: Frst, what if husband keeps the children, and second, even if she is allowed to keep the children, how would she financially take care of them?
    Also, if I am not mistaken, divorce laws in paksitan are extremely discriminating towards women. A woman has to go to court and file for divorce(khula) if husband refuses to divoce her. She needs a judicial degree and prove it to a judge her reason for khula is genuine. On the contrary, husband is not required to go to any court and give any reason to judge if he wants to divorce his wife. Also, what I wonder some times is, if there is no court invoved in divorce process, who decides about custody of children, child support amount, distribution of assets etc.?

    • Well ayesha both your questions are right. Women are normally not financially independent in our country, but as per religion if children stays with mother than father has to give the expense, but in our society normally religion is only remembered for some personal interest, like at the second marriage husband says its the right given to me by religion. While husband is the oppressor in such case, if lady goes to her brother house with her children, the brothers some times also suppress the sister, by not giving the legitimate share in the property of father. Instead they say, we are doing a favor (“ihsaan”) by supporting our sister.

      On divorce laws, well i just wish no one could ever had an experience of taking divorce from court. The lawyers of husband normally bombard the wife seeking divorce with unethical questions and perform an assassination of her character.

      The best solution could be that in our nikah nama there are many provisions to decide what happens in case of divorce, so at the time of nikah these things should be clearly discussed and agreed upon. But it is sad that family of girls usually ignores these provisions and dont raise objection, ideally these should be clearly mentioned on nikah naama. But the million dollar question who will tie this bell in cat’s neck (billi kay gallay mein ghanti kon bandhay)

    • Aysha I have even seen women who are very secure financially, running their own business and all but they still put up with the worst of situation because they can’t let go of their man. This is nothing, women put up with not only abuse but also infidelity. Yes, women require the protection legally but they also need to be enlightened. Log kya kahin gay is our biggest concern!

  • it doesnt matter if kirans parents also had disputes like this in the past i think the play is abt how kiran has taken a stand against domestic violence i mean seriously if saas and maa also bore domestic violence then what justice is to force the daughter to bear it also??why is house making responsibility only of the women??why men are not taught any manners??and y men are such a cause for house breaking??i mean if he doesnt hit her and respects her even a little she will most probably bear all the cursing bt then again y cursing ur wife just fr the sake that u can?widout any accountability??

  • a beautiful episode and review in every sense, in the conversation between kiran and her mother we can sense the writer of the drama herself talking and arguing.

    a good thing about umera’s play is normal and simple acting, had there been any other director, the situation after miss carriage has been overdone by showing everyone weeping continuously till half time of the drama, but in umera’s play the characters are normally on the topic instead of wasting time here and there.

    reaction of kiran mother and father is actually what happens in reality, divorce is considered an ugly scar for a woman in our society. love the dialog when kiran mother said “talaaq Allah kay nazdeek aik napasandeeda fail hai” and kiran simply replied “lekin jayez hai”

    this episode also mentioned, that to a great extent woman and their families are themselves reasonable for violence against them by showing the reaction of shaistaa towards her husband. if they dont stand against it and instead ignore it for some jewelry or favor from husband, then this violence becomes a habit.

    some fellows are commenting that now aarzoo will marry sikandar, and he will abuse him the same way and then faiqa will realize the truth, well in the actual story, it is quite different.

    • Thank you Rashid Nazir for following the reviews and for the input. I really do hope that Arzoo and Sikandar end up getting married so that next time Arzoo and her mother will think ten times before pointing fingers at other people’s daughters.

  • Come on guys, the men like Sikander are manipulative and sociopath. The cycle of abuse never ends it just has the hills and valleys. It cannot be broken until a person goes though very intense therapy with his will to change. Even then there will be setbacks. But the dialogues in this drama are very ambiguous and giving us the reasonable doubt for Sikander Nd seems that everything will get resolved in time. That never happens I should know who lived with this kind of person for 14 years and then just decided to leave one day. Even the dialogues are the same that somehow the wife is responsible for this reaction and can avoid that. But it never ever happens. My suggestion if you are in this situation, run and never look back. A tiger never changes his stripes.

    • ora same is depicted in this serial, that the woman has to stand for herself for their own life, no one, will stand for them, stand and fight your case yourself.

  • Fatima Awan, Your analysis is wonderful though I don’t agree to be judge mental as which direction the writer should take the story if it is not agreeable to us. Yes, we can comment!

    The 1st 4 minutes of this episode were electric! Kudos to the dialogue writer and the acting. I have not seen the promo for the next episode but the body language and eyes of Kiran’s parents while discussing Sikandar was very telling. Probably, this discovery may persuade Kiran to try with Sikandar once again. Let’s see!

    • Thank you so much for being a regular reader. Do I sound judgemental? I was just sharing my thoughts about what maybe coming next, I could be very wrong of course. All of Kiran’s scenes were very intense. Yes and the opening scene was exceptional.

    • FatimaAwan, Sorry, I was not being critical, I was just giving my view. I believe that it is the prerogative of the writer to take the story to the conclusion she wishes. It is her story! We can only comment and agree or disagree. I admire your reviews and respect your views as well as other’s comments.

      • Not at all, there is no need to apologize, I respect your opinions too Yes, I fully agree with you. I was just sharing my opinion too:) That is very nice of you TSBindra, I am so glad that we can all have these healthy discussions here. I learn a lot from them.

  • I don’t understand why they are showing that Kiran’s parents are not supporting her although there is no reason for them to refrain from it.

    “.. woman has to stand for herself for their own life..” It is easy to say this as a man, but hard to impossible to do it as a woman. No woman on earth can stand for herself and her rights without support even if it is just an emotional one.

    If Kiran and Sikandar wouldn’t have been grown up in different circumstances, hadn’t
    they had the opposite approaches? This is the question that came to my mind
    after reading the preview above. Kiran as an educated woman had not accepted
    Sikandar’s wrong behaviour one way or another.

    • views on kankar, I agree, in our society, its nearly impossible for a woman to take stand, unless her family , father, brothers are supportive for him

  • Noway! we have this culture because of second chances always given to abusive man. If Sikandar realize his wrong doing he should work towards his shortcomings. Why should an innocent girl suffer for other’s (sikandar father, mother) mistakes. No compromise on self respect.

  • I think Kiran will get divorce and Sikandar will marry Arzoo because if you see a Ost. You will see Arzoo wearing wedding address also you will Arzoo looking Kiran birds which Sikandar gift her. I think kiran will marry Adnan.

  • What a beautiful and thought provoking drama. It hits the nail on the head so perfectly, and is told in such a realistic way. I think it’s important for the audiences that Kiran leaves Sikander but because the writer above is right, it sends a message to our files and to our boys that saving a marriage where your respect and dignity is compromised is okay and it’s not. I love how over and over Kiran keeps telling us, I can put up with everything but I can’t put up with being hit and disrespected because as a society we need to hear this over and over. It’s not her fault he can’t control his anger, it’s not her fault he comes to the point where he starts insulting her and beating her NO MATTER what she says, thy is something that I still see women debating in forums, really? You still think there’s justification for your husband to slap you around, this drama is the perfect wake up call!

  • As far as giving a second chance to Sikander is concerned,the situation demands so but this demand and point of view supports general perception which are mostly believed to be happen in a male dominated society.All those who expect this type of favour for Sikander are basically saturated with cultural norms and values of society ,where we do see that stupendous type of mistakes on the part of husbands are ignored to salvage their marriage and social pressure is mostly inserted on the weaker section of society.I do recommend as a male this favour for Sikander,but as the story unfolds itself Sikander’s mother reaction to the whole scenario is not conducive to perpetuate the whole affair in the most beneficial and positve way in the near future.One thing is very clear as far as the remarks of Kiran’s mother are concerned,when she says to her husband that he should be knowing that such kind of situation may occur and Kiran should be understanding this fact.It also indicates another fact,that is to say,father of Kiran is not as righteous and pious as it seems now.He might be also a victim of beating his wife in the past, but Kiran is oblivious of this fact .That is why she feel more apprehensive and inimical to Sikander’s attitude, but she may in a position of ambiguity when she will come to know the real face and identity of her father.

  • i think kiran should keep her mouth shut when her husband is in anger as she knows his nature well but still she misbehaves and have a big mouth , i felt it as her biggest flaw

  • First of all, let me say this in BOLD letters: IT IS WRONG TO HIT SOMEONE. PERIOD. FULL STOP.

    Having said that, am I the only one who believes Kiran is actually the one at fault here, in terms of instigating issues? Is it okay to throw earrings across the room? Is that not a hostile act? Is it that difficult to accept the fact that your husband is the one who is in charge, and not you? What about keeping your mouth shut and not trying to get the last word with your husband and mother-in-law every time they give you feedback?

    The truth is, as a married man, I can honestly say I would be tempted to do everything Sikander has done if she behaved that way

    • I agree. That little scene created by Kiran was totally uncalled for. If she knows her husband has a temper, why fire it?

      • Glad to see someone agrees with me on here. It’s almost as if all of society is programmed to only discuss the hitting (which, again, is WRONG), yet absolutely nothing else. I have discussed this extensively with my wife, mother, and sister and each of them agrees with me on this point.

  • Hello Fatima :))
    How are you doing? howz everything at ur end? well, its good too see ur review on kankar after zindagi gulzar hai.. i really enjoyed our chit chat & discussion board over there…

    kankar is such a bogus story which i have ever seen… can anybody help me knowing these sort of qualified people in our society who are so illiterate in such a mentality and have such weird thoughts and acts as skindar & his family possess??

  • kiran should motivate her husband to get medical help. .God has crated woman as a homemaker and made her very strong to help her husband and childrens.Giving up is very easy,but not the solution.

  • I noticed one thing,which can reduce the tension between couples,and that is silence,it is obvious that when sanam argue with her husband ,he looses his temper,so she should recognise that her husband is short tempered ,in this sense she should be more carefull about himself.because he loves her also,and possessive as well.
    Arguments always increase the tension.

  • Well kiran is wrong to SOME extent cuz she is a strong person,who wouldnt give up on an arguement with sikander, no matter how small it is. She HAS to prove herself right and that would what lead to an huge uncontrolled fuss between them. As for sikander, he needs to get a psychological treatment. Not even kidding. Knowing the fact that his wife is expecting, and still pushing her on the damn floor..like seriously?? Is he normal? Kiran deserves somebody way better than him. Sikander needs to overcome the fact that women are not their husbands servant and they both have equal rights on each other!!

  • The drama is fine it depicts the reality of our life….I get very confused sometimes …it is not only sikander but his whole family has a totally different approach towards Kiran…and that is very true…people do have this approach towards life…this is a portrayal of a meterialistic society we live in…..as long as they are getting the luxuries of life they aren’t bothered about what others are going through…….kiran’s parents are behaving exactly like any another parent….trying to persuade her to compromise…even this attitude has its pros and cons……the only thing I didn’t approve of in this episode is the way Asma Jehangir’s name was taken….what was the need of it….she is a very important person of our society and she has given a lot to the society…she cannot be treated like that….at least she has the guts to stand against the odds…I strongly believe that the writer should appoligise to her for using her name in this context.

  • >