Kankar Episode 17 – Revelations

Tonight’s episode was an extension of the last one with some very well written and superbly acted out conversations to its credit. Kiran has finally achieved what her mother and mother in law couldn’t – she has made her husband realize that everything that he thought was right till now was actually wrong. She has managed to convince Sikandar that his mother isn’t a role model because she put up with abuse and neither was her father right in disrespecting his wife. Sikandar rightly blames his parents for setting a bad example and I hope that very soon he will be thankful to Kiran for saving another generation from meeting the same fate. This play goes to show that if a woman takes a stand for her self, she maybe able to accomplish a lot more than she ever realized she could. Sikandar has definitely realized that hitting women is not normal and women who put up with abuse are not mazloom but they are buzdul. Sikandar hasn’t apologized to Kiran yet; he may have assured her of his love and he has told her many times that he won’t hit her again but he hasn’t actually told her that he is sorry. He hasn’t taken responsibility for his actions too wholly; he blamed his parents entirely when they were only responsible partially and also he tells Kiran that there were times when she disrespected him too, when she apologizes, he does not reciprocate in kind.


The conversation between Kiran and Sikandar on the phone was very meaningful, every single dialogue was heart touching and very deep. Kiran accepts that there have been times when she did not give Sikandar the respect he deserved and feels no shame in apologizing although she was only disrespectful toward Sikandar as a reaction to his inappropriate behavior. Sikandar hasn’t begged for Kiran’s forgiveness yet and still thinks that Kiran’s desire to be respected is nothing more than zid but he did seem to be more affected by the whole scenario than ever before.  Kiran tells Sikandar that she will try to move on although it will be difficult which goes to show that despite of everything that happened, it won’t be easy for her to let go.


Adnan’s conversation with Kiran was very heart warming. He truly loves Kiran and his love for Kiran is nothing like Sikandar’s love for her. If he was selfish, he would have rejoiced in the fact that Kiran wants to leave Sikandar.

No one supported Kiran but most of the people including her own mother blamed her in some way or the other. Even though after the conversation with Shaista, Kiran’s mother realized what Shaista was actually  capable of but even then she seemed to be making “excuses” in order to console herself. But it was very good to see Aysha defending her daughter, she also knows that Sikandar is wrong but she wants her daughter to give her marriage another chance. Faiqa, Arzoo and Shaista are beyond hopeless. Faiqa and Arzoo have absolutely no self-respect and Shaista continues blaming Kiran. The way Sikandar remained undeterred despite of his parents’ negative opinion of Kiran went to prove that he is still the same person that he was when he got married. Sikandar believes in making his own decisions; nothing that anyone says or thinks matters.

k2Some of the dialogues in tonight’s episode seemed repetitive but overall this was a very good episode which may have changed the opinion of some viewers about Sikandar and Kiran’s future. It is plain to see that Shaista will not make Kiran’s stay in the house comfortable when she comes back but the real question is that has Sikandar really changed or is it just another phase?  Is he just desperate to get Kiran back so that he can control her or has he really learned that a man should give his wife respect too? Sikandar’s attitude today reminded me of the time when he wanted to marry Kiran and that is the reason why I am not sure if Sikandar will give Kiran the respect she wants.

The preview of the next episode showed that Kiran finally goes back to Sikandar and Kiran’s father decides that he owes his wife an apology for everything that he put her through. I am sure that the only reason he realized his mistake after so long was because of the conversation he had with Kiran after she finds out that her father used to hit her mother too.

Is there anyone who had a change of heart after watching this episode? Do you think Sikandar has changed for good?



Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • such a comprehensive review, beauty of umera script is her simple and easily understandable yet equally effective dialogs. I remember there were times on PTV we have to watch bano qudsia/ashfaq ahmed plays, where dialogs were too long and when one scene ends we ask each other what does it actually meant. the conversation of kiran with sikandar, kiran with adnan, kiran with her father all were remarkable.

    so far seems sikandar has realized his mistake that following his parents way is not the right choice and preview of next episode shows kiran will return to sikandar, but seems this time shaista will be fiercer saas like in actual story. so kiran will have to deal her saas alongwith sikandar.

    • Thank you Rashid Nazir Ali, I agree with you Umera Ahmed really is outstanding. Yes Kiran has tons to deal with. More than anything else what I am waiting to find out is that what actually is the reason because of which she goes back to Sikandar.

  • Nice review. By chance watched last few minutes of this episode. Kiran was in conversation with perhaps one of her cousins. Dialogues between them were well written, concise and meaningful.

    • Thank you Anwar Suhail. Yes, they are. Umera Ahmed’s writing has a lot of depth. Adnan is Kiran’s cousin and he loves her too.

  • Nicely said Fatima. But I found out this flaw which I want you to clarify please? :) Shahista has never told Faiqa that Sikandar hits Kiran & she blames her bahu in front of her sister, right? But on the other hand Kiran’s pupho tells Adnan that she found out from Faiqa the reason why Kiran’s demanding a divorce & Faiqa gave her the right reason – that Kiran gets beaten up by Sikandar. I am pretty sure that Shahista has never ever revealed that in front of Faiqa so how did she find out? If I am mistaken please correct because I think I may have missed a few conversations or may be I am right? Plus if Faiqa actually knew why would she want to hook her own daughter up with Sikandar then? Stupid much?

    I loved, I loved Adnan’s selfless love & how nicely he tried to talk Kiran into giving second thoughts to her decision, I told my mother too that even though he loves her, he still doesn’t want her to go through a painful process of divorce because he just can’t see her suffering. Loved their conversation & it was nice to see Kiran finding a long lost friend in Adnan, which he always was to her.

    I don’t think, I really don’t that Sikandar will ever change. Ohkay, that’s great that he understands what he did & the example he followed was absolutely barbaric but that is no justification of putting Kiran through all that especially when she was going through a special phase of her life.

    I don’t think Sikandar still understands that he is wrong as his conversation with his friend proved it because he once again blamed Kiran saying that she misbehaves with him. He just can not accept Kiran putting forward her opinion or doing things her way, therefore, he names it as batameezi.

    • Very true n nicely observed…I think u r right,shaista never told faiqa about the beating issue between Sikander n Kiran..

      • Thank you Mrs. Asim, good to hear from you after ages. :)
        Hope you’re doing good, best wishes all the way. :)

        • Shahista has mentioned that to faiqa..in last to last episode i think..when kiran left her place for the first time..before her miscarriage..i rem the scene when arzoo tells her mom that this has been also an issue for shahista in her early marriages where her khalo(sikandar’s father) was habitual of beating her khala..on which faiqa responds “so what, he used to give her lots of gifts in return so its ok”

          • Ahaan. Thank you Maheen but wasn’t that conversation only about Shahista & her husband that Arzoo speaks to her mother about? I don’t remember that Sikandar & Kiran were mentioned ever? All I remember is Shahista hiding the truth about her son & just making Kiran the culprit. But thanks a lot anyways, will try to watch it again to confirm hehehe!

          • Hi I am a different Maheen. But the above Maheen is correct. Shaista did mention to Faiqa that Kiran left because Sikander hit her. I also recall a conversation from a feww episodes ago where Adnan and his mom were discussion that Sikander hits Kiran.

    • I remember Faiqa told Arzoo that Shaista told her Sikandar hit Kiran and Arzoo said wo aisa lagta tu nahi hai. Sikandar is like a zid for her now – she is stupid no arguing that. Yes the conversation between Kiran and Adnan was heart warming. It seemed like he was the only one she would actually listen to because she trusts his judgment.
      I agree with you about Sikandar but somehow I did feel that Kiran should give him another chance although after watching the last episode I felt like she shouldn’t do that. If Sikandar was truly was sorry he would have said so when Kiran said she was sorry but he didn’t! He still has a big ego and is not willing to take responsibility for his actions but giving him another chance will satisfy the viewers who think that he deserves it and Kiran’s family too – maybe! Plus 20 plus episodes bhi tu puri krni hai na;)

        • Hehe I know drama-maker these days think that the quantity of the episodes are important more than the quality. I now understand that Faiqa knows about their deep dirty secret but is still willing to literally sacrifice her daughter just because of Arzoo’s undying stubbornness. I think one slap that Arzoo will get from Sikandar will settle things for the both ma-beti.

          Well, I know people want to see Kiran & Sikandar back together but when he couldn’t take care of her when she was carrying his child then I think NOTHING else can make him change. When he just couldn’t take care of her at the time she needed the most, I don’t think anything will change him. I am kind of bored by the repetitions. & SOOO GLAD didn’t get to see Rukhsaar & her thun thun this time. ;)

          • lol @ Rukhsar yes so happy about that. Pata nahi us ke mian ka kya bana. I hope they haven’t forgotten her completely;) I think Shaista is going to give Kiran a very tough time.

          • Haan jee, Rukhsaar aur Miyan ka jo bhi banega hamain koiiii interest nahi hehehe! :D But yes, Shahista is going to become evil now, not that she wasn’t that before. :P

          • agreed!. sikandar got many chances from her and she acted after losing their child. so your definition of ego is such that a woman loses her child to domestic abuse and yet compromise with that man! this is called self-respect and integrity – not ego This is outright unislamic attitude. there is a reason, Allah has left divorce out there although it is one of the disliked halal deeds. sikandar is a nice guy but should get help to fix this issue (just like many men). there is nothing wrong in acknowledging and getting medical help for matters which require so.

            Men should not get to the point of abusing their power given to them by Allah (swt) for this test of life. they have been made protectors of women – not as a show of machoism but to act responsibly to set an example, develop a society of mo’ahids (believers of monothiesm) and leave this world with message of Islam before completing their test of life (and passing on)

            A woman’s role in this is extremely important. she is the bearer and nourisher of the future generation and cannot be treated like this.

            We must see the message of the play in the bigger picture for the sake of individuals, families and community. It is writers like this writer who bring important reforms. someone here had a very surprising and rather naive comments about scholars and politicians lecturing us. They conveniently forget that teachers and writers are those reformers who bring the practical aspects of islamic teaching to forefront by using their own God gifted skills

            People like rukhsaar get no sympathy. ill teatment in life should have taught her to be silent at the minimum, rather we see people like her become full of poison and then spread that poison to others. pity!

  • Hi Fatima, I just love your reviews because you capture all the emotions and nuances very beautifully. Keep up the great work!!
    Hmmm….I wouldn’t call it a change of heart but today’s episode did make me think about several things. First, I didn’t like how Kiran’s mother said that, “sab mard ek jaise hote hain.” I think it was an unfair statement. Although I know that in the older generation men were very stubborn and did not consider their wives as their equal, but I don’t think one should generalize and assume that all men hit and abuse their wives.
    Second, Kiran’s conversation with Adnan was very touching. I love the way Adnan looks at Kiran. It seems like he has eyes only for her but he is not a selfish lover like Sikandar and wants her to be happy. As far as Sikandar is concerned, I am hot and cold about him. He is clearly disturbed by all the happenings in his life and is forced to analyze the situation closely but he is still unapologetic about everything he has done thus far. He will just have to prove that he is really a changed man and check himself before he abuses Kiran.
    As for Sikandar’s mother, Faiqa and Arzoo, they are totally hopeless! Faiqa prides herself to be a high society woman but in reality has extremely low self worth. She is willing to give her precious daughter to a man who is abusive just to hold her head up in society and keep appearances.
    A couple of episodes ago I would’ve said that Kiran should absolutely not go back but maybe just maybe it will all workout. Let’s wait and see.

    • Soni, thank you so much for liking the reviews. I was in two minds too after watching this episode and I did think that maybe Kiran should give Sikandar another chance although after watching the last episode I was dead against it. You are right that really was too much of a generalization but you know women who have husbands like that do believe ke hur mard aisa hi hota hai. A part of me says he may have changed but a big part of me says that he is only restless and sleepless because he is losing control over Kiran – nothing more. We will know soon enough. Thank you for sharing your thoughts:)

    • I agree although I think the statement has a general meaning too. We have double standards for everything. Men have one set of standards and expectations for their wives but they do not expect their daughters or sisters to be subjected to those rules. Also, when the saas was newely married, she wanted her husband to be “on her side”. However, she forgets this and when her son gets married, she never wants her son to be on the “bahu’s side.

    • I have a bad feeling too that Sikandar hasn’t completely changed, he is sleepless, restless and sad because things are not in his control anymore.

      • He may think he makes his own decisions, but in fact those decisions are heavily influenced by the moral conveyed to him by his parents, friends and society in general. I doubt he can change as long as he continues to follow misogynistic values. He will reluctantly marry Aarzo and I am sure he will treat her the same way too. Except then Shaista and Faiqa will try to protect the “ghar ki bachi.”

        • That is a very good point, I never thought of it like that. But its about time he grows up or maybe he will need help from a professional in order to erase these memories from his sub conscience.

  • Nice Review. I doubt it if Sikandar has changed for good, time will tell. I love Adnan’s character, he is a good and supportive friend who wants the best for Kiran.
    Kiran’s mother tells Kiran, her father was abusive. Unlike Sikandar’s house these events did not occur in front of children and they were unaware. It is a good thing that their parents had kept their kids away from it. If she now wanted to tell Kiran to convince her to go back to Sikandar she should have told Kiran when alone with her, why did she say that when Irum was there. Why spoil their father’s image in the eyes of both daughters after all these years. Kiran’s mother said ‘Sab Mard aisey hootay hain…’ which is a wrong generalized statement. Lot of men respect their wives, some don’t. Likewise lot of women respect their husbands & some don’t. There are some women who verbally or emotionally abuse their husbands & don’t show respect, like Faiqa (Arzoo’s mother) who likes to put down Kamal(Shakeel) and his family in front of him (in Arzoo’s presence) all the time. Another thing which seems implied is at a young age men are short-tempered, get angry easily and are abusive (Sikandar’s father, Kiran’s fahter & Sikandar) and in old age they become mild, cool-tempered and nice (Sikandar’s father, Kiran’s father). This is not true, a person’s temperament does not change so dramatically with age. People are hot tempered at old age too, thus comes the term ‘grumpy old man’.

    • I agree with you Asma, the statement was too much of a generalization but I have also seen that women who have husbands who hit them or those who cheat on them, they do tend to believe that all men are like that. To me that scene was very significant because it proved Kiran right, jis ghar mei izzat nahi hoti vo ghar ghar nahi jahanum hota hai. Her mother just like Shaista hasn’t forgiven her husband even though he is a changed man now. You are right, she should have told Kiran about it in private, totally agree with you. One of the readers pointed out that maybe the writer is trying to show that women used to put up with abuse in the past but they don’t anymore but then we have women like Kiran’s sister too who think Sikandar is perfect despite of his flaws and they fail to understand what kiran wants.

      • Society has conditioned women to accept abuse for so long that if you resist the abuse, you become the outcast! Nobody holds men accountable for their behavior. The woman always shoulder all the blame even as a victim.

  • Hi Fatima!! A very comprehensive review as usual ….:) ….
    Kankar has turned out to be better and better….I didnot consider it much in the beginning but now I cant wait for the next episode. Infact, I cant wait to see Faiqa’s beloved daughter getting married to “lakhon main aik sikander” and then we’ll see how the story takes a turn. What will faiqa do when sikander will beats our “masoom and bholi bhali arzoo”…;) :D….that would be the most interesting part of the play….anyways Kiran, s tand on this point is totally agreeable.,…hope so she gets divorce from sikander and doesnot go to her house ever again…..
    Waiting for next episode. Fingers crossed….

    • Thank you so much Purple Gem for following the reviews and for liking them. the preview of the next episode showed that she does go back. You are right Kankar has gotten better with time – some of the dialogues are mind blowing.

  • Thanks for the review. Even I have always liked Adnan’s character and have a strong feeling that in the end it would be ADnan who would get married to kiran after she separates from her husband cuz Sikander can never change.

  • FatimaAwan, the review as usual is interesting and detailed. However, I believe that you ignored the double standard of Sikandar when he tells Kiran as to why she revealed their personal matter to her parents and he himself goes and talks to his friend. Of course, you mentioned this in a previous review. Sikanadar is expected to be educated and worldly wise. Why did he not learn that “Real men don’t hit a woman”? Why pass the blame to your parents, alone? He is supposed to ‘love her the most in this world’. His words!

    It appears Kiran will give another chance to her marriage. Will it work with the two ladies, his mother and her sister, around? I wonder!

    • TSBindra you are absolutely right about Sikandar’s double standards – another indication that he hasn’t really changed. Sikandar is not willing to take responsibility for his actions and the first step towards changing oneself is to accept what you have done.
      I am waiting to find out why Kiran decides to go back to Sikandar. last time around she only went back to Sikandar out of compulsion.

  • I dont think sikandar has changed or will change until he realizes that his wife is first a human being entitled to respect and dignity just like he is. Actually I think that this is a gap that the writer has not fleshed out.

    No character is talking about

    – equal rights in the context of every human being’s entitlement to dignity and self-respect.

    – if Kiran tells her parents about the abuse it is her right to tell them because a) if Sikandar’s parents know why shouldn’t hers also know? b) she is entitled to get their support against the zulmseek

    – violence being WRONG and UNACCEPTABLE. The story and actors need to distinguish b/w respect and obedience for a husband from quietly and secretly putting up with his abuse

    If Sikandar was really going to change he would have told his friend the truth and not said that Kiran is disrespectful. I dont think he’s shared with his friend the fact that he’s been hitting his wife. His ego is hurt and he’s angry at how the situation went out of control to this extent.

  • Hey fatima hope u good i dont know what’s wrong with your comment section … Overall the episode was fab and so was the review and hope to seee the time when sikander changes hopefully… Tc Fatma waiting for the numm episode nd a fantastic review…

    • Hi Maham how have you been? Why what problem are you facing? I am glad that you enjoyed the episode and the review. It is always wonderful talking to you. God bless you.

  • We’ll I don’t see how Sikander has changed. Even though he is inconvenienced and disturbed, in front of his friend he has a fake facade where he shows that it’s all Kiran’s fault and he has been a great husband by far or I should say THE BE sT, but doesn’t know what she wants. Even when the friend wants to help by going to Kiran’s he stops him as he doesn’t want the real issue to come up. For me that’s the summary of how these people function. He wants her back to show the world how perfect he and his life is. They know what they are doing is not right neither respectful nor humane but because of their psychological make up they need a punching bag. And for most of them it’s usually the one who is dependent on them the most be a child or wife. They want themselves perfect in front of others. Sikander is more concerned about his image in front of In laws and friends then his dead child. Isn’t that wonderful. I do not think that Kiran should go back. Because as they will show later (kind of figured out from OST) when he would get married to Aarzoo the same issues will come up so he hasn’t learned yet. The way these people are wired is amazing. For them they are the victims rather then perpetrators and don’t take responsibility for their own actions. I didn’t watch this drama from the beginning as I kind of got burned watching the unreality of Miratuluroos and thought never to watch another UA again but salute to her for this one and how deeply it affects.

  • I heard Moheeb Mirza is play an important role in Kankar as well ,I have no clue what type of role he will be performing? I have google it but did not get any thing vlaueable. Any idea Guys plz share out

  • No, I dont think that Sikandar has changed or will ever change.
    If he really did then the first thing he would have done was to apologize.
    Change means accepting your mistakes but Sikandar never once accepted what he did is wrong, instead he just blames his parents.
    He just boldly told his parents that its their fault, but doesnt he have a mind of his own? Cant he tell the difference between right and wrong?
    First he blamed Kiran for disrespecting him, not being obedient now he blames his parents. Doesnt he see that he’s in the wrong?
    He’s hit her once, killed her unborn child, i dont think he’ll stop there.
    It just takes that one hit, after that there’s no going back.
    It was nice to see Kiran taking a stand but NOOOO her parents had to drag her back to hell !!

  • Hey nice review…m little late to comment but khair……i just love Hassan Niazi aur aaj se nahi kafi pehlle se…..itni natural acting kerta hai yeh banda…u knw mere liye to jab jab Adnan aur Kiran screen per aate hain screen roshan ho jati hai….Sikandar aur Kiran k darmiyan chemistry naam ki koi cheez hi nahi..unke Relation ko Paisa rule kerta hai but Kiran and Adnan k darmiyan itni sweet si understanding hai jo i think ek relation main honi chahiye….i jst love the contrast b/w Sikandar and Adnan’s character…..i think Adnan se shadi keh baad Kiran gonna tell her Mother keh har Mard ek jaisa nahi hota…agar to adnan k andar bhi koi shetaan na chupa ho (Allah na kare..Ameen)…
    Is epi ko tv per repeat main dekhte howe jab Sikandar aur uske parents ka scene aaya..aur usme jab Sikandar says keh “yeh aap KHUD apne liye keh rahi hain main to Samajhdar kehna chah raha tha”….toh mjhe yeh line yaad aagai Adnan ki keh “kabhi kabhar joota sirf hath se nahi maara jata zuban kaafi hoti hai” halankeh Sikandar ne intentionally to nahi maara tha but should i say KUDRAT KI MAAR thi woh jo Shaista ko paari lolxx (i just hate shaista)…..kaha jata hai jin logo ko koi seedha nahi ker pata unko unki aulaad hi theek kerti hai…..
    BTW after this epi i dont think keh Sikandar change howa hai..he is just restless bcuz woh Kiran ko “control” nai ker paraha toh i m now confused keh Kiran ko jana chahiye ya nahi..but bechari ko uske parents zabardasti chor aainge…..

    • totally agree with you about Adnan! I love his character and the guy playing him is such a great actor! I love all the Kiran/Adnan scenes

  • The inevitable will happen and Kiran will get divorce from Sikandar..even though the next episode showing his father taking her bank. I’m disappionted with writer in one aspect that she has tried to portray all men as wife beating guyz, i do agree Men tends to be strict with their wife’s in our culture but it doesn’t mean all men are same.

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