Kankar Episode 20 – Bittersweet Memories

Tonight’s episode was very well put together; the one thing that particularly stands out about this play is the manner in which the leading characters in particular have been etched out. Sikandar and Kiran both come across as people from real life because neither is Kiran holier-than-thou and nor is Sikandar a completely evil person. It is plain to see that Sikandar is controlling and he needs professional help by way of which he can see where he is going wrong and correct himself. He was never ready for the divorce in the first place and even now after the divorce with Kiran and marriage with Arzoo, he has been unable to move on. There is such a thing as closure and people like Sikandar need it more than others. Not being in control of a situation is something alien to Sikandar, therefore he has no idea how to deal with the situation. Fahad Mustafa has completely bowled me over with his superb acting. There was a time when I thought that he wasn’t well-suited for this role but I was so wrong.

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Kiran may have mustered up the courage to find her way out of a marriage that was bound to destroy her life but she is not brave enough to face the repercussions of her decision. This aspect of her personality makes her character very relatable – she is not super human in any way. Sanam Baloch’s performance in tonight’s episode was yet again impeccable. She portrayed every single emotion flawlessly; Kiran’s fears, disillusionment, misery and sudden lack of confidence could not have been depicted more immaculately.


I expected Arzoo to have a little more self-respect than what we saw in tonight’s episode. Arzoo really will put up with anything to ensure that Sikandar stays in her life. Even the news of Arzoo’s pregnancy did not change anything between the two.

Rukhsar’s mother’s conversation with Ayesha was rather ironic considering how opinionated her own daughter is. Her double standards did not come as a surprise at all since having a different set of standards for your own children is a norm in our society. Most of the people whether they are family or friends tend to add to the troubles of the family which is already going through a difficult time rather than lending a helping hand or giving them emotional support.


Adnan and Kiran’s conversations had to be the highlight of tonight’s episode at least for me. Adnan’s character is simply adorable and Hassan Niazi was the perfect choice for playing this character. Adnan is the only person with whom Kiran slightly opens up, she deserves to be with someone like him.

The preview of the next episode suggested that Adnan will finally share his true feelings with Kiran. I am waiting to find out how Kiran will react when she finds out that Adnan has always loved her. Some of the dialogues in tonight’s episode sounded very repetitive like “mian biwi ke darmiyan buhat kuch hota hai lekin talaq maslay ka hal nahi hota!”. The way Shaista kept on mentioning Kiran unintentionally was a little strange since she was the one who was most eager to get Kiran out of Sikandar’s life. This episode was on the slow side but it covered everything that needed to be shown. It is definitely time to move on and at this point it is very difficult to predict where the story will go from here. The preview of the next episode showed that Arzoo has a soft corner for Kiran out of the blue, what could possibly be the reason for that? Could it be Sikandar’s cold behavior or something else?


The flashback scenes were brilliantly done; they conveyed the feelings and thoughts of Kiran and Sikandar very well. The credit for that obviously goes to the director, I really appreciate all the effort that Aabis Raza has put in to directing this play. My favorite flashback scene was the one in which Kiran is counting her money and thinking of how different things used to be when she was with Sikandar. It showed the bittersweet memories that relationships leave you with and no matter how bitter a relationship may have been it is not easy to forget everything and move on.


Do share your thoughts about this latest installment.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • another well crafted episode of this drama, you are right its on a bit slower side, main highlight, was impact of divorce on lives of both kiran and sikandar and how both are continuing with their life in new frames.

    the notable progress is marriage of rukhsaar but it had not proved much fruitful for her, she is still complaining and not happy and dont want to see anyone else happy too, a jealous character like her is a common thing in our society who are never happy with their life or to see other person happy.

    Life of sikandar is settled he will be with aarzoo for rest of his life in the same fix pattern, now lets wait to see fate of kiran life, she will be married to either that elder guy with four children or adnan.

    • I wonder if she will get married at all because she hasn’t moved on yet. The man with four kids is obviously not even an option, I think the writer just showed that bit to depict the thinking of people in our society.
      You are so right about Rukhsaar, I agree with you completely.

      • Getting married to the elder guy should not be ruled coz if this play is based on umera ahmed’s novel, then in that the protagonist ends up marrying an older guy who is not financially well enough but gives her the respect she deserves. I do serioualy hope Adnan and Kiran get married, to show that a divorcee can marry an unmarried man and there’s norhing wrong in that

  • Nice review, watching Kankar followed by your review is always fun. Missed Kankar last Friday, am glad they aired a new episode this week. You have put it correctly, both Sikandar and Kiran have their strengths and weaknesses. Sikandar, KIran and Adnan’s roles and acting are commendable.
    Getting Siknadar married so soon after a divorce, not giving him time and space to get over the break up was perhaps a mistake. I have seen that happen in our society, soon after a divorce the guy’s family get him engaged/re-married right away and if the girl remarries it is after a while, few years. Sikandar’s silent treatment is what Arzoo deserves. Had Sikandar & Arzoo been very happy that would have seemed unfair. Shaista’s mentioning Kiran every now and then seems odd. Had she been the type of Saas who wanted to hurt Arzoo’s feelings and thus mentioned the first wife, it would have seemed appropriate. But here she is on Arzoo’s side and was against Kiran, then she should be careful with this repeated ‘slip of tongue’.
    Kiran’s avoiding people is sad. I loved the flashback about money and ‘kharch karney ki aadat’. Bad relationships have some good/bittersweet memories, and it was shown well. I loved the Adnan Kiran’s scene, when he got her food on the wedding ‘ye kaam bhi aham hai’. And the scene where they laughed together, they have good on-screen chemistry. I loved it when Adnan said to his mother that it makes no difference to him that Kiran is divorced. I hope he takes a stand for her and things work out for Adnan/Kiran.
    I was happy Rukhsar got married and was hoping her chapter would be closed. But she is still complaining. If her husband is not taking her with him for now and she has to live in her susral, perhaps woking at the school is a good option for her. Why does she want to quit her job and stay with her Saas(who is not pleased with her) all day. That ghardaari and aaram with her in-laws could cause more issues for her. Her negativity for Adnan/Kiran is pathetic.
    Let’s hope the drama moves forward at a faster pace from now on.

    • Asma I missed watching Kankar too since it is the only play that I look forward to. The actors who are playing Rukhsar’s annoying susralis are perfect for the roles, typical paindus who get on your nerves haha. Rukhsar’s mother had tons of advice to give to Ayesha and Kiran but when it comes to her own daughter, she believes in taking a stand for her on a relatively minor issue. Rukhsar’s character is very annoying. I can understand the reason for her bitterness but I can’t stand her!

      Thank you for following the reviews Asma:)

      • she is like the saas in durre shehwaar, who treats her daughter-in-law badly but expects her daughter to be treated like a queen and not compromise with her husband and in-laws.

  • Kankar is the drama these days for which i really wait to watch !! A drama which i recommended to everyone in my family to watch :D Acting se ly k directon, script everything is just awesome !! Sanam n fahad are perfect for the roles ! ufff kitni tareef krn mai… i m impressed totally :D Coming to the episode… finally Rukhsar got married…now she will understand how life changes after marriage… ! Sikander n kiran on their sides are quiet n sad…definitely going through difficult time.. ! More difficult for kiran because of our so called educated society… ! I hate people gossiping about someone’s life like this…. I mean u dont have any idea what other person is suffering from… how can u judge when u were not at their place… how can u judge when u didnt go through all from which kiran had to go !! If u can’t support her… then dont talk about her !! Double standards of our society…. they say all this wrong… but when it comes their turn it becomes right !! I supported kiran from the start because i have literally seen people like sikander in real life …. they never change !!

    • I agree this is one of the very few plays on air right now which you can sit and watch with your family. Actually all of Umera Ahmed’s plays are family dramas, something which is very rare nowadays. Gossiping about other people’s lives seems to be a hobby for many people. I agree Kiran took the right decision and I really like the way her mother is supporting her now.

  • I read your review every week, I don’t have a time to watch this serial every week but after reading your preview I only watched those scene that are well written and explain by you. Really their is no other writer like Umera Ahmed she has a command on words and story and thumbs up to those director who direct them very well Babar Javed M.Z.Z B, Haissam Hussain made Durr-e Shawar Sultana Siddique put soul on Z.G.H no doubt these director made these stories incredible Some time we did not enjoy story in so much reading but in drama they put soul we enjoy them in drama more I admit when I read the story Of Kankar Z G H and Maat I did not enjoy them a lot but in drama I must appreciate every body. Each and every words of Umera Ahmeds dramas were Awesome.

    • Thank you for reading the reviews, I really appreciate it. Yes, Umera Ahmed is one of the best writers we have at the moment and I look forward to her plays.

  • But compare to Kankar I really love ZGH so much bcz the character of Zaroon was adorable we must brought our sons in such manners so they can respect their wives and their families not like Sikander It`s all their parents fault who taught to treat her wife by abusing and using bad mouth for her and their family As for me it hurt a lot. After watching Kankar some parts which you mention I always watch ZGH some parts and trying to find what was special in Zaroon Same situations both story have Zaroon had strong back ground, rich family Kashaf was ordinary girl feeling unsecured due to his father attitude She was more egoistic then Kiran but why she loved Zaroon so much and give him respect. Zaroon not only give her security He gave respect to Kashaf as well his family too.

    • good comparison of the two dramas, and of Sikandar and Zaroon! Never thought of it that way. It was very nice the way Zaroon was so appreciative and respectful of his mother-in-law in particular, and so tolerant, even though he was also very arrogant in his own way.

    • respect by the husband for wife and her family are the major reason of a happy marriage. Wise mothers pray for a match who VALUES their daughter.

  • Great review Fatima.I agree the nuanced characterisation of sekander and kiran are one of the strengths of this play . You are right Sekander needs seriouse psychiatric help . Arzoo and her mother are examples of the rampant materialism in Pakistani culture .I wonder if they would have been as impressed with Sekander if he had been a simple tankhadaar mulaazim . That old Punjabi saying “jinaa dey kar dana onna dey kamley vee syaaney ” applys here.I simply hate this rukhsar character ,she is worse than Arzoo and worse than Sekander even . I have to hand it to Umera Ahmed ,she has written an amazing true to life character and the actress playing her has don a fabulous job .

    • Sadaf, I agree with you on all accounts. Thanks a lot for reading the review and for sharing your thoughts here:)

  • Great review to this slow drama. 8pm meal time, dining table,with mum and 2 sisters, and I have to go through this torture of watching Kankar and debate that follows.
    What a fuss about nothing! Find it boring, mediocre and regressive.
    Some may call it drama with a message but I’ll say pain in the neck. For me the only way out is to treat this one as a bad comedy.

    • I think Kankar is one of the best plays on air right now considering how our writers seem to be resorting to foolish shortcuts in order to get the attention of the viewers. It is in no way a comedy, why would you think that? It deals with a very important issue in a very good manner. Yes, it is slow at times but then that is the case with all the plays nowadays. I would really like to hear your sisters’ and mother’s take on it, it wiould be nice if they could drop by:)

      • Ironically my sister introduced me to this site. Now she hates my comments.LOL
        Coming to this drama, well it may be dealing with important issue, but it shouldn’t compromise on artistic standards. What about family entertainment? Preaching by models and dramas makers as they make millions!! We need some space,fews breaths of fresh air, something pleasant yet meaningful. Writers and producers should pay equal attention to both the lesson and entertainment. On this criterion Kankar fails badly.

  • Fatima, as always, you have shared a well written review ! I couldn’t agree more with you as you say society only adds to the sorrows of an already stressed situation. Instead of supporting they become judgmental and critical of the one who is already oppressed. it is interesting to see how women criticize women more than they do the men. I guess they are practicing their opportunity to be powerful as they do not get to experience it in a male dominant society. Kind of like the philosophy behind bullying i.e. a bully is often a person who has been oppressed in the past and now he has discovered an opportunity to oppress others.
    In this episode, I also liked the flashback scenes as they show how a person regrets after making such big decisions of life. True that, it is hard to move on and forget past completely, and that is the cost of the choice Kiran has made. She told her mother in previous episodes that she saved her self-respect and let go of her home because she couldn’t have saved both and in saying so she had great pain and helplessness. She had begun to love Sikandar until he shattered her trust for the first time by insulting her over a very minor mistake. I look forward to next episode as Adnan would disclose his feelings to Kiran. Thanks for your detailed review Fatima.

    • Thank you Fari for liking the review and for sharing your thoughts. Yes, I am also waiting to find out how Kiran will react to that because she has never thought of Adnan like that. I doubt that Kiran will commit to anyone at the moment because she hasn’t moved on yet.

  • Fatima Awan, The heading is very apt: Bittersweet Memories. That is life, it dos’t allow one to be indifferent to the past, more so recent past where flashbacks were appropriate. Adnan’s role is very sweet.

    As to the slowness of the episode, this is bound to happen when the director is trying to show the pangs of the the proponents, Sikindar and Kiran’s break. I believe it is well done.
    Sikandar is completely lost and Kiran is once again sensitive to the society’s abuse.

    Umera Ahmed has very effectively shown the sickness of the society through the woman whose arranging ‘reeshtays’.

    Now the play is on the crossroads. Let’s wait and see where it leads.

    • It is always great hearing from you TSBindra:) I agree with you, it was important to show the flashbacks and everything else that was shown in this episode. I heard that there are 4 more episodes left.

  • it is never so simple to move on .. maybe kiran thought it easy as somehow she would manage but now i think she is realizing where she was wrong. Even after she opened up Sikandar’s parents personal matters in front of her family, even if there was a big need for it, still Sikandar was ready to apologize and get her back. Wasnt that compromise? Being a girl, i dont think what kiran did was right at all, you dont put your partner naked in front of your family atleast,specially the one you swore to love madly once?. She could have stated it all in other words. .. I guess this relation was bound to break but it felt bad how easily sikandar agreed to remarry and how quick he got arzoo got pregnant…and still he poses like he cant move on yet.. he has moved on, only the memories he can never erase. The drama has got real crappy with showing marriage and divorce a piece of cake.Nomatter how much they realize later, it wont matter.. eventually theyle get married in the end again? srsly this drama is getting toooo dramatic.. n slow…!

  • Nice…attempt by the writer
    In previous episodes when it was trying to commencing that Divorce is the only solution of Kiran ‘s domestic abuse.and every one was praising for her stead fast decision .Now the writer is very nicely showing that what does the society do with a divorced women.Even she is right.
    good job.
    In this episode one thing was also noticeable that Sikander ‘s harsh behaviour is ended.it mean he was loyal and true when he was promising Kiran that he will never beat her again.
    let’s see ……In my opinion please do not encourage Divorce in Dramas because it is not the solution of any marriage full of difficulties.

  • Great review Fatima, as always. I hope Kankar reduces the cultural acceptance for domestic violence in Pakistan. May Allah have mercy on those poor women who continue to suffer so much at the hands of husbands and in-laws. May Allah make us the just and fair nation we were meant to be.

    • Ameen. Thank you Maheen. I am sure that kankar must have proved to be an eye opener for many women who may have been living under the impression that there is nothing wrong with it if the husband hits you every now and then. I think Umera Ahmed and Aabia Raza have conveyed the message superbly.

  • Hi fatima
    It is a pleasure reading ur reviews . Please write for other dramas also .
    Are you on Facebook or Twitter . All the best with your work . God bless you

  • Fatima, like everyone else here, this is the drama i wait for. And your review is the cherry on the cake :) the best part about Kankar is how imperfect we all are, one way or another. Each character is so well etched out plus so well acted that you seem to be living with them. The hypocrisy and double standards that are so prevailent in our society are so simply shown that one cant help relating the situation to someone we know :)

  • I missed ‘Kankar’ as I have been travelling for the past few months. I got back and watched it online. I really love it. The issue of Domestic violence and the way it is accepted in our society is so nicely depicted here. The review was very well written and ‘ Bitter sweet memories’ is what the episode was really about. The way Umera has written the story just shakes us to our core. How difficult it is for a young woman to stand up for her rights. How the society equates material wealth with respect of a woman. So what if he abuses and beats her? He gives her money and she is going about in a car…according to our society ‘what more does a woman want’. I am so glad that Umera has picked up this very important issue. I love the dialogues as I feel I have listened to many of them many times all around me. I am so glad she is challenging the attitudes of people who feel that in order to keep a marriage going, women should be ready to make all sacrifices and the onus is always on the women and never on the men.
    She has also shown that Sikander is a product of an abusive household and so continues to do what he has seen all his life. This is so true of all men who indulge in domestic violence. What I don’t understand is why he has improved with Arzoo? He should be hitting her too, because such men do not change their pattern.

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