Kankar Episode 15 – Happiness Is Short-Lived

k1Wah Sikandar, Kya baat hai ap ke double standards ki!! I really thought that nothing that Sikandar would ever do now would come as a surprise to me but his shocking double standards became even more obvious today. The sole reason Sikandar had that argument and confrontation with Kiran was that she discussed their “personal matters” with Sikandar’s mother. Today we saw Sikandar pouring his heart out to his friend, discussing every intricate detail of his married life. Not only this but he also lets his friend call his wife “bewakoof aur haddharam” – that to me was more inappropriate than Kiran discussing anything with Shaista because Shaista is Sikandar’s mother and therefore has more of a right to intervene in what is going on in their lives, if there is a need to do so. Sikandar’s conversation with his friend proved further that he had no respect for Kiran at all.k3

The way Sikandar associates love with material things has been portrayed brilliantly. His cluelessness regarding what Kiran expects from him comes from what he has seen in his own house. His mother never demanded that kind of a respect from her husband so he doesn’t know what Kiran wants. Shaista was happy when her husband “compensated” for the abuse by showering her with gifts so why should Kiran feel any differently? Even Kiran’s mother has a completely different mindset; she thinks that her daughter should put up with everything because she is blessed with all the luxuries of life. This way of thinking is very common in out society. People very often envy girls who get married into big houses with big cars!! No one really knows what happens behind closed doors and even if people do know they still consider such girls lucky because happiness is associated with material things.


I actually feel for Faiqa’s character now, just how low is this woman going to sink? When will she ever move on?  It was quite apparent from her reactions to everything that Shaista informed her about from Sikandar and Kiran’s fight to the miscarriage that she is still hoping that the marriage may not last very long. Which means that she wants even now that Arzoo will somehow end up getting married to Sikandar. Arzoo and Faiqa’s conversation after Shaista leaves went to show that although Shaista genuinely loves her sister but she feels nothing like that for her.


The miscarriage incident reminded me a lot of Doraha, although I watched the play a very long time back. But I clearly remembered feeling for the mother when she lost her baby because of her husband. The way Shaista covered up for her son was very shameful, not because she didn’t tell anyone that it was because of Sikandar that Kiran lost the baby but because she kept on indirectly blaming Kiran for it. If what Sikandar was doing was so right then why was she so ashamed of telling people about it? And if it was so wrong then why did she hold Kiran responsible for it? Shaista keeps on reminding Waqar how he used to be which goes to show that she still hasn’t forgiven him but at the same time she thinks it is perfectly fine to victimize Kiran.


It was rather odd that Kiran was taken to the hospital in an ambulance when there was a transport handy. Ambulances usually take so much time to arrive and if a patient can easily be taken to the hospital in a car most people will choose that option. Sikandar’s confessions of love after everything he did seemed like a mockery and rightly so too. He thinks that a trip abroad can make up for what happened and will help Kiran move on.

The preview of the next episode showed that Kiran’s father will finally take a stand for his daughter. I really hope that Aysha will not be bale to talk him out of it. Sanam Baloch’s brilliant performance throughout this play till now has made it a delight to watch. In fact Kankar is one of the very few plays on air right now in which all the actors are doing a commendable job.


Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Finallyyyy i can comment after so many days.. plus the comments are visible to me as well :D Coming to the review… I am on sanam’s side from the start…. although some people disagree with what she is doing…they say that sanam should have compromised and she is making “rai ka pahar” … but after today’s episode they must have changed their views… Sikander ko bht ghusa ata hai but that doesn’t mean u start hitting your wife… u can raise ur voice… say whatever u want to say… but why it is so easy for him to just hit her !! i feel sorry for sanam … ! the hospital scene when sikander was showing his love to kiran …. after what he said… kiran just said “leave my hand”… that was perfect answer i guess (Y) !! People like sikander can never change,,,
    I want to comment on other points u raised but thats already too long.. :D I must say i totally agree with all ur points… esp the hypocrisy wala point… that was the one which i actually didn’t think :p

    • Silver Eyes it is so good to hear from all of you too. You have been sorely missed; review writing is no fun when you don’t get any feedback from other viewers. I find it very strange too that everyone in the drama and among the viewers want Kiran to understand and compromise but no one understands that Sikandar has some serious issues – he has an inflated ego, his love for Kiran is egocentric, he cannot control his anger, he doesn’t respect others and i can go on and on. The only thing wrong with Kiran is that she cannot keep her feelings to herself, is that really wrong? All couples have such arguments but they are not escalated like this because most husbands respect their wives unlike Sikandar. The only reason he treats her like dirt is because he doesn’t respect her. But even now people are not getting that. It is unbelievable that some people think that if Kiran stops arguing, the beating will stop. Maybe she should stop living and breathing too because what is the point of living this way when you cannot even think, feel and express with your own choice!
      Sikandar always belittles her family on purpose, I don’t think any girl can tolerate that.

      • totally agreed fatima !! showing women weak in dramas is our tradition i guess so ppl expected kiran to be like that… but this time a girl is taking stand although her parents are not listening to her as well…. !! I was speechless when i saw in the last episode that kiran’s mother forcefully took her back to sikander’s house…. how can a mother be so insensitive… why did she not listen to her daughter !! She was blaming kiran for all such circumstances…. Now what comes up !! More problems for kiran ! i really feel sad for kiran….. Parents support at this point of time was really what kiran actually needed… but her parents were ignorant of what trauma their daughter was going through…. Why separation is considered a bad idea ! Separation is better than Living with a person like this…

  • Finally we can comment, but there is still one problem, all the posts of previous weeks are not working, opening these opens a page with message ”
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    Coming to the review and episode, all i can say that it was brilliantly crafted, it has raised the issue of physical abuse in upper educated class which is considered a taboo to talk. about. Also now this subject has acceptance among viewers otherwise. They have shown many incidents of physical and verbal abuse now. As per novel/short story on which this drama is based the turning point of the story would be the step taken by kiran on this abuse and its aftermath on the life of Sikandar. I am eagerly waiting how they dramatize that. So far only main concept of domestic violence is same between drama and novel, otherwise there has been many amendments and addition to the novel story.

    • Rashid Nazir Ali, yes there are still some problems, as you can see the stars that were there previously to rate the reviews are not there either. The issue should be sorted in another two days or so. Yes, not only does Kankar highlight the issue of domestic abuse but it does so in a very intelligent manner. I hope that Sikandar pays for treating Kiran the way he has been treating her and learns a very important lesson that material things cannot make up for lack of respect! And most importantly learn to respect other people’s feelings. He never thought twice before going against his mother’s will and marrying his future wife’s best friend, so he is just a very selfish person in general too – more of a spoiled child who is too used to having things his own way.

  • ahh this was a painful episode to watch. Kiran/Sanam sad is just a total downer. however, this was probably one of the best episodes of this show so far. after AZ this show is def my fave on air right now.

  • Phew! It was so incomplete without all this sharing thoughts with you! I stopped watching Kankar because it kind of bored me.But the previous few episodes have been very good! I think both are responsible for the problems.That said,Sikandar is more.Probably because anyone would react the same if it’s about family.And how mean he is? He felt like the worlds greatest husband in the hospital and completely different before.I can’t wait for that moment when her family comes to know how she lost the baby.Plus back when Kankar was being made,i heard Mohib Mirza will also play a role? is that true?

    • Even I remember seeing Mohib Mirza’s picture on Kankar’s initial facebook page. I guess Hasan Niazi was eventually substituted for that role.

    • Agree with you, the drama watching experience just isn’t the same without the discussions. I think even after finding out the truth ,Kiran’s mother won’t change her stance, which is very very sad.

  • Don’t you think Sikandar’s apologies (like Rukhsar’s soojha hua muh) are kind of getting monotonous & annoying. He hits, buys gift & then says sorry, he again hits, buys something more expensive & then says sorry but what topped everything was how easily he ignored that Kiran was physically fragile, still he pushed her & came to have his meal.

    Shahista is such a sorry excuse of a human being. May be she deserved to be beaten by her husband because she is such a shallow person. At this moment, I literally hate her for all the reasoning she gives plus she never forgets to taunt her own husband because she knows how it feels, so why can’t she relate to Kiran just this once on the humanitarian grounds?

    I simply had no sympathy with Kiran’s mother when she cried over the loss of her daughter because she just chose not to listen to her when the time was right. I’m absolutely gutted to see Kiran’s sufferings & then Sikandar’s meaningless plans to cheer her up. Even when such a major thing happened he managed to tell Shahista ‘koi bari baat nahi’. How could he do that? Ohkay, he wants Kiran as an emotionless puppet but how could he blind himself for the fact that he had someone so important coming his way?

    • I agree with you Zahra and if Kiran continues to live with him things will never change. He has some serious anger management issues for which he needs help. The fact that he looks down upon Kiran doesn’t help either. When your husband considers you a lesser human, it is very difficult to live with him happily just because he can give you all the luxuries of life. That is such shallow thinking, i really pity people who think that way because such thinking just shows that people like Shaista, Faiqa and even Aysha have no self worth.
      You know Zahra I have seen many people like Shaista who actually don’t feel for others going through a difficult situation which they may have faced in the past as well because they turn bitter. And the attitude “we went through it so why can’t she” is so common in our society.
      Uff seriosly no sympathy for Kiran’s mother whatsoever – she is worse than Shaista and faiqa both because she is doing this to her own daughter. On one hand Kiran is fighting to get her husband to respect her parents and on the other her mother has no respect for her daughter’s feeling. The only person I truly feel for is Kiran – she deserved better! Maybe a smaller car and a smaller house but real love and respect.

      • in the beginning, i thought k fault donon ka he hai.. but is episode mein waqae sikander ne ghalat kia.. but we should not blame kiran’s mother and sikander’s mother in all this matter.. mistake sirf kiran ki ya sirf sikander ki nhe hai… what i thought is there is lack of understanding between them.. and without understanding , no relationship lasts long.

        • ya ye bilkul thek hai.dono ki ghalti hai.sikandar ka mizaj kiran ko b smjna chahye.usy pyar k sath badly

      • Yeah Fatima, it’s absolutely heart-wrenching to see a girl go through so much just because a guy back then promised to love & take care of her. Little did she know that everything’s going to come with a huge price but now what she went through is just beyond a limit.

        All the elder ladies of the drama have one issue or the other but I really just disliked how Kiran’s mother started lecturing her in stead of listening to her. I know she couldn’t do anything in fact she tried to make Kiran more rational towards her relation & her husband but the least she could’ve done was at least to just let Kiran pour her heart out in front of her, at least should’ve given her a shoulder to cry on just because she thought Kiran was in no position to do so because Sikandar has given her way more than she ever thought & deserved, while completely ignoring that Kiran was getting nothing like love or respect rather material things.

  • Brilliant review and episode! very sad though, felt really bad for Kiren. More then Sikander, I am furious at his mother. She should support Kiran and straighten her son. If Kiran had her support, she would feel stronger to deal with Sikander. Shaista is pathetic.

    • Thank you Pino. What do you have to say about Kiran’s mother? I think she is even more pathetic because she has no respect for her daughter’s feelings.

      • Aisa nahi hai Fatima jee woh apni beti ki feelings ko samajhti hai but She is HELPLESS cuz humari society ne middle class/lower class gharano ki khawateen/maa ko aisa sochna per majboor kia howa hai keh koi rasta nahi siwaae “sabar” karne k….aur yeh aik tarhan se sach bhi hai… mujhe to Kiran ki mom se poori hamdardi hai..woh kare bhi toh kia , woh apple khane wala scene main jo uski mom ne kaha thts what jo meri amma humko batati rehti hain aur har dosri khatoon Pak main batati hai apni beti ko….jab Kiran batati hai keh kese uske nakhre uthaye jate hain toh uski amma kehti hain na “dil se aik boojh hatt gaya tmko khush dekh ker”……yaani woh khud bhi satisfy nahi thi Kiran ko waapis uske susral chor ker aane per….
        Dosri baat aaj toh Abba per bohat pyar aaya , last epi ka ghussa khatam ho gaya jab woh kehte hain ” tum humare sath ghar chalna, APNE GHAR” (Maika hone ka ehsas/Abba k hone se khud ko MEHFOOZ mehsos kerna…..yeh sub kitni bari naimat hai kasam se!!)
        Lastly…Fahad Mustufa..kia actor hai yah banda! wz OUTSTANDING!!! larai aur hospital wala scene…..Sanam ko peeche chor dia (sorry Sanam k fans but FM waz better then Sanam in this epi),,aur direction bhi bohat achi thi esp larai wala scene main jo Kiran aur SIKANDAR KA DIYA HOWA TOHFA aik sath aik hi jagah per PARE HOWE the…Wah director sahab!! aik Hakeer si cheez keh liye Sikandar ne apni biwi ko Hakeer ker diya, uski haisiat us cheez k baraber hai yeh batadia Sikandar ne (well directed) aur in sab baton keh bawojood bhi hospital main keh raha tha “agar meri zindagi main subse QEEMTI koi CHEEZ hai toh woh tum ho Kiran”……..yar aise toh main apni sachi much ki cheezo ko treat nahi kerti jaise Sikandar apni ghosht post se bani Biwi ko treat kerta hai…..jab dil chaha khele phir tor dia phir dobara jor ker khela phir dobara torr dia…..atleast main to jab apni koi cheez istemal nahi kerti toh hifazat se mehfooz ker k rakhti hoon keh kharab na ho…aur Sikandar Sahab….chore inke liye to kuch bhi kehna fuzool hai….BTW kahan gai Sikandar k saare Hamdard??? lagta hai apne apne BILOON main CHUPP gai hain….lolxx

        • Really its unbelieveable.. ab tk sb sahee chal rha tha aur dono brabar fault per thay but is episode mein dramay ko zbrdasti drag kr k ghalat side per lay jaya gya hai.. yeh koi acha lesson nahe hai.. ab to sikander ko zbrdasti ghalat dekhaya ja rha hai.. its wierd

          • Sikandar shoro se ghalat hai…Kiran “mistake” kerti thi but Sikandar ki soch ghatya hai..uske nazdeek marna peetna ,biwi ko zaleel kerna uska HAKK hai…Sikandar ko “zabardasti” ghalat nahi dikha rahe…..woh ghalat hai shoro se!!!!

  • I dont know how to praise this serial and specially Sanam Balouch,,,Oh my God she was fabolous…simplyy amazing …hatss of to Sanam for making this serail treat to watch.
    As usual amazing review Fatima for amazing drama
    Keep it up
    stay blessed
    Amir Basharat

  • Fatima! As usual a fab review. You have very well stated Sikandar’s double standards. However, you are still ‘soft’ on his behaviour. He is egoistic and self-centered. He does not understand love. He is infatuated like a child to a ‘toy’ and wants to possess at all the times, at his terms. Life is not like that. He lives in a cuckoo world and believes every thing goes and expects Kiran to understand his feelings To appease her, he is still throwing goodies at her. And on asking what else he can do, her reply was brilliant….leave my hand. That is writing on the wall and appears to have hit home. Let’s see!

    • Thank you TSBindra, Yes I agree with you. I have termed Sikandar’s love as egocentric and his attitude very self centered in one of the previous reviews. You have put it down brilliantly, yes Kiran is like Sikandar’s favorite toy at the moment and a toy does not have feelings! Did you see in the preview Kiran says she doesn’t want a child because she wouldn’t want her kid to watch his father beating his mother and insulting her! Now if only shaista took a stand many years back, things would have been different for Sikandar and kiran to today.

      • FatimaAwan! You started the debate but i’m afraid the plot is lost. After reading score of comments, I feel there is too much generalization about relationship in marriage. We tend to forget that this a couple of months old marriage and supposed to be a love marriage, at least from Sikandar,

  • a good episode….. and brilliantly carried out
    sikander doesn’t want to give her any respect but expect all of it from kiran…. he is not understanding at all what giving respect means……
    in relationships its very important to to giv respect and value that is important to other but sikander only knows to get not give
    but i still think kiran had also reacted quiet outrageously………… what was the point in throwing her earrings…………….. its true that the way sikanzdar said no to going to her sister’s house was very wrong but kiran also handled the situation very emotionally. if she had handled him in a little calm down way and understand his situation also then things could hav been a lot better.
    a good and propering relationship demands a lot of dedication and sacrifice from both sides and if its from one side the relationship ends up in a breakage or compromise first from one side and then later on from other side, like its happening in sikander’s father and mother relationship

    • Kiran was showing outrage at his remarks about her relatives….gale ka phanda etc. To him it is ‘ I gave you..’ She requires respect for her and the family and not goodies

    • Maria I agree women should compromise and be accommodating but only if the man they are doing it for deserves it and only if it will change the husband’s mindset in a positive way. I think Kiran still hasn’t gotten over the last insult (when Sikandar called her beghairat) and that is why she doesn’t feel duty bound to go out of her way to make things work. She didn’t want to come back in the first place, her mother is the one who dragged her back to her in laws. Kiran knows too well that her husband does not respect her and is more defensive. Also, Sikandar’s attitude was so wrong. he doesn’t even tell her directly that he couldn’t go , he just told his mom that he was hungry and wasn’t going. that also is like belittling the other person.

  • AOA Fatima hope u r doing good ??????? mein sirf yeh kehna chahti hoon k kal wali episdoe dekhnay k baad it was just enough for me and more than that was unacceptable for me and I was like : IS SIKANDAR KO TOU DIL KAR RAHA HAI KAY ULTA TAANG DOOON! rEALLY YAR i MEAN wAQAR KI BAAT THEEK THI K IS JAISA BAYWAQOOF ADMI NAHIN DEKHA THA!!and really from the start ,the way he left the house to marry Kiran and the way he behaved his mom in the start when she wasn’t letting him marry to Kiran was a signal for us that THIS GUY IS A PSYCHO!!!do u remeber when in the start,in one of the episodes when Shahista said him that she lives in the galiyon wala ghar and how will u go there when u will have to be there?? and at that time our very own Sikander said that TOU KYA HUA?!GALIYON MEIN INSAN NAHIN REHTAY?? and that’s exactly his problem now with Kiran as Kiran said that he’s never like that with anybody else except me jabkay Kiran is the most important element of his life;his wife!!!words like choti aukat ki lrkiyan,bayghairat aurat,kam hasiyat,apna moon is tarhan meray saamny mat kholna and then the love confessions and FORGET EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED??? u r so true Fatima that he really plays double standard!!!
    Well thank God that they have now shortened and lessened the THAKAY HUE RUKHSAAR AUR AARZOO K SCENES !! mera khayal hai ALLAH ny hamari sunn li;-p !!

    all the actors are doing a great job including hassan niazi,the girl playing aarzoo,even uroosa is so good in her first serious acting (if um not wrong) and top of all and my fav SANAM AND FAHAD were throughout best!! looking forward to what’s out there for us!!and Fatima the review was GREAT and hope u have a great week ahead

    • Hello Maham, how have you been? lol buhat maza aya ap ka comment prne ka, yes Sikandar needs treatment. He only thinks about his own happiness and is incapable of even considering other people’s feelings. I don’t think people like Sikandar should get married unless they get their anger related issues sorted.

      Thanks a lot for reading the reviews and for taking time out to comment:)

      • I have been good!!thanks for liking and praising the comment!! ab aap k mazay mazay k reviews parh parh kay mujhy bhi mazay mazay k comments likhny aa gaye hain na beta:-p ;-p ;-p U r absolutely right about Sikandar kin of people!! and jo log bhi yeh kahtay hain that Kiran is on the wrong way tou Fatima if u remember that once in ur review u said that Kiran is a kind of girl who doesn’t cry over an issue instead she takes a stand and tries to solve the issue and that’s exactly what she’s also doing here !!!

        Fatima,I wanted to ask u that is the news that Fawad khan is doing that bollywood movie with ALIA BHATT is true or not??? and I also Fatima I had a farmaish for u!!??? I really liked the drama serial Dastaan and that’s my lifetime favourite drama and nobody wrote its review so plz plz I want u to write its review not the episode wise rather a whole serial review !! can u do it???

        • yes maham uhh r right dastaan is a SUPER DUPER serial i also want its review plzz plzzz fatima write it for us

  • hi,nice review fatimah,after watching ds episode my hatred for mother in laws have gone more intense…..(though she z far better den mine)i hav never liked shaista nd i hate ds thing “i went through the same situation so why cant she” we need to CHANGE…..bt wtever ..they say if ur husband z good to u den these all characters go backside…
    sikander z among those men who think dt wtever dy do there wives shud act like a slave who cant say anything,who dont have self respect….
    i hope after watching this drama if some men cn change there mind sets even a little den dis would be a gr8 achivement by da writter as woh kehty hein na k writter ny moaashry ki nabz pr hath rakh diya hy she has shown it in a vry realisti way.

  • true Fatma, sikandar is portraying what he has seen in his home,father beating mother… it is nt somethng to b minded ,in his views. Finally KIran’s father is shown{in promos ov next episode} to take a step not to send his daughter to that ill tempered Sikander. Lets c what happens next.

  • good review.waqai mein kiran ke saath bohat bura huwa aur sikandar ne apologize tak nahi kiya kiran se apni ghalti per but instead he said we will go to europe for holidays wah kya baat hai and i agree with you about sikander’s double standards that made me angry ke biwi ki baatein friend ke saath discuss ker rahe ho aur ager biwi maa se complain kare to woh sikander ke liye buri baat.but kankar is really getting interesting now a days even i remember when kankar started many people critisized its story and umera ahmed but now umera ahmed has silenced all her critics and she has proved that she is a good writer and sanam and fahad both were superb in this episode.

  • what i hate the most is kiran’s saas arzoo and his mother..even many other people are so much jealous of kiran.. kiran’s mother in law has a completely different thinking for kiran and for her self.. she thinks that she beard a lot so kiran has to do the same.. in fact she’s actually trying to satisfy her insecurities by victimizing kiran its a kind of psychology which people have when they suffer a lot they think others should face the same..and all these people i mentioned above really needs to be slapped i must say.. hate them all..

  • Kiran ka koe kasoor nahi hai kia is sab mein??? Offcourse Sikandar’s attitude is disgusting, but kiran is also responsible for this. She should have understood when her husband was tired, she could have wait for him to relax, and then ask him to go with her, why would she through her jewelry like that, was that right???
    Offcourse I am not saying Sikandar is right, but how come no one notices Kiran’s actions?

  • hum sab sikandar ko he srf ghalt kehty hain.jab k ghalti to kiran ki b to.agr uska husbend nai jana chah rha to usko zid nai karni chahye.ak dosry ki khuashat ka ahtram dono ko krna hai.han wo gusa krta hai.ap uspy gusa kar k usko nai bdal sakty.uski maa ny b brdasht kr k aj wo khshi ki zindge guzar rhe hai.mujy kiran b theek nai lag rai

  • Fatima, you hit the nail on the head – Sikander does not know what Kiran needs because he has seen his own mother accept abuse and he assumes Kiran will be the same. Sikander thinks he can “buy” Kiran’s loyalty with expensive gifts like his dad used to buy Shaista’s fake happiness. The root of the problem is respect – women in our society are not respected. “Respect for all” is a core value missing from our culture. We only “respect” those with power or authority or those who can potentially harm us. Baray aadmi chotay ki izzat nahin karta, ameer ghareeb ki izzat nahin karta, malik noukar ki izzat nahin karta, teacher student ki izzat nahin karta.

    • Spot on, that is so true MeMyself. This play has raised such an important issue. Our society is full of wives who would never demand the kind of respect that Kiran wants, i am sure this is something brand new for many women out there, I hope that people understand the message that this drama is putting forward.

      • FatimaAwan, you are doing a fine job of passing the message. Let’s wait and see how Umera Ahmed and the director further handle the issue in the forthcoming episodes.

  • Everybody should read the 5 languages of love by Gary Chapman. If Sikander read the book, he would know Kiran’s language of love is not gifts but words of appreciation and maybe acts of service =) She does not want/need gifts to feel loved. For her kindness in word and deed are valued much much more. As we will may see in the coming episodes, Kiran will find the type of love she needs from her cousin Adnan instead.

  • Good review Fatima!
    Im really angry at Kiran’s mother……
    She is just happy that her work is done, by marrying her daughter off. She doesnt care what Kiran is going through, as long as she’s married and “in her home”….despite the fact that Kiran tried telling her but in her mothers eyes Sikandar is a good man…
    I hated the mother when on the phone she is telling Kiran “what more do you want, acha ghar hai, sab kuch hai” I mean is that ALL that a girl needs? Material things? Cars? Big House?
    And absolutely NO respect for her and her family!????
    What kind of love do you call this!!!????

  • Very nice review. I agree, Kiran should take a stand and get out of this abusive relationship. This is a drama and she will probably end up being happily married to Adnan. In real life I have seen some people suffer and live in abusive relationships as they feel they have no alternative. Especially once they have kids they put up with every abuse as they feel they have no way out, ending the relationship will worsen their lives. It is very sad indeed.

    • Because sadly, abuse is the norm. Generation after generation, children have watched their mothers and aunts etc. accepting various kinds of abuse from their respective husbands. The children in turn replicate this behavior – daughters become silent victims/martyrs and boys become abusers. On top of that, the next generation does nothing to raise their own children any different. Consequently, abuse has become deeply ingrained/accepted in our culture. It is a self-perpetuating cycle. If you complain the women of your family will say “sabr karo beta, same happened to your daadi, naani, chachi, khala, phuppi but now they have a happy marriage!” Up until women have the courage to stand up and ask for their basic human right to respect, and teach their sons how to respect other women, nothing will change. Our standards of acceptable behavior for men are very low. These should be raised so that behavior modification can take place.

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