When Will Bollywood Stop Copying Pakistani Songs?

Seems like Bollywood is obsessed with Pakistani songs.

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Bollywood has lost creativity, but guess what? They have their neighbors to save their music industry.

Alia Bhatt has recently started her music journey. She was seen in the music single, Prada. The Prada song has been composed and designed by the Lamberghini fame duo, The Doorbeen.


The song is quite similar with Vital Signs famous song, Goray rang ka zamana. Believe it or not, this is the truth!

Lets check out both songs to find similiarities.

Are you shocked? Cause we are!

This is not the first time Bollywood has copied our music. They are copying our music since ages. Sometimes, they don’t bother to change the lyrics even. We have a list of Bollywood songs which are copied from Pakistani songs.

1) Kala Seyah Kala

This song is from movie Babar Khan. It was copied by Bollywood in movie Aaye milan ki raat.

2) Kinna Sohna Tenu Rab Ne

This song is by none other than, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. In movie Raja Hindustani, they added a song named Kitne pyara tujhe Rab ne banaya. 

3) Dam Mast Qalandar

Another hit song by Nusrat Sahab  was copied by Bollywood. Indian song Tu cheez bari hai mast mast is a complete copy of Dam Mast Qalandar.

4) Yeh Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai”

This song is copied in movie Souten Ki Beti (1989) whcih is originally performed by Nusrat Sahab.

5) Mujhe Ek Pal Chain Na

Originally song is “Sanu Ek Pal Chain Na Aave” by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan . It was copied in Indian movie Judaai (1997)

This is a small list. You can find thousands songs of Bollywood inspired by Pakistani songs.

Let us know about more songs from which Bollywood took inspiration.


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      • Well said.Those dramas and dubbed cartoons were ruining our younger generation’s Urdu.Thank goodness we are now free of those.

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  • O please. Don’t compare Pakistani songs with that of Bollywood ones. Bollywood have far reach in film industry rather than Pakistani movies. N Bollywood songs r far better than Pakistani songs

    • Our songs and singers are far superior.At least our male singers do not lisp like yours.

      • Come out of ur dream world . And accept the reality . Don’t even dare to compare Pakistanis singer with Bollywood singers .

  • Asllam O Allaikkum bhai first of all this song vocals by Sherya Sharma… it has been copied from old Punjabi song Kale Rang Da Pranda sung by Madam Surrinder Kaur and Madam Noor Jahan as well.

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  • Songs are based on Ragas which is common to both Pak and Indian singers. Culture is also same. Languages, Punjabi and Urdu are same. If a composition is a hit then every other language copies it with some change. It happens all over the world.

    • Yes,that is possible in the case of classical raags & the culture of the Punjab as a whole.Like we all know those beautiful old songs like “Juti Kasuri pairay na puuri” & “Kaala doriya”etc.

  • I dnt find it a pakistani music
    Infact this song make me remember our old bollywood song”koi sehri babu dil lehri babu,haaye re.Pag baandh gaya ghunghroo mai cham cham nach di fira”.. means Pakistan has copied our music

  • The list of pakistani songs which someone has mentioned above.. by the way for ur kind information most of them are sung by nusrat fateh ali khan for our bollywood movies only

  • Remember Sanjay Dutt singing “Tumhe apna banaane ki qasam khaayi hai” a copy of Mussarat Nazir’s “Chale to kat hi jaayega safar”

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