Who is really a “cheap sell-out”?

From the recent controversy between Shaan and Ali Zafar in AFA awards, the line ” cheap sell-outs” become the hot topic. So much have already written about this issue but I really wanted to explore the right definition of it. So when do Pakistani stars are considered cheap sell-outs while working in other countries? It is completely acceptable for any artist to be global and work in collaboration. However, I consider any actors/actresses to be a cheap sell out when they start compromising on their religious or moral values or start defaming their country just for money or cheap fame.

In AFA awards, I believe initially Shaan did not make the right selection of words and couldn’t convey his message very clearly but his intentions were right. Later on, he was able to speak up his mind in an extremely convincing manner. I used to be a huge (very huge) fan of Ali Zafar but he totally lost respect in my eyes with his recent movies and how he replied to Shaan. I consider Ali Zafar and the likes cheap sell-outs because they are superstars in Pakistan but outside Pakistan especially in India, they not only comprise on several things but also start to insult Pakistani content.

Let’s discuss Ali Zafar’s recent ventures in India (I will stick with one artist here as an example), in his first movie, tere bin ladin, has anyone noticed how Indians presented Karachi in it. It was shown as a dark, uncivilized, small village lacking any infrastructure, remember the “tv station” in the movie? I think even the smallest and less established tv station in Karachi is a thousand times better than the one in this movie. I think Ali Zafar has actually never been to the largest city of Pakistan that’s why he didn’t object to it… I guess??

His next movie, mere brother ki dulhan, he was playing a supporting role, doesn’t matter if he had a chance to dance with Katrina (wow what a big achievement). His biggest disappointment was his recent movie total siyappah. After this movie, I don’t feel guilty at all calling him a CHEAP SELL-OUT. Ali Zafar had no right to mock Pakistani cricket superstar Shahid Afridi in an Indian movie. He can only justify this if he is able to make any Bollywood superstar use the same dialagues about an Indian cricket star in a Pakistani movie. In the same movie, when he was forced to drink alcohol by the girl, his dialogues were “main nahi peeta” and after a little insistence, he started drinking it. So what was message in it?? that Pakistani Muslims are so weak that anyone can force them to do haram stuff.

Besides Ali Zafar, several female actresses already defamed Pakistan and degraded themselves while working in really cheap C grade movies in India. Currently, Pakistani film industry is in its initial growing stages, therefore, it’s extremely frustrating for actors like Shaan or any common Pakistani to see their great talent being wasted in India while they can easily contribute towards the development of Pakistani industry. Again artist can work anywhere but his/her first priority should be the artist’s own country especially when the country needs him/her.

Ali Zafar in his defense, mentioned the names of all the legendary Pakistani artists who worked in India, but he forgot that their work was actually honored and dignified instead of becoming a reason of disgrace for Pakistan. Additionally, they have countless contributions to Pakistani industry. For instance, Zeba Bakhtiar worked in Hina on her own terms and now she and her son is contributing to Pakistani film industry.

Please share your thoughts. You are welcome to disagree and share your opinion but with logic. Please refrain from abusive language or irrelevant comments.

P.S. I have always been a reader on this site but I wanted to say more on this topic so wrote this article. I am not related to Shaan at all but completely agree with his point of view.



My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.