You Will See Less Of Mahira Khan This Year

Mahira Khan won big at Masala Awards 2017 And was a sight to enjoy in a reddish evening gown, sultry eyes and teased ponytail.

You Will See Less Of Mahira Khan This Year

She revealed that she was really looking forward to meet Seidevi and chill with her girls like Mawra Hocane on the festive evening. When asked if there is anything they should be knowning about her, Mahira’s reply was ;

“I think they know everything. They should know that I’m going to be taking a break. I want to work a little bit less. They already hate me for that but, this year I’m going to be working a bit less,” Mahira revealed.

Mahira is already quite choosy about her work and fans have to wait long to see her again. Let’s see how people fare with seeing Mahira even less than usual this year.

Mehwish Mansoor