Teasers Of New Drama Silsilay

The teasers of drama Silsilay starring Muneeb Butt, Junaid Khan and Momal Sheikh are now out. Muneeb is paired with the beautiful Momal who lives in her very own land of dreams. The promo shows a promising story of their coming together in a softly romantic scene.

Coming Soon

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Публикувахте от GEO TV – Har Pal Geo в Четвъртък, 14 декември 2017 г.

Junaid Khan is paired with Hiba Bukhari Of Bholi Bano and their love story who is also shown daydreaming about her hero who seems engrossed in a book.


Публикувахте от Junaid Khan в Петък, 15 декември 2017 г.

It looks like this tale of love and dreams and hopes will keep us hooked very soon.

Mehwish Mansoor