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Women – The Ultimate Negative Topic of Dramas!

Spare me if I cross the limits in my fury while targeting the writers because I am fed up with the trend of how the females are being portrayed in a negative light in all our dramas. I really actually want to know what has gone into the writers these days for which they are just scrutinizing the image of Women in our dramas. I agree that the women & females have always been targeted in a comical sense & there are a million jokes that are dedicated for this cause but now it is absolutely getting tedious to see the so-called writers bringing the females in a negative light.

I am writing this article at the year end because I want us all to re-call how many negative characters we have come across in the year 2013. From start till the end, all I have just seen is a woman treated as a commodity in our dramas which can be used & thrown. A million times an idea has been established that a woman can only be negative & nothing else. If she’s a mother-in-law she would be a woman hitler, if she is a mother herself, she is going to be biased, if she is a wife, she’s either characterless or a gold-digger, if she’s a sister most likely either she would be a husband-snatcher or would be drooling over the luxuries of your life, if she is a daughter, she would hook her father up with her young cute friends, I mean seriously!

I am literally sick of these writers who unfortunately happen to be women themselves but I am ashamed of their mentalities to conceive of such such bad characters which only emphasize that women are an insult to the society. I am amazed that the female writers had nothing, absolutely nothing good to write about women themselves, it shows how SHALLOW & how ashamed they are being a woman themselves because if they were a tinsy bit proud about the fact, they wouldn’t be coming up with such hideous characters & would never assassin females with their imaginative negativity.

I am amazed at the current trend where any guy in a drama can accuse a girl of having an intimate relation with him, any guy can come & claim that a girl who ain’t married to him is carrying his child & the whole world would support the guy in stead of a girl. I am speaking about the dramas that I have watched & it makes me wonder where is the morality of our writers gone? Maira of Aseer Zadi, Haniya of Mere Humrahi are blamed to be carrying a child of someone other than their husbands, Gaiti in Rishte Kuch Adhoore Se got preggers with a guy to whom she wasn’t technically & legally married. Mina of Kadurat absolutely was the worst character I saw this year  where she actually victimized her father & accused him of – we all know what. I mean c’mon, give me a break. All the writers who are coming up with such pathetic ideas should literally either stop writing or should be ashamed of their sick mentalities.

Ohkay, there are negative characters & we all come across some of those characters in our real lives too, which may seem relate-able in our dramas but is it really important to show that a woman would either be a satan-like human or else she would be such a weakling where anyone would come & target her or accuse her of immorality.

I wish that these writers would STOP using the gender in discussion for their stories. IF they can not come up with positive & balanced characters or if they have nothing good to write about women, they shouldn’t bother using their bird-like brains because it literally shows their sick mentalities & nothing else.

Write something positive about women you so-called writers & if you can’t so then just SHUT IT!

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

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