Pakistan Idol – Week 4!

So, this was the final week of Auditions & the destination was Karachi. Both the episodes of this week were dedicated to the Karachi auditions where first episode focused more on the serious singers & the second episode had fun moments.

There were plenty of voices that were impressive but I am not quite sure of how much the judges can pass a statement on a contestant’s personality? I have seen other Idols too & there are a million people who are simple or don’t follow the latest trends but they never get the pointers by the judges for how they should look & what they must do because the judges just focus more on the singing but seems like Pakistani judges are focusing a lot more on the appearances & when not impressed by anyone, they do not hold back in giving out their verdicts on how one should act or react, be it on how much they weigh or how they look. The judges must understand that there are a million people out there who do not pay attention to artificialities so for that they should & they must be respected.

I must say that the Karachi girls were really impressive as far as the singing was concerned because so many of them got the golden tickets. A few of the boys performed really really well too. Those who got the golden tickets in Karachi Auditions were Midhat Hidayat, Sajid Abbas, Ghazal Ali, Fizza Javed, Ali Asad, Nazia Ashraf, Abdul Rafay, Shahid Ali Sonu, Arsalan Amin, Rosemary & Dr. Mohammad Usman.

Midhat Hidayat was the one who sang Runa Laila’s ‘Katay Na Katay Ray’, in comparison to her happy-go-lucky personality she sang absolutely brilliant but I was not a fan of Hadiqa’s comment on her which stated that she needs to look ‘sane’ to be on the stage. She was just being herself & considering the fact that she is just a matric student, I found her personality absolutely amazing. She was funny, witty & even if we forget the rest, she knew her game of singing so I don’t think being on the judges seat, you get the right to pass a judgement on how a person actually is. They should direct their criticism on the singing solely. Gazal Ali sounded really really versatile & she impressed the judges with two of the different songs that she sang but once again Hadiqa asked about why she had no makeup on, I liked when Ali Azmat supported her saying that it doesn’t matter because what does is her singing. Abdul Rafay who’s only 17 had a mature voice & was brilliant. Shahid Ali Sonu comes from a family that has a few stars who’ve excelled in the field of music & for that reason even though the judges judged him a bit too keenly, he didn’t fail to impress them with his effortless singing. All those who got the tickets were well deserving. I was glad to know that Dr. Mohammad Usman once again appeared in the auditions & earned himself a ticket this time because he was first rejected in Multan auditions.

A few other contestants came who thought they sang well but got the opposite remarks. Madiha Shah was one girl who looked really impressive & someone who took her singing seriously but the moment she began singing it was a clear No No. Shahab Hussain came from a singing group & he had already been performing but like the judges said he lacked a lot of expression & sounded one-dimensional. Jana Nazzreth came with a personality which made us believe that she would be a perfect singer but sadly she needed a lot of improvement. Mehek Rafique deserves a special mention here for her ‘tabla’ prowess. She was absolutely marvellous but sadly her singing wasn’t that impressive, even though she had a know how of the basics, she still couldn’t make it to the next round. So best of luck to her & I hope she does well in her genre.

I enjoyed Ali Azmat’s version of the old Hindi classic which he changed to ‘Chura liya hai tumne jo kukkar, kukri nahi chuarana sanam’. LOL! We even saw two wanna be Shahrukh Khans. Babu & Shahrukh Shahnoor who were ridiculously bad at singing but still had the guts to perform.

My favorites from Karachi auditions are Midhat Hidayat, Ghazal Ali & Abdul Rafay.

But the one who I found the best among all the other contestants & like they say ‘save the best for the last’, I am definitely rooting for 15 y/o Rosemary, I am glad that they put her part at the end of the whole audition round because she left a great great great impression. She was a trained singer & she tops all other favorites of mine. I am definitely eyeing her & wish her good luck because she was absolutely impressive, versatile & almost perfect at such a young age. I hope she makes it to the top 3.

Good luck to all the other contestants too & now let the real game begin!

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