Writer Farhat Ishtiaq Isn’t Satisfied With The Direction Of ‘Yeh Dil Mera’

Hum TV’s drama Yeh Dil Mera has been garnering some top ratings for Wednesday on the channel. Written by veteran writer Farhat Ishtiaq and directed by Aehsun Talish, Yeh Dil Mera stars Adnan Siddiqui, Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir in the lead roles. Part of the appeal of the drama is the Sahad couple being romantic leads in the drama after having announced their engagement and the rest of the credit goes to writer Farhat Ishtiaq for having penned a romantic thriller so well.

Writer Farhat Ishtiaq Isn't Satisfied With The Direction Of 'Yeh Dil Mera'

However, it seems, the writer isn’t really happy with the direction and nor is the audience as a number of them have been left confused after some scenes have flown by without proper flashbacks or linking.

In response to a tweet from a viewer, Farhat Ishtiaq had earlier mentioned that there had been some problems with editing and direction in the drama.

Writer Farhat Ishtiaq Isn't Satisfied With The Direction Of 'Yeh Dil Mera'

In another tweet while replying to the same thread, Farhat Ishtiaq also mentioned that a particular scene could have been shot better in line with the script so as to not confuse the viewers.

Writer Farhat Ishtiaq Isn't Satisfied With The Direction Of 'Yeh Dil Mera'

This tweet of the veteran writer leaves us in confusion; are writers not consulted when their scripts are being directed into films or dramas. We recently heard Khalil ur Rehman Qamar stating that he never allowed directors to change scenes in his scripts so why can’t all writers do this? Why do directors not pay attention to minor details that link stories in scripts?

What do you have to say about the confusion that the missing links in Yeh Dil Mera that have been caused by problematic direction and editing? Leave your views in the comments below.

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  • Editing k buhut blunders hain. Timeline confusing kafi jaga hai. Lagta hai buhut casually liya gaya hai cheezan ko.

  • They are literally ruining the essence of story with their editing blunders and continuity issues.

  • There was just one or two continuity issues. it has been Very well directed. Except for the LASt episode which I found a little slow, the drama is well made. It’s not nice of writer to say this. I guess she wanted it to be YKS. But it’s a different genre. It’s very good.

  • I think everything is going good…there is nothing to get confused …it depend on people to understand it well…..🖒

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