Yashraj Mukhate’s Take On Pawri Horae Hai Viral Video

On social media these days, meme is created on almost everything and it spreads like wildfire as soon as it is seen, while it is also shared by millions of users.

For the past few days, a video of a girl has been going viral on social media. The video went so viral on social media that users started making videos like this one.

In addition to the social media users who watched the video, the video was also made by well-known personalities from the Pakistani showbiz industry and YouTubers.

Now the popularity of this viral meme can be gauged from the fact that YouTuber Yashraj Makhate from India composed a song on it yesterday.

Yashraj Makhate had earlier sung on the dialogue of Indian drama serial ‘Sath Nabhana Saathiya’ ‘Rasode Main kon tha ‘ after which he sang on the dialogue of Bigg Boss Season 13 Shahnaz Gul’s dialogues ‘Tera Kuta Tommy and Sada Kuta Kuta’.

Now he has created a song on a viral video of a Pakistani girl who is being well-liked on social media. let’s check out the video.


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