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Yasir Hussain Supporting Mansha Pasha

Yasir Hussain love to be the talk of the town, therefore, he never misses a chance of commenting on other actors. Either it’s a positive or a negative comment, Yasir won’t keep himself calm. 

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Sadaf Kanwal, during Bol Night with Ahsan Khan, said that she believes Mansha Pasha should not be a part of showbiz. Her statement went viral over the internet. Mansha Pasha and Saheefa Jabar responded to Sadaf’s words. 

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Recently, Yasir Hussain posted a story supporting Mansha Pasha. He said that the girl who should not be a part of the Pakistan television industry is going to Oscars this year. This was a direct attack on Sadaf Kanwal. Mansha is the only lucky girl who is going to Oscars and going to represent Pakistan at the international level. 

Check out Yasir’s story. 


  • Yasir hussian is a troll himself,he likes to attack other artists ,and suffers from delusion that he is a leading man material . Honestly 🙄

  • But i agree with him about Mansha Pasha. She is a talented actress. Haven’t Sadaf kanwal seend TDKKH drama of KRK? The celebrity girls have insecurities around.

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