Yasir Hussain’s Distasteful Comment On Hum Awards

This was not the first time that Yasir Hussain hosted an award show but this was the first time that he made a comment which was criticized strongly by everyone, from celebrities to social activities and the common man. While giving Ahsan Khan his award he commented, “Itna Khoobsurat child molester, kash mei bhi bacha hota.”

Ahsan Khan played the role of a child molester in drama serial Udaari which was meant to educate the masses about child molestation. Ahsan Khan himself said that playing such a monstrous character was a challenge for him and there were many times when he wanted to kill this character.

There was outrage on social media from every corner after the show, Yasir Hussain apologized for his careless behaviour and the reckless comment.

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