Sammi Episode 14 Review – Brilliant!

Sammi is turning out to be one of those very few dramas which get better with every passing episode. All the tracks in the story were once again beautifully covered in detail and there were some surprises in store for the viewers too. What I absolutely love about this play is that there are times when I want the story to take a certain turn but the actual twist in the story is contrary to my expectations yet it turns out to be even more meaningful and has a bigger impact. For instance, I wanted and expected  Chandni’s character to play the role of an anti-hero probably because Sania Saeed is playing the role and she hardly ever chooses to play a negative role but what we saw today was Karma. Chandni thought that if she planned everything perfectly, her son will be back and Sammi will be gone forever. She did not pause to think what might happen to Sammi when her brother finds her but she made sure that Waqas knew that he should not kill Salar. It was a perfect plan but she learned the hard way that you cannot control everything. Up till the point when Chandni was pressurizing Salar to leave Sammi, she was just being selfish but when she told Waqas about Sammi’s whereabouts and did not try to save her, she was being cruel and was an accomplice to this crime. It went to show that it wasn’t just people like Chaudhry and Waqas who think they could treat people any way they want as long as it suits their needs but even someone like Chandni who knows better would become party to something like this if it suited her. Salar’s death came as a complete surprise, I did not see that coming at all but it definitely had more of an impact on me and gave out a very powerful message.

Naheed’s track also took an interesting turn, I call it interesting and not tragic just yet because we are not sure whether Ghulam Rasool was the one who signed those divorce papers and also because Aalyan is not as helpless as Salar, he is a very solid support who is continuously reminding his father that he does not own Naheed. I absolutely love the way the writer has logically conveyed some very important and relevant messages to the viewers. Every time Naheed’s brother tries to give a wrong meaning to Naheed and Ghulam Rasool’s relationship, Aalyan steps in and explains the obvious. I am certain there are many brothers, fathers and husbands out there who must get uncomfortable while watching this show because there are many houses even in the most modern cities which are male dominated. Even if a woman is earning and is responsible enough to look after herself, men still think they know better.

The director Saife Hassan deserves tons of credit for his skillful direction. The scene in which Waqas entered the house and searched for Sammi was brilliantly directed. Also, when he was tying Sammi to the tree, the whole scenario was shown very realistically. The mob, people who were more interested in making videos than saving the girl and a brother who was so sure that he was doing the right thing, all of these aspects were covered flawlessly.

Adnan Siddiqui is brilliant as Rashid, there are times when I truly feel for him. Rashid’s character is interesting because he is free to go wherever he wants and he can easily live a life different from this one but his mind is imprisoned. One can easily see why he cannot think freely and change his life for good; his mother always tells him that he is Chaudhry’s naukar, Chaudhry treats him like a dog because he feels that he is a paltu kutta and in between all these people and the system, he has lost his identity. The preview of the next episode was superb, I don’t want to make any predictions but I hope that Rashid turns against Chaudhry and realizes that he is capable of being a much better person.

This had to be one of my most favorite episodes of Sammi. It is always great watching a play which is brilliantly written and executed superbly. There are no loop holes whatsoever in the script and the messages are right on point. It is not an easy task to handle so many tracks but the Sammi team managed to get the work done flawlessly. There have been no filler episodes so far and the story is interesting and unpredictable. This drama also has some amazing performances to its credit. Bilal Khan has definitely given me a reason to tune into his next drama, he couldn’t have picked a better character and team for his debut drama. You expect actors like Rehan Sheikh, Adnan Siddiqui, Madiha Rizvi and Sania Saeed to deliver because they know their craft only too well but it is especially wonderful to watch actors like Haris Waheed and Ahad Raza Mir making their presence felt in roles which are very challenging. Also, Malik Raza has yet again proven his versatility by nailing another difficult role.

Can’t wait to watch the next episode of Sammi! Please share your thoughts about this episode.

Fatima Awan

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