Yasir Hussain’s Next Starring Kubra Khan

After blowing us with her amazing performances in Muqabil and Sange Marmar, Kubra khan is now all set to play the lead role in Yasir Hussain’s penned drama.

The Lahore Se Aagey star, writer/actor Yasir Hussain has written a script for TV and it’s based on shaadi!

“It’s about a man (played by Yasir) whose mother wants him to get married to the woman of her choice, but he is in love with with someone else,”
shares Yasir with Images.

Don’t expect a lot of crying and wailing, though. Yasir assured that Shaadi is “a light-hearted drama”, sort of like the TV serials of the ’80s and ’90s.

It’s a special drama for Yasir because it’s the first drama that he’s written and acted in. Shaadi, directed by Wajahat Rauf, besides Kubra and Yasir also stars Sadia Faisal, Bushra Ansari and Salman Shahid. It will be aired on Eid-ul-Fitr. We’re surely looking forward to this one since it stars the rising star Kubra Khan.

Rimsha Butt

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