Yasra Rizvi’s Film “Senti Aur Mental” Wedding Song Released

Talented actor and director Yasra Rizvi has been working on different projects lately but one of her beloved projects “Senti Aur Mental” a film that she worked on, but it didn’t come to fruition because of the minimum resources. However, Yasra promised her fan’s that shell be releasing a song from the film to celebrate the efforts of all the extremely talented people who came with open hearts and tireless dedication towards Pakistani cinema and ended up making it a life altering experience.

Yasra Rizvi's Film "Senti Aur Mental" Wedding Song Released

Recently, The wedding song ‘Tera Hashtag Ni’ has been released. Tera Hashtag Ni’ has an uplifting energy and a fun song with quirky lyrics featuring a mehndi or mayun event in which all the family member are dancing and having the time of their lives. The song is produced by Schumaila Rehmat Hussain and Faraz Rizvi, sung by Mohsin Abbas Haider and Schumaila. The lyrics are penned by Asrar Alam & Schumaila, have a look!

Sara Imran

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