Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai- Episode 9 – 14

The past six episodes seemed to drag on forever. Atiya cautioned Nafeesuddin that Jaani is on the verge of making a blunder and she hinted at Mehtaab being the cause of his Deewanapan. Jaani made a dash to express his undying love for Mehtaab but that resulted in her getting tossed out of the house and Jaani was beaten up by his crazy father until he bled. Mehtaab found her way to her friend Rehana’s home. Rehana is a nurse and is married to Shakoor who works in a morgue and on the side, he practices dark magic using dead bodies. I don’t get why Shakoor and Rehana’s story is given such importance that much of the previous few episodes were about their lives.

Nurse Mehtaab has finally managed to get settled and even has a home now- one that she used to live in with her ex husband. Again, I fail to see the relevance in this. Tauseeq and Atiya continue consoling each other giving the family an opportunity to question their relationship. Nighat is divorced and is now living in Nafeesuddin’s home and is determined to be a part of his life. The storyline was all over the place almost as if the writer asked for volunteers to contribute a short story and finally consolidating them into the main one.

The only constant remained Mehtaab’s red lipstick! Yes, rain or shine, Mehtaab doesn’t shy away from that luscious red. Jaani managed to track her down and now sits by her door and watches her come and go… Shakoor Bhai has his eyes on Mehtaab too! Will Jaani win his love back by saving her from the evil clutches of the dispecable Shakoor Bhai? Will Mehtaab ditch her 11 year old tube of lipstick and replace it with a new shade? Will Rakshanda finally do the naagin dance? Will Atiya ever get a break from the kitchen and those rotis? Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Nafeesuddin took Jaani to see a psychiatrist- I think pretty much everyone is in household is in need of some serious help!

Kanwal Murtaza



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