Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 29!

OMG! This episode was soooo special & nice. I awed throughout the episode because once again it was filled with such emotional dialogues & scenes that it took me to the beautiful world of its own. :)

‘Dil suboot aur gawwah nahi mangta, jahan aqal khatam hoti hai na beta, wahan se dil ki dunya shuru hoti hai’. Isn’t it nice to see that every time Faarah & Agha Jaan talk about something, they end up helping each other one way or the other? Just when Faarah was feeling low & guilty, just a single statement from Agha Jaan helped her get back on her feet & forgive herself. I loved the way Faarah came to terms with her past & her feelings. She is done blaming herself because she now understands that she isn’t such a bad person to begin with, why, because she always followed her heart & it never lied to her. Faarah now knows that every time she followed her heart & everything that her heart told her was right & that’s the way it should be & this is exactly something that gave her the confidence to share her innermost feelings with Agha Jaan. I love how gradually Faarah has developed a confidence that allows her to discuss almost any & everything with Agha Jaan & she isn’t ashamed to admit to him that she has hurt him & how apologetic she is of her past. I love how they have showed that it took her sometime but now when she has started following her heart, Faarah knows she cannot live without her father’s family, her Agha Jaan. I lovedddd how Agha Jaan could see that even though Behroz was not in contact with him, he never let go of the things he was taught by his father & that is why, Faarah knew exactly what Agha Jaan was telling her because that wasn’t something new for her as she had heard all of that from Behroz. The sense of satisfaction that Agha Jaan achieved after that conversation showed that somehow Faarah perfectly compensates Behroz’s absence from his life & he looks at Faarah with a very different perspective because through her, he feels strongly connected to his son; Behroz.

Isn’t it nice to see Zarmeenay helping Faarah with her relationship goals? Zarmeenay obviously knows that Faarah is in love with Wali & she also knows that Wali is in love with Faarah too but there are some misunderstandings & a communication gap that is hindering them from working out their differences. I thought it was very sweet of her to break the ice & take the initiative to help Faarah because she knows that Faarah is all alone & she actually has no one to talk to & no one to rely emotionally upon. I love how intuitive & fair both Wali & Zarmeenay are & I say this because Zarmeenay knows how hard Arjumand is being on Faarah & she admitted it too. Even though she tried to make Faarah understand Arjumand’s reasons, she never once tried to rationalize her mother’s behavior. Zarmeenay knows that Faarah is having a hard time because of Arjumand but she is optimistic that once Faarah will sort out her differences with Wali, Arjumand will accept her because for Arjumand, Wali’s happiness matters the most.

Oh well, Wali Suhaib Khan ke chehre pe muskurahat aa hi gai Faarah Behroz Khan ke khayal se. I think there is something very sweet about how Wali is keeping his feelings to himself. He has always loved Faarah but now he knows that the whole situation is quite complicated & it can further complicate things because where on one hand Faarah wants to be with him, on the other hand Arjumand wants her gone. I loved Wali’s balanced approach where he tried to make Arjumand understand that no matter what transpires between him & Faarah, it will never take away her right of being in this Haveli because it belongs to Agha Jaan & she is as much a part of a family as the rest of them are. I respect Arjumand for the fact that she always respects Wali’s decisions & his approach that is why she exactly knew what Wali said wasn’t wrong & he wasn’t being biased too. I know it’s random but just when Faarah was telling Zarmeenay about how she feels for Wali, I wished Zarmeenay had recorded all of that on her mobile & Whatsapp’ed it to Wali, haha! :)

Honestly speaking, I had a giggle spree during Moeez & Ruhina’s confrontation, lol. Too bad that I didn’t feel bad for Ruhina at all because this is exactly what she needed to wake up. Moeez has taken desperate measures because Imran is giving him a hard time & it was shocking to see that even Tajjamul couldn’t do anything to control Moeez’s rage. It still looked like Tajjamul was feeling bad for his sister but sorry; he is the one who started this game, so now he should bear the consequences too. Tajjamul now can’t stop or blame Zohra or Moeez because he is solely responsible for all this & what Moeez is doing is exactly what he learnt from his parents & his father in particular. BUT, I will say that again, no sympathies for Ruhina, right!

Oh well, the preview of the next episode was super enticing & it got me excited but, let me just say, I am not making it as a separate note but adding it in the review itself to make my point very clear. First off, I thank all the spoiler alerters (if that’s not a word, I am inventing it) for bringing it to my attention in the previous review that Wali is teasing Faarah & what not, I let it slide because it was something that didn’t matter much but, I am very nicely & politely letting you all know that if I come across any such comment that would discuss or give spoiler alerts for the next episode, those comments will be removed. Please, let those who have not read the novel enjoy the drama as it is & keep it in mind that we’re not in a hurry to discuss what is yet to come. ;) Thank you!!!

Anyways, this is it from my side for this week’s episode of Diyar-e-Dil. I loved loved loveddd it & I must say Maya Ali looked absolutely gorgeous during the engagement scene. Hareem Farooq is such a strong actor & I really wish she opts for more such characters that allow her to elaborate her acting skills like this. I loveddd all the scenes of Agha Jaan because Sir Abid Ali makes sure we enjoy his conversations with his family. I know it’s a bit random but I love the way Faarah has made shawls/scarves a part of her attire after Wali brought it to her notice, I know they have depicted a change of weather through that somehow but it also reflects how much Faarah respects Wali & what his words mean to her. Maya Ali perfectly described Faarah’s excitement when Wali started a conversation with her; those minute expressions told the story of her excitement & disappointment at the same time that he had nothing to say to her, about her. I absolutely love the way their relationship is being told, it’s absolutely sweet & spicy at the same time. :) Please share your beautiful thoughts about the beautiful episode of Diyar-e-Dil & oh, let’s congratulate Zarmeenay on getting engaged, haha! :)

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ps: Well, I know that a lot of people read Diyar-e-Dil’s reviews, that is why I am using it to convey my message to HUM TV that where we all know about Bin Roye’s success, we also know that it’s been more than 2 months since its release so to see its trailers almost 100 times a day is now taking a toll on me (& I am sure on others too). So, I think it’s a high time to put a kibosh on its trailers because let’s admit, it’s almost a history now aur abb to dono Eids ghuzar gain! Please HUM TV, move on & start promoting some other movies & if not, at least stop promoting Bin Roye post-release because it doesn’t make much sense! Thank you!

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