YES, I married AGAIN! Why do people write ” how many times you gonna get married?”- Says Annie Khalid


The Pakistani rock star Annie Khalid who is  very well known singer who is even better known for being very straightforward. Annie has always proved herself to be a very strong headed women . After the failure of her first marriage she did not escaped from things rather revealed the reason behind her divorce.

Annie Khalid shares everything she wants to, lately Annie posted the following note on Instagram …


“So I’m writing this post with tears in my eyes because I am sick and tired of the abuse I get on social media for my second marriage. YES I married AGAIN! Why do people write ” how many times you gonna get married” “kitni dafa shadi karo go” “maneater” “vulgar woman” “wahiyaat aurat” What sin have I committed? Our religion permits us to marry again after being divorced, our beautiful Hazrat Khadijah was married 3 times, her third marriage was to Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Who is better than her? Who is better than Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH? NOBODY. What bullshit Pakistani culture we have where divorcee women are scandalised and stigmatised in our society. They become “black sheep” or “damaged goods”. At the time of the Sahaba, men would stand in line to marry divorced women because they knew of the immense reward it was in the eyes of God. But in our day & age we are instead ostracised and looked down upon. You men who comment under my posts have some shame, nobody wants their marriage to break, but if it does then what can you do? Would you be happier to see me alone and unhappy? Would that make you happy? What hurts the most is seeing women say horrible things too. I would expect girls to be more empathetic and understanding but how SAD that you also hurt me with your brutal comments. Remember, this could happen to your mother or your sister, this could even happen to YOU. I am sorry for this long post but I had to speak up not just for myself but for all the girls out there who have been divorced. Can I also add how I always read that it must have been My FAULT, something bad I must have done got me divorced. Why is the girl always blamed, WHY? Thank you to my husband Saad who married me knowing my past and not once brought it up or used it against me. Instead loves me unconditionally for who I am and not what I am. Ok I feel better now. Peace (Annie Khalid)”


Why don’t we live and let others live in peace too? Yes she is a celebrity, you can comment on the kind of music she makes, even you can give your views in which avatar she looks nice.But all the individuals who have negatively commented regarding her second marriage should think at least once that apart from being a public figure she is a human, with a heart and right to live her life according to her own rules.  Regarding Annie’s post she has described in complete detail that is she has gone for second marriage and it is nothing to be ashamed of  and she does not need haters around her anymore.

Previously Momina Mustehsan  was targeted and was given a title that she looks like a maid and now its Annie Khalid  publicly announcing that she is fed up of being bullied on social media. Majority of the individuals do not even think before putting down the harsh words in the comment section, It is not only one comment , rather it gives a free pass to other individuals to carry on the negative conversation. I hope and wish now every time we will comment, we will consider the effects on the other person,

Lastly I would say Annie you did the right thing by getting married again and yes you did an excellent job by posting this note, it will help individuals to think before making their very professional and perfect comment on the other person.