Yumna Zaid Shares Throwback Picture With Confidence

Body shaming and racism is not something that we are not familiar with. With majority population with brown skin, white complexion is still what is favoured and considered beauty in our society. From whitening creams to soaps and bleaches, our mindset is quite visible through the advertisement campaigns on our television screens. Due to the prevalence of this vice, many f our young girls are a victim of low self-esteem and are often bullied by family and friends.

No one is safe from the dilemma and it was also the case with Yumna Zaid, wife of comedian and social media star Zaid Ali T. When she got married to Zaid, she faced a lot of criticism too over her looks along with the love she got. Yumna finally has shown a lot of courage as she shared how much bullying she has faced from people from her own circle over her colour and body weight over the years and how her mother helped her to overcome that. Here is the throwback post, Yumna shared with utmost confidence:

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Husband Zaid Ali was very proud of his wife upon sharing what she has faced and in a way to help those who are also going through the same. So, he put his two cents too:

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Body shaming and bullying upon skin colour is very common all over the world. We should try our best to give confidence to our young girls so they don’t get into any sought of complexes!

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