Zahid Ahmed Nose Surgery Gone Wrong

Zahid Ahmed is not just a phenomenal actor but he is also a success story. Zahid Ahmed was really honest about all the ordeals he has been through in life a year back when one of his old pictures resurfaced in which he had a bald head and wasn’t half the hero he is today. Instead of criticizing those people who made these pictures viral, Zahid Ahmed made good use of this opportunity to tell his fans and followers his story, this was a story of struggle and success. Like many other actors Zahid Ahmed too has come a long way especially in terms of his looks. He has worked hard to get in shape and he is also constantly seen experimenting with his looks.

Zahid Ahmed4

Lately, however, for the first time it seems that Zahid Ahmed got plastic surgery done in order to change his appearance. In his two recent dramas, Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb and Mein Na Janoo, Zahid Ahmed hasn’t just changed the color of his hair and added the lenses to his look but his nose looks entirely different from what it was a few months back. The difference is obvious in these before and after pictures. On the left side there is a picture of Zahid Ahmed from 2017 and on the right side is a picture from his recent drama Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb.

Zahid Ahmed2

The difference in the shape of his nose is more apparent than anything else in these pictures. This difference is so obvious that it just cannot be missed and it most certainly isn’t just lack of contouring but it looks like swelling which we are pretty sure is the side effect of a Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) is one of the most common procedures which many people get done in Pakistan. Celebrities like Sarwat Gillani, Fawad Khan, Ghana Ali and Hadiqa Kiyani got this procedure done as well. In this before and after comparison too you can easily see how the shape of Zahid Ahmed’s nose has changed drastically.

Zahid Ahmed1

It is believed that changing the nose of the shape slightly can make a big difference in the overall appearance of an individual. But as you can see Zahid Ahmed got this procedure done before shooting for these projects therefore right now the swelling is not complimenting his overall appearance. Looks like Zahid Ahmed didn’t have the time to wait for these side effects to subside so he decided to shoot these projects with a nose which is making people question what Zahid Ahmed did with it. Here are two more before and after pictures in which the difference is clear.

Zahid Ahmed

The most common side effect of Rhinoplasty (nose job) is that it takes a long time to recover. Another common side effect is the swelling which takes 3 weeks or more to go away. Also, the final results of this procedure do not show until a few months have passed. This explains why the results of this cosmetic procedure right now are not looking pleasing on Zahid Ahmed. After a few months, the actual results of this procedure will be more apparent and pleasing. Here is another before and after comparison to elaborate our point further.

Zahid Ahmed 3

Rhinoplasty is done for cosmetic and non cosmetic reasons so only Zahid Ahmed can reveal why he got this procedure done. Can you see the change in Zahid Ahmed’s look? What do you think about it? Share your opinions in the comments section.


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  • Mujhai plastic surgeries se koye bair nahi hai but baaz logo par plastic surgery ne bilkul suit nahi kiya ..

    1) zahid ki itni achi bhali naak thi ab pakora bana deya ..
    2) soniya hussain ka face structure itna acha tha “dareecha ” drama iska pehla drama tha ,chehrai mai ek khaas kashish aur namak tha ..but ab jaisai honto se kisi ne pakar khaincha ho ,aisai lagta hai jaisai galai mai thyroid gland swollen hochuka ho , garh barh se lagti hai dhaiknai mai
    3) fawad khan,imran abbas ,danish,saba qamar,hadiqa aur vineza best successful surgery
    4) mehwish hayat ..naye naye surgery jab ki thi to achi lag rahi thai but ab waqt kai sath sath ajeeb se hooti jaa rahi hai giant face aur neck bhi face kai sath alignment mai aa raha hai ,jaw line ka pata ab nahi lagta ..wo kashish nahi rahi ab
    5) ghina ki nose surgery best thi but baad mai botox karna sahi faisla nahi tha
    6) sarwat gilani ne jawa line kai chakkar mai khud ko innocent young girl se pakki aurat bana diya
    7) whitening injection jis ne bhi lagaayai hain sabhi achai lag rahai han ,ayeza,danish,fahad,nida,etc
    8) mishi khan she was aging Gracefully but pata nahi surgery karwakai ubla anda ban gaye
    9) aamir boxer ki bewi bhi achi nahi lag rahi
    10) sadia imam itni slim smart innocent look tha uska swollen apricot ban gaye
    11) sara loren bhi donal duck ban gaye
    12 ) ayesha khan and humaima malik 50,50 kamyab surgery
    13) mira(cheekh drama) ,sidra,amna huq disaster
    14) mahnoor baloch surgery se pehlai baad mai dono mai khoobsoorat hai but ab waqt kai sath sath uskai munh mai bhi akhrot nikalna start hogaye hai ..

    • Exactly! I was soo disappointed to see him in Isq zeh Naseeb, it just wasnโ€™t the Zahid I admired in Zara yaad kar

  • Agr koi Ishq Zahe Naseeb ko follow krta hai to ye b janta hoga k us drama mein zahid k character ko bachpan mein nak pe chot lgi liye nak ki shape change dikhai gai hai.
    Pta ni kon uth k aisi fazool si news post kr deta hai.

    • wow!! So u mean he got the surgery done for the grafter he is playing. Would u please explain why does his nosebleed look different in main na janoo.. us may bhi Bachpan May nak pay chot lagi thi ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„

  • Here’s who NEEDS plastic surgery, specifically nose job:

    Sohai Abro
    Sarah Khan
    Ayesha Khan
    Sajal Ali

    Actresses’ eyebrows that never look good –
    Ayesha Khan
    Ayeza Khan
    Hocane twins

  • Why people have problem with all this itโ€™s all his wish no body is there to judge any one if he wants to do surgery or nose job or any this why to comment bad on it itโ€™s his life his choice

  • Mujhai plastic surgeries se koye bair nahi hai but baaz logo par plastic surgery ne bilkul suit nahi kiya ..