Zahid Ahmed’s Dil-e-Janaam is a good mid-week drama

Production houses in Pakistani dramas are never holding back from adding more dramas to the already crowded tv screens, and if interesting we don’t mind watching them either. However, love triangles or in some cases love rectangles (pun intended) are very common in our plays because writers don’t mind churning them out nor we as a audience do because if not all then most of the times they do sound interesting. Hum TV’s new drama Dil-e-Janaam begin last night. Having seen the teasers, i was already waiting for it and had some good expectations from this one. Starring Zahid Ahmed, Zhalay Sarhadi, Hina Altaf in the lead roles with Imran Ashraf in a pivotal role, the play surely had a good content and made me look forward to it. Zahid Ahmed’s last drama Mera Kya Kasoor Tha on Geo TV didn’t did well in terms of ratings nor had an interesting story line so many of his fans might have been waiting for this drama to see him casting his magic again. Dil e Janaam’s highlight is its star-studded cast and an engaging story line. However, the writer Seema Ghazal is known for scripting family sagas which are most often not so popular too. But, the drama had already build some expectations and to what seen, first episode was quite decent and good. It was well-paced with all the characters introduced in a right manner. It’s a story of a jolly and bubbly girl Eshal (Hina Altaf) who’s marriage is fixed with her cousin Shavaiz (Zahid Ahmed) and is really happy because she’s getting married to a man whom she loves. She has a friend Haris (Imran Ashraf) who likes her and keeps throwing hints, which she never understands. Haris’ feeling for Eshal will surely have an impact on how the story unfolds in the future. However, Shavaiz loves his business partner Asma (Zhalay Sarhadi) and is not willing to marry Eshal. Shavaiz is a kind of an ideal man who is rich, handsome and has a soft corner for people he loves but is quite too. However, Asma loves Shavaiz but is a practical woman. Later on, Shavaiz tries to explain his mother and even tries to speak to Eshal in order to break the marriage, but fails both times and chooses the easy path instead by marrying Asma and bringing her home. It’s no secret that our society is filled with cousin marriages and it happens quite often too. And in Eshal and Shavaiz’s case, they were engaged when they were kids which in some cases does leads to an unexpected result. As they grew up, Eshal falls for Shavaiz and he on the other hand falls for someone else whom he finds more compatible. Zahid Ahmed as Shavaiz was brilliant and it was a delight to see him in this role. Hina Altaf, was in-short really good, she’s improving with every drama but this isn’t the best she could do, her acting skills should be exploited to get the best out of her and i hope that happens in the coming episodes. However, at times she looked too young to be paired up with Zahid Ahmed, some more her character is really jolly and he seems to be quite mature, so this pairing is a bit doubtful. Coming to Zhalay Sarhadi, she managed to do complete justice to her role despite of less screen time. Shavaiz’s mother is the same woman who is playing the role of Armaan’s mother in Muqabil and i’m pleased to say she did spare our ears in this first episode. Jokes part, all the characters were quite convincing and easily relatable. Despite of having a cliched story line, Dil-e-Janaam looks promising mainly because of the interpretation of the whole scenario. Besides the main characters, the cast also includes Usman Peerzada, Saba Faisal, Shaheen Khan, Shameem Zafar Hilaly and Anwar Iqbal. Directed by Fahim Burney and produced by MD productions, Dil-e-Janaam is good for mid-week entertainment; it airs every Wednesday at 8 pm, on Hum TV. How many of you liked this play? Do share your thoughts! Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt