Zaid Ali Responds To Haters With Sarcasm!

Zaid Ali Tahir, the famous Internet comedian is a one happy man these days. Zaid got married recently and informed about his big day to his fans on social media. He also posted his pictures along with his wife. People mostly congratulated him and gave best wishes to the couple but some people went on saying nasty stuff about Zaid’s wife’s looks. Some found her very young while others were complaining about her being simple on her big day. Some of the comments were like:

Zaid Ali Responds To Haters With Sarcasm! Zaid Ali Responds To Haters With Sarcasm!┬áZaid has finally replied to the haters with a perfect answer and tweeted about how useless people’s scrutiny of his wife is:

Zaid Ali Responds To Haters With Sarcasm!

Zaid surely knows how to slam haters with his quick wit and sarcasm. He has also pointed out a bitter reality of our society that how people become reckless and comment on others without considering that the other person could get hurt. Zaid has given a befitting reply to all the people who were needlessly targeting his wife. People should always know limits while commenting on others. We wish Zaid and his beautiful wife a happy married life ahead of them!


Pakeeza Dar