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Zaid Ali’s Take On Women’s Obsession With Sales – Video

Zaid Ali is a household name by now. His videos and funny take on different aspects of a person’s life have gone viral over and over again. Zaid Ali’s videos are short and they don’t involve a lot of technicalities but they are still considered the best because of the topics he chooses to make these videos on. Most often these videos show relationships of different family members with each other. In these videos Zaid Ali’s mother and other family members also participate when there is need.

zaid ali

Lately, sales in Pakistan have been the topic of discussion because of women’s fixation with them. They will do anything to get to these sales and when they are there they will do all it takes to grab what they want.

Here is Zaid Ali’s latest video which has went viral. Both women and husbands have enjoyed watching his take on sales and women!


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