Zara Noor Abbas Shares Why She Couldn’t Get Award At PISA

Zara Noor Abbas who looked drop-dead gorgeous in beautiful traditional saree at PISA 2020. She shared her views about the controversial Pakistan International Screen Awards.

Zara congratulated all the artists who won the award and apologized to those who were unable to attend due to mismanagement.

The Ehd-e-Wafa actress shared, “A cup of coffee and a few thoughts. First of all my heartiest congratulations to everyone who won an award lastnight and enjoyed a show with their fans in Dubai lastnight. And my heartiest apologies to everyone who was not there lastnight and felt disappointed and disrespected for their names being used and commitments not fulfilled.”
She talked about how artists are sensitive towards these matters and said, “Artists all over the world are extremely sensitive people like myself and take everything to the heart. They love being loved and love entertaining people with their art and craft. However, I would urge you all to be more compassionate to each other as fellow actors and support each other in what we all do for the love of our country and art.”
She went on clarifying, “Everyone who travelled here had no clue of who would be eventually present here or not present here. We all as a fraternity will always stand together in the good the bad and the ugly. Award shows and get togethers like these are a celebration of art and our industry as a whole. Let’s all respect that and also respect each other’s opinion.”
Zara Noor Abbas also requested people to stop comparing celebrity looks from the awards show. “And hey, let’s stop comparing to who wore what and how better they wore it. Who showed skin and who showed a personality. Let’s all welcome diversity and differences.”
I missed everyone who was in Pakistan and was miscommited. But I also loved the actors who were there lastnight to support Pakistan. Let’s just be more compassionate with each other.
Zara Noor Abbas was nominated for her performance as supporting female actress in Parey Hut Love and Chhalawa but due to some mishap, she couldn’t get her award.
I was told that I am winning an award too but before my category could be announced some uninterrupted and unfortunate event happened.
She concluded her note and said thanks to her fans, “I would like to thank all my fans for voting for me. For voting for my fellow nominees and for wanting to see everyone out there who you love for their art and work. All said and done, Pakistan phir Pakistan hee hai. Apnay mulk main awards Ka maza hee kuch aur hai.”

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    What a joke!
    You were all there for these B class, meaningless ‘awards’ because you were promised a free trip to Dubai and a private jet flight & photoshoot.
    Please stop doing all these vulgar, tacky and western culture inspired ‘shows’ in the name of Pakistan.

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