Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Pakistan International Screen Awards were conducted for the very first time. They were held in Dubai, UAE on Saturday February 7, 2020. This marked the beginning of new award functions to celebrate and acknowledge the work that the Pakistani entertainment industry has been producing. The beginning of these awards wasn’t ideal and it surrounded many controversies. A lot of famous celebrities came to the forefront and spoke about how the organizers kept them in the lurch and after using their names to promote the show, they did not get back in contact with them. The organizers however went above and beyond to create the hype of the award functions and also circulated the pictures of some Pakistani celebrities who were flown to Dubai on a private jet. A lot of celebrities were not a part of the event but there were quite a few big names who not only attended but participated to make these award functions successful. What the future holds for these award functions is still a question mark, however a lot of famous Pakistani celebrities gathered to make the very first PISA Awards a star-studded event.

Pakistani celebrities always gather to celebrate the amount of work that the industry has done. They also get to mingle with the entire industry as well as make a style statement. All the award functions are filled with celebrities who look good and there are always some who fail to leave a mark. PISA 2020 was no different. Where some of the celebrities looked stunning, there were a lot more who left people confused about their styling and clothing choices.

Let’s take a look at the Worst Dressed Celebrities spotted at PISA Awards 2020:

Meera Jee

Went Over-The-Top Only To Look Bad?

Meera Jee wore not one, not two in fact three outfits throughout the event. It goes to show that she was ready to go through the hassle to make a statement but she couldn’t. She wore a peach gown designed by Aleena and Fareena when she was leaving for the award function. This satin strappy gown was absolutely unflattering on her. She wore another outfit for the red carpet which was a creation of Asma’s Collection. It was a blingy jumpsuit topped with an overall, which she draped over her shoulders, again this pick did not do any justice to Meera Jee’s personality. Meera Jee wore a red saree during the award ceremony, which was probably the only outfit that complimented her. Apart from her Red Saree, the other two outfits were a poor choice. Meera Jee also went for a very nude makeup look which did not suit her at all. A pale foundation, minimum makeup on the eyes and nude peachy lipstick didn’t look good on her and made her look like she had bouts of vomit due to food poisoning right before the event. Better luck next time Meera Jee!

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Momina Mustehsan

Wrong Shades of Yellow!

Someone should seriously ask how Momina successfully makes every color look bad? Momina went for an unflattering shade of golden yellow. It was a partly off-shoulder gown which only accentuated her waistline. Momina looked uncomfortable walking with such a heavily flared gown in almost all the videos of the event that circulated on social media. Momina has gone a bit too lighter with the hair color which makes her look washed out and is not a good look on her. She looks like all the shades of yellows poorly merged together on a paint palette. We look forward to seeing Momina on one such event where she will not be making a desperate attempt of copying a Barbie Doll because she is past that age. Better luck next time Momina!

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Noor Khan

Scourer, Towel or a Blanket?

Noor Khan is usually one of those gorgeous young girls who can rock any look. She has a perfect height and physique to do justice to flared long gowns but not sure what went wrong. The maroon gown was a hybrid of towels and blankets? Or maybe it was made to look like a scourer so that the gown could also sweep the floors clean as she walked. Maybe Noor Khan was feeling cold so she decided to pick up the warmest fabric to save herself from the flu and fever? Just a lot of maybes that pop in our head everytime we see Noor Khan. For an actress so young and gorgeous, not sure why she went for this look. Better luck next time Noor!

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020 Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Ushna Shah

Bedspread Turned Gown

Ushna Shah hit two birds with one stone. We are pretty sure after the event was over, she draped this gown over and slept peacefully because it was made out of a blanket. Ushna’s hair and makeup was basic but done right, she looked gorgeous however, the bustier of her gown was too tight and she was seen adjusting it every second as she walked the red carpet.Must have been uncomfortable, we are sure. Better luck next time Ushna!

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020 Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Sadaf Kanwal

Slitty Saree

Sadaf Kanwal wore a Sana Safinaz saree with a modern twist to it. There was a huge slit on the side of her saree which gave a room to her legs for easy walking. The overall styling that Sadaf opted for was tacky. It seemed her hair and makeup was rushed and she didn’t have much time on her hands to properly dress up for the event. Her silver saree was draped lousily over her and it just wasn’t a good look. Better luck next time Sadaf!

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020 Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Zaid Ali T

Bedsheet From Mama Bear’s House

Zaid Ali has reiterated that he loves to make people laugh and smile no matter what he does. We are pretty sure this was the thought that ran through his mind when he got an invitation to attend PISA 2020. He definitely contacted Mama Bear and asked her for a spare bed sheet stored in one of the trunks at her place and voila! This is how his suit came into being. We love Zaid Ali’s humor but this one definitely seems like a bad joke. Better luck next time Zaid!

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Momal Sheikh

No Surprises There

Momal Sheikh has made it a ritual to look bad on every award function. No matter how hard she tires, she breaks her own record every single time. This time around, Momal picked a gorgeous shade of blue but the outfit itself was hideous. One fails to believe that it was a creation of renowned designers like Sana Safinaz. There was something happening in the name of fashion designing at the front of her outfit and 24 hours later, we are still trying to solve the conundrum. Not sure why would anyone want to wrap herself as a gift for an award function? Better luck next time Momal!

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020 Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Sonya Hussyn

Retro Ruination

In a recent interview, Sonya Hussyn put the entire blame on her stylist for dressing her up for the award functions. She stated that if it was for her, she’d show up wearing Shalwar Kameez. I guess, it’s about time that Sonya walks the talk, wears a shalwar kameez on award functions and before doing that, fires her stylist who makes her look this bad at every event. What is exactly happening on Sonya’s head? She looks like a 2D version of herself in a tightly draped retro saree which actually looks unflattering. She is wearing a net blouse, hollywood waves on a chunk of her hair, gladiator-inspired bangles and a smile which makes her look as if she’s done with this stylist, we are too. Better luck next time Sonya!

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Komal Rizvi

Unflattering Feathers

It looked like Komal Rizvi was ecstatic after she got an invitation for PISA 2020. She decided to do everything she has ever wanted to on an award function but she ended up doing too much. Her outfit was unflattering and just not right. A heart-shaped cutwork on her bustier and ruffled netted bottom? There was also a break in the ruffles so that the plain net could break the monotony of the design, it is unfortunate that the designer put so much effort into making this gown work which was just not the right piece to begin with. Komal also went for an extended double wing liner, too desperate I see. Better luck next time Komal!

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Alyzeh Gabol

Tissues Galore

Alyzeh Gabol also wore a creation of Sana Safinaz. It is hard to believe that one after another bad designs that made it to PISA’s worst dressed list came from Sana Safinaz. The only good thing about the dress was the color but other than that, it was an eyesore. The silhouette was of such sort that made it very confusing to figure out the anatomy of Alyzeh Gabol. The tissues ruffled on one of the shoulders was also a disturbing look. Better luck next time Alyzeh!

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Umair Jaswal

Butler In Town

What is actually happening on Umair Jaswal’s coat? The green patched borders on the coat are catching the eye but for all the wrong reasons. He looks like he is very proud of looking like a properly dressed butler and for his dedication, he scored an award. Umair Jaswal should also try to experiment with his hair, this Johnny Bravo hairstyle has been out of fashion for more than a decade. Maybe he is still recovering from the aftershocks of Mor Mahal, hence the peacock green (pun intended). Better luck next time Umair!

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Aima Baig

Oversized Gown

Aima Baig wore a dazzling and sparkly gown to the PISA Awards but it looked like she didn’t go for the final fittings before the event, because it was clearly not her size. Aima did try hard to downsize it by buckling a belt around her waist but the neckline, the sleeves, the shoulders, nothing sat well on her petite frame. It was a sparkly velvet navy blue gown which looked too much for Aima to handle. It was a bit mature choice for someone as young as Aima and the fact that she went for a casual styling with her basic hair and makeup also didn’t harmonize the overall look. Better luck next time Aima!

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Ali Zafar

Color Combo Gone Bad!

Ali Zafar is someone who knows what looks good on him and he usually always picks up such outfits that he carries with grace but this was so not that case at PISA 2020. Grey plain trousers, white dress shirt, black bow-tie and blue velvet coat? What is happening? So many colors merged into one outfit makes it look like all of these pieces were just mixed and matched to give Ali Zafar something to wear the very last minute before he had to show up at stage for his performance. Better luck next time Ali!

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Fauzia Amaan

Crow’s Nest

Fauzia Amaan wore a plain black saree which was a creation of the infamous Umar Sayed. The saree itself was made out of a plain black chiffon but the piece that was supposedly going to amp up her look was the crows nest that she draped around her shoulders. Not too sure what the purpose of that feathery detail was because the befitting usage we see for that piece is dusting of the furniture around the house. Better luck next time Fauzia!

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Sarah Loren

Blingy Boring

Only by wearing this dress, Sarah Loren has shown how blingy can be boring too. The overall fit of this outfit is unflattering. It is a pastel shade of pink with golden and silver tassels. She went for a Hollywood waves hairstyle and pink lip color. She is beautiful and has carried this hair and makeup perfectly but the dress that she has picked for the function is boring and unflattering on her. She did have a change of outfit for her performance which was way better than this one.

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

Worst Dressed Celebrities At PISA Awards 2020

This concludes the list of worst dressed celebrities spotted at PISA 2020. Which one of these outfits were not your favorite? Feel free to share in the comment section below!


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