Zari Faisal Proves her Brand For all Kinds of Women; Dark, Skinny , Bulky and the Ones who Cover their Heads!

Zari Faisal is a popular and well known fashion designer of Pakistan. This fashion designer has been working since many years . The main product lines of Zari Faisal brand are casual wear, party wear, formal wear, pret wear etc. The main philosophy of this brand to provide fashionable and stylish dresses according to personality of women.

Lately Zari has done a very different shoot. She shared that the main purpose of this shoot is to show the beauty of diversity and to transform the beauty ideals which are common in our country and internationally. In her latest shoot the designer took a model who is not like typical model.

The designer shared that majority of attractive women she has seen are dark and skinny like our top model Amna Ilyas. She said that she wants her brand to be known for all kind of girls.

Have a look at the different shoot.