Zubeda Khanum – the veteran voice passed away

Veteran singer Zubeda Khanum has passed away today 19 October 2013. Zubeda Khanum was a famous voice in the early era of Pakistan film industry in 50’s and early 60’s. She sang many popular Urdu and Punjabi songs. In 50’s Madam Noor Jehan, used to sing only if she is acting in the film, so Zubeda Khanum was the first choice voice for musicians. Her songs were mostly pictured on Sabiha Khanum, Sawran Lata, Mussarat Nazir and Neelo. Zubeda Khanum also acted in film ‘Patay Khan’ as second lead heroine opposite actor Zarif in 1955, while Noor Jehan and Aslam Parvez were in main lead. She sang in almost 150 films.


Zubeda Khanum
Zubeda Khanum on PTV

Zubeda Khanum married cameraman Syed Riaz Bukhari. After marriage she left singing in mid 60’s and only used to recite ‘Naats’ in family ‘Milaads’. She only appeared on PTV once for an interview in late 90’s. Her son Syed Faisal Bukhari is also a cameraman and director. He has directed dramas and films. His famous dramas are ‘Mil Kay Bhi Ham Na Mil Sakay’ and ‘Mehndi Walay Haath’ both on Geo. He has also directed two films, ‘No paisa no problem’ and ‘Bhai Log’.

Some of the famous Urdu and Punjabi songs of Zubeda Khanum are


Aaye mausam rangeelay suhanay, jiya naheen maanay, tu chutti lay kar aa jaa balmaa (Film: Saat Laakh)

Ghungat utha loon kaay ghoongat gira doon, sayyan ji kaa kehna mein maanon kaay talon (Film: Saat Laakh)

Kiya Huwa dil pe sitam tum na samjho gaay balam (Film: Raat Kay Raahi)

pal pal jhoomon, jhoom kaay gaoon dil mein pyar hai tera (Film: Zehre Ishq)

laila, laila laila, absar khoban laila (Film: Ishq-e-Laila)


Asan jaan kaay meet lei akkh waay, chothi mothi daa paa liya kakhh way (Film: Heer)

Gori gori chanani di thandi thandi chhan nee (Film: Kartar Singh)

Dilla thehr jaa yaar da nizara len day (Film: Mukhra)

Sayon ni mera dil darkay, naalay akh pharkay (Film: Hameeda)

Meri chunni diyan reshmi tandaan (Film: Jatti)

She will definitely always be remembered for her contributions towards music.

Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali

  • And
    Chaand takey choop choop Ke oonji khujoor sey
    Dil jalaa NA Dil waley film Koel
    Ghoo ghat Utah loon Ke ghoonghat nikalun film Saat Lakh
    Terey durr te aake sajna we film Yukkey Wali.

    Zubeda Khanum has sweet lovely voice. She was a lightweight compared to Madam Noorjahan. However Noorjahan being a singing Actress and sang only for the films in which she acted. That was blessing in disguise for Zubaida Khanum, Munawwar Sultana and Kauser Parveen.

    Zubaida Khanum conducted herself decently through out her career and afterwards.

    • Thanks for adding to the list, well yes there is a long list of sweet songs she had sung,especially her punjabi songs are evergreen, 50’s gave us many memorable voices as noor jehan only sang for herself, like you mentioned munawar sultana and kausar parveen who sang famous song ‘gari ko chalaana baboo zara halke halke”. It was too bad that after marriage Zubeda khanum left singing and never returned. But still in 60”s there were many memorable new voices like Naseem Begum, Irene Parveen, ‘s – Laila, Mala. In 70’s , 80’s Naheed Akhtar, Mehnaz and Nayyara noor appeared on scene. While noor jehan has been an evergreen voice throughout all these decades.

  • Not to forget Naheed Niazi in film Zehr e Ishq, and Firdausi Begum in East Pakistan films like Talaash, Chanda, Kajal and Chakori.

    • yes naheed niazi also had a short run in zehr-e-ishq, koel, jhoomer but she later married mosleh uddin and went to UK, Firdausi Rehman was also a valuable voice in the films made in Dhaka.

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