Waar – Record business on opening day

Waar one of the most anticipated movie has released across Pakistan on Eid ul Azha. This film has been released on 42 screens nationwide. The film has received a very encouraging response from public and all of its shows are booked in advance till Sunday 20th October 2013. The film has also beat the record of Chennai Express of maximum business on opening day in Pakistan.

Waar has been able to earn Rs 11.4 million (1 crore 14 lakhs) on opening day, surpassing Chennai Express which earned Rs. 9 million (90  lakhs) on Eid ul Fitr this year. The accumulative business of first two days is Rs. 20.7 million (2 crore 70 lakhs) which is also a record.. The main competitor of Waar was Indian film Boss starring Akshaye Kumar but Waar has been well ahead in this competition.

The success of waar and beating record of a Shahrukh starrer indian film has also been noticed by indian media. Press Trust of India the biggest news agency of india and channels like CNN-IBN has given coverage to business of Waar.

The film is directed by Bilal Lashari and distributed by Mandwiwala Entertetainment. According to Nadeem Mandwiwala, distributor of film and owner of atrium multiplex cinema in Karachi, “Waar has made history by record breaking business in first two days. It is an encouraging sign for local cinema industry.”

The film has been given ‘A’ certificate by Sindh Board of Film Censor (SBFC), meanings only Adults (above 18) can watch this film. As per Omar Khatab, member of SBFC, reason of this decision is presence of violence and strong language in the film. Though censor board has given ‘A’ certificate but there is no tradition of asking for proof of age at cinemas.

Source: VOA Urdu (http://www.urduvoa.com/content/pakistani-film-waar/1772432.html)

Rashid Nazir Ali


Rashid Nazir Ali

  • Well, it was a treat to watch. Perfect cinematography, great dialogue delivery and kudos expressions.Its a milestone achieved in Pakistani film industry.. 85% of the movie is in English so those who are solely Urdu speaking will have to bear English for no reason. :P

    I was quite amused with the fact that they are taking some serious action in allowing above 18 to watch this movie. U can face problem if u are not 18.. Happened with couple of my young cousins..

    Dont forget to take ur CNIC alongwith u if u are watching it at Centaurus Ceniplex.. For rest of cinemas, I dont know the rules.. We faced major problem while entering all because we dont have ID cards along with us.. :)

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