“You cannot Judge a lady with her Clothes”, Says Mathira

The lady, who knows how to cash every possible move she can actually make in the showbiz industry, is enjoying the peak of limelight these days. Yes, we mean Mathira here. From her late night live hosting on a B-class channel to her controversial dance in the movie ‘Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’, Mathira’s career seems to be a journey with no ends. While her reputation still holds a confused state among viewers, Mathira has always proven that she is daring enough to pass big statements whenever she is questioned over a matter. It seemed no big deal for this controversy queen to call Shahid Afridi a mentally retarded man previously, and adding more stars in her debatable statement list, she has recently said that it is wrong to judge a woman from her clothes.

Defending today’s fashion in a talk show on SAMAA TV on October 18th, 2013, Mathira countered all statements of Mufti Abdul-Qavi who spoke on the fact that fashion industry in Pakistan is spreading vulgarity and indecency in the society. Mathira was blunt enough to say that it is truly inappropriate to judge a woman’s character on the basis of her clothing. She said that a woman wearing a top or jeans, or even a mini skirt can be a sober one.  It was an awkward moment when she said:

“Dusray log karein tou theek hai, apnay log karein tou La-haul Wala!”


She further added (actually confirmed) that she is a Muslim and being a Muslim her life is all for her Allah and His Prophet (p.b.u.h), but it holds no sense to mix these facts with the fashion of today as the fashion designers are doing really well and are not crossing the social, ethical or religious boundaries.

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This is not the first time we have seen such a debate on a forum, in fact, few months ago it was Veena Malik who was invited in this show and something very similar was seen on screen, which for sure, was an embarrassment.

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Nida Zaidi


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  • This show was actually telecasted some six seven months ago, and now it is been repeated again. I would say religious scholars like mufti Abdul qavi should avoid coming in such shows, its not their place to argue with veena or mathira or any other person who cannot respond them with proper references and in the end the debate just becomes a blame game.
    Such debate is a total mismatch, mufti Abdul qavi has also appeared in a debate with veena malik in Kamran shahid show, and veena made some personal attacks like why is he watching her and how can he say she is beautiful, had he watched him, it was really sad to see a respectable religious figure in such role. Anchors should also avoid calling religious leaders in such face-to-face show, they could have called some right wing intellectual or journalist like ansar abbasi for this.

    • Agree..I think a Muslim scholar if he is really scholar should never agree to discuss these people on tv and should never such shows…for me its insult of the status “mufti” its such a big title and sorry to say but I personally can’t respect this scholar

      • yes lubna, “Mufti” and religious scholar are respectable person, their place and standing is much higher, we look to them for guidance rather participating in discussion with veena, meera, mathira who don’t know to respect a mufti. it looks really bad when some showbiz person makes mockery of them like veena malik did. It is also duty of anchors that presenting religious scholars in such discussion makes a fun of their personality and their standing, but who cares, our anchors only want rating, and to make a steamy show they just misuse muftis.

        • aray pehlay double standard to khatam karen yahan sub haram ki boti kha ker alhamdullillah keh detay hain

      • Why can’t you respect this scholar? He’s speaking out and is doing it with debate and reason.

        • Because its not his status to discuss these ladies and get insulted. its actually insult of the status he is carrying. Should he talk to this lady???He is even advocating her. And his comments on these 2 ladies show that according to him only these 2 are worst while all others in showbiz are good. when something is Haram then its Haram there are no ifs or buts.

          • dear respectable sister.unho na aik lafaz b mathira k khilaf nhe bola.balka wo just dress ke bat krta raha hai…….han mathira aik Alim ko,,, bohet batmize sa call kr rahe hai like [Molvi sahib].chalo usa acha na samjho per us bazurg ke respect to kro…….. and mathira molana ko nhe balka Quraan ko galat kah rahe hai.Astagfirullah…..kun k us na molana ko kaha k ap new genration per restriction nhe laga sakta…… ager Quraan Hazrat Fatima [R.A] per restriction laga sakta hai jo k jannat ke shahzadi hai to ya mathira kya cheez hai…fashion apne limit main acha lagta hai…..ma khud molana ko follow nhe krte…but as a muslim ma Quraan ke ayaat k khilaf aik lafaz b berdasht nhe kr sakte….may b Allah ke nazer main, mathira is best then me……. but dear ap bat ko emotionaly na lo haqeeqat sa lo…mera mean ap sa koi behus krna nhe tha sister just ap ke tarah ma na b views he diy hai…

          • lugta haye apnay zindagi say samjhota kerliya haye aur aap ko agar koi merd dukh day ga aap pitpitta ker beth jain ge ub nae generation different haye

          • ya ap meri bat nhe samjh rahe ya pher ap opposite hai islam k rules k…….. ourat murd per zulam krta hai to aj kal ke ourat b come nhe hai ……..or wasa b yaha per male or female k rights ke bat nhe ho rahe balka dresing ke bat ho rahe hai dear sis……..

    • yes u r ryt. bt koi tu ho jo in jesi k saath argue kr k inhain hidayat ka rasta btaye… ager yeh nai shows me ja k kuch kahin gain tu kon inhain samjhay ga..???

      • hmain kisi ki life main interfair krne ka koi right nhi h ap sb loG apne apne gharon ko he sambhal lain to bri bt h…hr kisi ko apNi life spnd krne ka poora right h…jb un k parents ko he koi prob nhi h to hm logn ko kia tension h

        • Kiran bibi Islam AMAR BIL MAAROF WA NAHI AANIL MUNKAR ka order daita hy. Koi apny ghar main ye sub kry to or baat laikin public main hoga to us py baat to zaror ho gi.

        • am agreee with you……. but dear respectable sister kiran,,,,, Nabi [s.a.w] na b to kafir ko tableegh ke the na………islam ke….unho na b pather khay tha….. logon sa batain suni….logon na mazak bnaya un ka same wasa he jasa aj hum molana ka bna raha hai…….soo,,, ya bat pher Allah na kun na samjhaie HAZRAT peace be upon him ko… k tum kun logon ke life main inter fair kr raha ho……….sooo, dear islam ke tableegh ka kam jinho na krna hai wo qayamat tak krta raha ga.ya alag bat hai k hum sachaie ka samna krta hoa darta hai.or bahana bnata hai k hum kese ke life main inter fair nhe krta……….jo b hai ager mathira apna kam krte hai to molana b apna kam krta hai……….sooo dono apne jaga jo kr raha hai wo un ka apna act hai…..but hamain sirf sacahie ka or us kitab ka saath dana chahya……jo hamara nabi [s.aw] per nazil hoe.hamari hadayat k liy………… i hope you will not mind.and try to understand thats whats am saying…………..

      • dolly u r right, yeh issues discuss karnay chahiye, but discussions brabar kay penalists mein honi chahiye, ‘Mufti’ or ulema hazrat kaa muqam bohat ooncha hai, yeh hamesha solid arguments aur daleel saay baat kartay hain, magar jab aglay ko proper daleel nahin miltee to woh phhir inkee personality ka mazaq uraatay hain, aur ulema ka mazaq media per ban-ana ultimately religion per hee aa jaata hai, jesa kaay veena kaay kamran shahid walay program mein huwa uss nay mufti sahib per personal attacks kiye, sab mufti or ulema aisay face to face programs mein arguments karnay kay liye train bhi nahin hotay

        zyada behtar ho agar koi right wing intellectual like ansar abbasi, orya maqbool jaan ko aisay shows mein bulaya jaye, woh zyada behtar andaaz mein apna point of view present kartay hain.

    • That is correct, show biz is a separate affair.just like rules for huqmaran are different from the rules for common masses

      • There should be a place for all kind of people. Our country’s constitution is based on islam .Therefore it is an Islamic state but before we go out and debate about what is right and wrong we shoild know why is it happening? why we all agree on the same thing that is because the men have established a double standard in the society and women have suffered so far now women dont want to listen to men atall although there are men who have been sensitive to women’s issues but it seems that women have had enough and they need justice

    • Lanat he mathira pe meri taraf se………….yar jb yeh kehte he ke me musalman hun to islam ke ehkamat pe amal kro aur agar nahi krna to kam az kam Quran ki ayat pe argue to mat kro………………jb moulana sahab ne Quran ki ayat sunaein to yeh ke rhe he ke hum aurat ko us ke libas se judge nahi kr sakte…………yeh koi jawab he………..bus bt ko gol mol kr rhe he kiun ke yahan bat sharif ya badmaash ki he hi nahi……………..aur yeh ke agar itna ghalat he to hm bollywood se itna inspire kiun hen………….is ko kon samjhae ke jo Quran ki ayat hen wo hen ab kon is pe amal kr rha aur kon nahi kr rha yeh iska masla to nahi he………..aur kehte he Allah aur Rasool ke lie meri jaan bhi qurbaan he……………haaaan libas to un ke hukum ke mutabiq pehn nahi skti jaan qurban kregi bari ayi……………aur han yeh bt theek he ke mufti hazrat ko ana hi nh chahiye kiun ke ye log argue ke qabil hi nahi hen………..lekn unhon ne Allah ka pegham pohancha dia ub qayamt ke din gawahi de saken ge ke……………………

  • ik muslim larki kh rai ha ky ye sb mardun ky lye qanoon ku nai ha isy btao ky hm deen e islam m changing nai kr skty.or kh rai thi ky west m b to esy kapry pahny jaty ha to is ko btao ky wo muslim nai ha jo wo log kapru ky bary m is tareeqy sy sochen hm muslim ha or hmara mzhb ye allow nai krta

  • I think a woman should not be judged on how she dresses, yes. However in our society when we judge girls who are dressed modestly clothed and have duputta on but not on their head they are judged or when girls have everything covered except their face is judged then how can you expect a woman who has her body out or a short dress on not to be judged? In the Qur’an the idea of a women’s dress is only mentioned about 3 times, and overall in each time it says to dress modestly – for me personally modesty is loose clothes, whether western or Asian, with duputta over heard, a long jacket on, and socks on. Overall, Veena raised good points that Muftis tend to pick on women because they are weak and only blame them for everything and talk about them as issues. Mathira is talking nonsense because Pakistani designers have started to make vulgar clothings and they should know the limit. They are both extremes of two ends.

  • chlo marnay k baad pata chaly ga behaya aurton ko k kitni saz milti hai wahan yeh bolayn gi k galti ho gai or shayad aj kal ki ladies to ALLAH say b behas shuru ker dyn itna dimab khrab ho chuka hai in ka kya ager indian larkian 80 percent nudge clthes phny shuru ker chuki hai to muslman larkian b shuru ker dayn lana hai iss kisam ki larkiyon per or sab say bari lanat un k maa baap per jo in ko roktay nhi mein ager hota iss mulk ka sadar to qanun lagu kerta aisi aurton k liay saudi arad jaisa

  • sub say phalay may ye likhu ge k molana sahab ko is program may ana he nahi chaheye tha or kis ko samjha rahay thay, hamara mulk berah rawi ka shikar ho chuka hay is ka to ab Allah he hafiz hay, tv walay is tarha k program kar k sirf mazy letay hain or piesa kamatay hain LANET HOU AISAY LOGOU PAR ALLAH KE.

  • hahhahahha.mathira ko ma b bura nhe kah sakte…………..per mathira k liy itna msg zaroor hai k kindly dear muslim sister, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nabi[s.a.w] ke sunnat or farman ko behaya libas k ganda pardon main na dhanpo……….mathira just fashion ke bat kr rahe hai jab k usa molana ke bat ka jawab dana he nhe aa rahe…. Allah usa or hum sub ko hidayat da…………pata nhe mathira may b oper wala k nazdeek muj sa b zayada ache ho……..but mathira jo Quraan or HADEES main nhe hai usa islam na kaho……….kindlyyy islam ko or fashion ko seprate rakho……… tum Quraan ke ayat ko galat kah rahe in actuall……kindly aise video upload he na kiya kro………

  • everyone has own life everyone knows which are good and which are wrong so dont argue with them i think she is muslim and she knows about islam now she choice thier own path she will go to hell not you so leave her and correct your emaaan dont watch such a things look at the Molana Tariq Jamil he never argued with stupid peoples but who dont have eeman they come on tv and starts argue with stupids

  • Well Allah PAK BHT BARAA HE…Mathira aur Mathira jasi tmam ladies ko ALLAH MAAF kray aur SACHI HIDAYAT ataa kray aameen bcoz ye BE-ILM LOG HEN….Inhe criticism nahi bulkay GUIDENCE KI ZRURAT HE….

  • i’d blame the anchor,director, producer etc whom create these kinda situation and for what?..just for the stupid rating..shame on those anchors really….Mufti sahab shouldn’t participate in these kinda debates..though he’s 100% rite no doubt ..but he’s in the wrong place in the wrong time i guess….in my opinion mufti sahab should preach islam to her or someone else but in off camera that will be more effective inshaAllah..

  • this is called real OPPRESSION. non muslims or stupid people say Islam oppresses women but real oppression of our society is when woman and girls see models naked and feel obliged that they gotta look like them. but mathira needs to know that if a woman walks out half naked she will be judged on what she is wearing but if a woman with a hijab walks out, people will get to know her.
    what she said ” a woman cannot be judged with her clothes” is what you say for a covered woman, not a woman who wants people to see her as a thing but not human.
    Islam liberated the rights of women (because Islam brought the idea of women not being means of pleasure but human beings) but it’s sad to see that some women are not liberated, THEY ARE STILL OPPRESSED BY THIS WORLD AND THEIR SOCIETY.

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