Sanam Baloch’s Nikah/Wedding Pictures Released

Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhatullah have turned into one of the most happening couples of the year 2013 and since the day their Nikah has been held, their pictures are ruling the social media in the best possible manner. If u are a Sanam fan and had been following her morning shows lately, you must have noted that this newly-wed bride looks completely amazing with the new change her life has adopted.

We covered the news of her nikah just after it was actually held in Karachi and soon the Mayun pictures appeared on screen, shared the beautiful collection of the eve with our readers.

Here comes even a better treat for readers who were looking forward to the Nikah/wedding photoshoot. Wearing a beautiful combination of red and white, the actress/host looks completely adorable on the day which for sure is, the most memorable one in her life. Like her previous photoshoot, her family is found enjoying with her, celebrating the night to fullest.  

sanam baloch nikah pictures

Enjoy high quality pictures of Sanam Baloch here:

Sanam-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-1 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-2-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-3-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-4-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-6-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-7-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-8-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-9-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-10-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-12-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-13-600x400 (1) Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-13-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-14Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-15-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-17-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-20-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-21 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkha-23-600x400

Please share your views about the shoot.

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  • ALLAH BLESS U SANAM.midia is v bad line f0r u leave it after ur new life.n do not leave ur husband as other actress for media

  • Nida, you have said in the comments section of an article about Sanata-upcoming drama that ullu barae frokht nahi is not a popular drama, i don’t know if many people watch it, but its definitely a show that is liked by many people. Second, don’t judge this show if you haven’t seen it- it has excellent acting, excellent story. You can’t judge a show based on it ratings. It has many twists and turns, I recommend it.

    • That’s true ullu barae frokht nahi is an excellent drama with very good acting, direction and production………It’s worth watching .I would highly recommend it.

  • sanam baloch is looking gorgeous as always. may ALLAH bless her in her incoming life and may she always be happy. but eik shikait hai mujhe sanam se ….. ous ne mujhe apni wedding par nahi bolaya lolz

  • Assalamaliekum Addi nikah mubarak hujhay .congragulation sanam baloch is looking gorgeous as always. may ALLAH bless her in her incoming life.

  • you are looking so cute sanam.kya aap ne hamare saath saath apne dulhey mian ko bi nahi bulaya:)

  • Sanam ur suit is very simple. Cum as cum insan apne shadi pe to acha suit pehan leta hai

  • aap khud to bhtt cute ho laikn dulha kis kism ka pasand kiya hai…kisi kam ka nahii…plzz jawab zarur dain..

  • she looks beautiful in simplicity , thanks God someone has taken the initiative to get married in a simple dress

  • Sanam ,I like the way u become a natural happy bride ,may god keep u always happy and full of life from a fan 76yrs great grandson admiring u/.

  • best wishess, twada dulha changa munda ho skda par meray ton sohna ni , hahahaha. u r my fvrt, God bless u

  • Sanam looking very pretty,,,but very sure that this photoshoot is at Nikah time still wedding pictures as to be launched with complete beautiful bride,

  • congratulations sanam…… u r looking such a beautiful and eastern bride……..nida great shoot

  • sanam mashaAllah se buht pyari lg rhi hen aap
    or aapki mehndi to buht hi zbbbrrdsssttt lg rhi he ….bs aise hi muskurati rahen..
    or sabeen bhi buht achi host hen

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