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Sanam Baloch’s Mayun Pictures Revealed!

One of the most prominent actresses of Pakistan, Sanam  Baloch, who is also loved for her outstanding hosting in SAMAA TV’s morning show, has recently tied the wedding knots with a close friend and a multitalented celebrity, Abdullah Farhatullah in a private ceremony, held at her place in Karachi. Making sure that the biggest eve of her life stays a private affair, the social media was kept completely away from the news and it was only the day her Nikah was held that SAMAA TV broke this news. too shared this news with its readers some hours after the Nikah was held and it was interesting to see that Sanam’s fans were really excited about the news.

Sanam baloch's mayun

While the couple is been judged for the fact that who, out of two secures a better position in looks, Sanam’s followers are looking for more clicks of the couple to know the every bit of it.

Here is a rich collection of all the pictures taken by Ify’s fO2 productions at the Mayun (Rasm-e-Heena) of Sanam Baloch.

Have a look!


4 5818_330694553740889_1650673808_n 37062_330695107074167_659592156_n 946401_330694093740935_666735143_n 993700_330694653740879_225294459_n 994028_330694600407551_736992026_n 1069381_330694357074242_851622656_n 1374162_330695177074160_898869287_n 1374371_330694740407537_432645153_n 1374776_330695237074154_976012263_n 1375775_330694460407565_1430849185_n 1376641_330694127074265_1528418024_n 1377074_330694603740884_58957118_n 1377104_330694063740938_1529450017_n 1377177_330694960407515_1799961428_n 1377617_330694113740933_238749807_n 1377964_330694957074182_1328934428_n 1378143_330694020407609_129097193_n 1378375_330694867074191_751919142_n 1378515_330694793740865_2132465389_n 1379759_330694270407584_1328674649_n 1380037_330694053740939_906392557_n 1381524_330694870407524_690749895_n 1381985_330694177074260_1181271798_n 1382185_330695483740796_536824968_n 1382267_330695233740821_138222582_n 1382323_330694187074259_842354098_n 1382420_330694657074212_704379197_n 1383126_330694550407556_120794678_n 1384244_330693930407618_890551095_n 1385557_330695030407508_518824894_n 1385647_330694467074231_859994927_n 1391709_330694783740866_1208697859_n 1391927_330694340407577_310785081_n 1392819_330694267074251_730779879_n (1) 1395211_330695203740824_616396135_n 1396009_330695027074175_1344717284_n 1396037_330694237074254_1486370988_n


The two, surely compliments each other in every way possible. May the couple enjoys a happy life together.

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Nida Zaidi

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