Sanam Baloch’s Mayun Pictures Revealed!

One of the most prominent actresses of Pakistan, Sanam  Baloch, who is also loved for her outstanding hosting in SAMAA TV’s morning show, has recently tied the wedding knots with a close friend and a multitalented celebrity, Abdullah Farhatullah in a private ceremony, held at her place in Karachi. Making sure that the biggest eve of her life stays a private affair, the social media was kept completely away from the news and it was only the day her Nikah was held that SAMAA TV broke this news. too shared this news with its readers some hours after the Nikah was held and it was interesting to see that Sanam’s fans were really excited about the news.

Sanam baloch's mayun

While the couple is been judged for the fact that who, out of two secures a better position in looks, Sanam’s followers are looking for more clicks of the couple to know the every bit of it.

Here is a rich collection of all the pictures taken by Ify’s fO2 productions at the Mayun (Rasm-e-Heena) of Sanam Baloch.

Have a look!


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The two, surely compliments each other in every way possible. May the couple enjoys a happy life together.

Please share your views about the collection,


Nida Zaidi


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  • very beautifull pix wish u all the best for ur new life Sanam may u live succesful n happy life GOD bless u :)

  • I thought she didn’t wear sleeveless because I have never seen her in sleeveless! Anyways, I wish her all the best for future!

  • aik to koi pic dekh lo, kisi forum per chaly jao, koi show dekh lo, jealous women kay comment foran ap perho gay like “lagta ni ha yeh Muslim ha Pakistani ha this n that, dressing dekho kitni vulgure ha blah blah..” we just know to criticize… jab ap wasay dekh ni skty to ISLAM ko sahara bana ker taunt kerna start ker do… lolz

    any way best of luck ahead !!

    • I’m not sure about other women….but I feel disappointment and saddened… When pakistani Muslims living in the west like myself In America, and they are raised in the west and see so many other Muslim women representing islam and who are actually practicing islam even by living I the West, see muslim women in our own country especially celebrities who are suppose to represent a Muslim country (“islamic republic of Pakistan” is what they call it right?) lose thier faith and go towards the way of nonmuslims is a shock to us. We are saddened by what we see happening. It’s disgusting for them to associate themselves and it’s pathetic to see them so desperate to be like the nonmuslims in the west. Be original and be yourselves for God sake! To each thier own… Anyway….

      • qasam lay lo jo mjy aik word tumhra samjh aya ho.. sirf yeh pata laga ha ap States mn rehti ho.. lolz :-P

        mera comment itna tha, pehlay Insani jaan ki ahmiat pehchanain, usko secure kerain Pakistan mein, shia, sunni, christian, hindu sab safe honay chayain, n Religion ki azadi ho, that’s it jiska jo dil chaye woh mazhab adopt keray… yeh fahashi , sex, vulgur, affairs ,, clothing ka rona na pitto, pehlay imp cheez ko safe kero, yeh baad ki batain han…

        • Lol those things are problems caused by the government n the leaders…but these problems are caused by people and media themselves…I’m not just talking about the women in show biz…I’m talking about the whole pakistani media….they are responsible for encouraging them and putting them out there I this way for people to see… We r no one to judge but when our daughters and sisters are being influenced by these celebrities…then it is our business to demand decent shows to be aired… If we can’t depend on the western world to be modest at least we can expect that from our own…u get me?

          Bahr Kay mulko main at least bakee freedom to hai…religion, humanity and so on…Pakistan main yea sub cheezain nahi hai or Jo hay at least us ko tho secure rak Sakthay Haina. Like modesy is a big part of our country…but no we are willing to loss that first…lolhahaha ultt pulltt

        • wao i m impressed with ur views yani app k nazdeek religion is the least important thing coz all these things are related to ur religion u r differentiated from the other nations of the world on the basis of these things jiska jo dil chahay wo bilkul wo mazhab adopt karay per jub islam ko adopt karay tu plz usko galat represent na karay hum sirf yehi chatay hain aur aik muslim k liye us k deen se bhad k kuch nahi hai coz ye uska way of living hai tu app apne naik hayalat ka izhar karnay se pehle thori si research islam pe bhi kar lein aur ager ye nahi hota tu do chaar islamic lectures hi sun lein in issues pe i m sure phir app zada behtar ilfaz mein apnay app ko aur app jaisay hayalat rakhnay walay aur logo ko defend kar payein gay

          • Well m not here to impress or offend you.. I am quite sure I have slightly more knowledge than you when it comes to religion. Anyway I m not gona argue.. tata

        • Mr Hani Syed, If you didn’t understand, well then you better go learn some english,lolz:-p

          Sanam ki shadi hia, she is happy, is per poori dunya ko comment karnay ki zaroorat hi kia hai k kia pehna hia , kiyun pehna hai bla bla.
          let her be happy, she looks nice. that’s it.

          • Jiii… yehi kaha mn ny… ap mra first comment perho.. but pta ni yeh jealous aunties ISLAM , ISLAM , PAKISTAN PAKISTAN ka naara lay ker chirh perin mjh masoom si jaan per ;)

            seriously I don’t have any issues, I wish her best in life bhawain sleeveless ho ya bikini mn lolz :D

          • bilkul theek kaha k wo khush hay but she is a role madel for many youngsters also yr. jub wo islam ki batain or SAHABIAA E KARAAM RAZIALLAH HU TAALA UNHAA k baray pa batin post kerti hain to khud un per kitna amal kerti hain???? unko yeh sub post nai kerna chaheyey bus … perda or bayhayai k baray may wazeh ahkaamaat hain but hum unko na perhna chahtay hain or na he amal kerna chahtay hain bus batain kerna aati hain hamain bashmool mayray.. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THEN WORDS………….

        • U r right we r no one to judge… But t is our business when they are influencing our daughters and our sisters….. It’s our right to demand decent shows to be aired……

          • Koi apka business ni ha un per criticize kerna.. ap na dekhao apni maan behan baition ko…itna agar naik banana ha to dramas n tv dekhny ki zaroorat ni ha…

            solution is tarbiat.. apka kam tarbiat krna ha n let them free in the society ab yeh unka kaanm ha woh kia adopt krty han. Ap kisi ky kaamon mn interfere ya criticize ni kr skty…

          • I think hani beychara is in desperate need of attention guys….. We all know he has no idea what he is lacking about but is desperate to just disagree for the sake of disagree knowing that we are right. Lol… Or someone is paying him to keep it all going… More the poeple comment the better it is for this website… Lol

          • Sahi kAha apny…KHUDA HAFIZ BAJIIII…. LOLZ ;))

            husband ko ja ker khana dain , wait kr rhy han yeh dramas n sanam balooch ki pic baad mn dekhye ga… buhaha :D

          • Lol you are more like my uncle…. Uncle jee… Bath ka patha na ho tho chup rehna chahiya …. Lol

      • sister!! they are not representing Islam, here it is a representation of mehindi culture (that has nothing to do with islam), second it represent the probably the 10% of Pakistani society that is upper-upper or upper-middle class.. so if you are looking for the true representation of islam then look into quran and the way ummahat ul mumineen lived. if you are looking for different cultures then you have pakistani’s, people from arab. everyone have there own way of the interpretation of his or her belief, so its up to you what you consider a role model for your self.

        bdw celebrities represent very small portion of a society especially in an under develop nations they are mostly from upper class,

        • Yes jazakAllah kharian for that… We figured it out long time ago that they are not representing islam and I’m not looking at them as Role models for me thank you… I’m talking about all the young girls these days who watch them….. I’m not saying or asking who or what portion they represent in Pakistan…… I’m talking about how that little percentage is having an influence on other people from lower Classes or other upper class teens and many others who watch them…. That is the point…it’s the bad influence it is all having on our youngsters….. I know celebrities make up very little percentage…. Again that wasn’t my point….. Lol also just because they. Re upper upper Upper class doesn’t make it right…. Sounds like if some one is loaded they should be able to do anything and it is more acceptable….. In that case kings and queens should walk around naked then…. And so should the most richest celebrities…would that be ok?

          • you are right sis, i totally agree with you on this. it does effect minds and hearts of our young generation. Unfortunately this class have very much power or control over the most popular media (print, electronic), they are in clothing businesses, they have factories, these are all inter-linked and have grabbed the whole market and so they represent it in the media as well. But sis, there are some good people around even in the media and in the business world that are intact to their culture, norms, values and religion. so lets hope and we should continue work for the betterment on individual basis.

      • I agree vid u because I am also from Europe. I think same that is this Pakistan and Muslim country? My mam alwaysss taught me about this Pakistan????? She taught since childhood that Pakistan and Pakistani r very nice and it’s a Muslim country we have to keep our culture ….ect…. But know I am asking is this our culture? Who is on right my mam or this what I am watching?????

    • Jo chez ghalt hai wo ghalt hi hai….mujy Sanam bohat achi lagti hai or in photos mein bhi pyari lag rahi hai but uss k sleeveless kapry specially in posses mein uss k naked shoulders achy nahi lag rahy….

    • exactly v shud let them b the way they are
      kya pata hum sey zyada sincere hon apney religion aur country sey…God knows!

      • yeah , that’s point ! humari soch bus kapron , sex, vulgarity , affairs pr aker ruk jati ha , jaisy deen bus yahin end ho gaya hai,, oh bhaion apky mulq pakistan Islami jamhoria mn Insaani jaan ki to ahmiat ha ni, kbi shia maro, kabi christian ka ghar jala do, kbi hindu ko zabardsti muslim ker do unki baitian utha lo…. yeh ha mazhaab,. yeh to apky mulq ki halat ha, ap aye baray fahashi fahashi ka nara utha rhy hotay ho har jaga…

        pehly jaan ki ahmiat samjho , baad mn aur cheezain sahi kero, AIDY HUM MUSLIM and PAKISTANI !!!

        • ager app humaray mazhab aur humaray mulk k baray mein tameez se baat nahi kar saktay tu apne mu se unka nam lene ki zarurat nahi hai is jo kuch ho raha hai iss mein na mulk ki galti hai na mazhab ki aur deen in cheezon pe end nahi hoa but they are important parts of deen specially aik muslim aurat k liye uska libaas bhut ahem hai coz uskay iss tarha k llibas ki waja se us pe uthnay wali har nazar us k sath teen aur logo ko jahanum ka haqdaar banati hai aik muslim k liye uskay deen se zada imp kuch bhi nahi uski jaan bhi nahi n btw its ISLAMI JUMHURIA PAKISTAN apko christians k ghar jalte dekhai detay hain per muslims ki masajid shaheed hoti dekhai nahi deti har roz jo foriegn countries mein musalmano ko zulm ka nishana banaya ja raha hai wo nazar nahi ata apko sirf PAKISTAN ko ilzam kyn de rahay hain app app khud kiya kar rahay hai sab muslims apas mein bhai bhai hain na tu phir app kar lein na apne bhaion ki help k liye kuch app bhi sirf baton k shair hain wo bhi galt cheezon ko defend karnay mein aur galt logics ki basis pe

          • mjy emotional fool creatures say behas kerny ka koi shoq ni.. u don’t have any thing valid or logical, so be in your own fool world… My advice is simple, BE LOGICAL not EMOTIONAL in every walk of life most importantly RELIGION !!

          • Do you not have a job? Or anything else better to do? You seem sad and angry? Has everyone left you and in return you want these hidieous things to continue it seems hehehehehehe lol! Freedom and all that crap…. Ok everyone hank thinks you should all turn up at his house naked…in the name of freedom….. Lol

          • I don’t feel if some idiots talking crap … lol tats my answer , my answer to those religious fundamentalist fanatics is KILL THEM who is ruining my religion image.. !!! N dont comment here further, bye lol

          • exactly .. they belive in ratta ratya mazhab .. but the first priority is humanity and their ryts in our religion. 5000 ka junaid jamshed ka hejab krny wali agr khd ko mazhbi kahy or apny duties regarding humanity jinko hum haquq ul ibaad kehty hain agr pory na kry to es ka b koi faida nahi kindly before any kind of argumentation agly bnday k point ko samjhna chahiye… .. baqi sanam ny apni wedding py jo b pehna its her personal issue and God is here for her judgement… hani they will never understand ur point so here the argumentation is useless ..

          • Very well said… i like ur comment btw who r u ? N itny achy comments ky sath “saruu” name q rakha..???

    • I agree with u
      Paki women/girls just know how to criticize
      But girls who live out of country think exactly the opposite!!

    • I agree with u, Ye Muslim Girls ka bhi koi hal nahi hay aaj kal ,
      but ye jealous womens kon si hain ?

    • Agree..buss koi hal nahi in larke aur larkion ka…apne aap ko nahi dekhte but foran kissi actress ko kehne legte hain keh “inki wajah se aate hain zalzale aur falana dhamaka”..really???…itne naik ho to dikhte kion ho na-mehran aurtoon ko bhala?? aur larkiyan to apne jalape main aise comments deti hain jaise keh khud to bohat achi Musalman hain..khud apne ghar main sleeve less ya half-sleeves pahenti hain but koi actress pehen le to usko Muslamano ki list se kharij ker deti hain …

      • Hahaha lol… I just cracked laughter when u said in ki waja say aty han zalazalay n sailaab.. its true mostly ppl say like tat :-P

        overall a good comment.

      • koi kisi ko musalmano ki list se kharidge nahi kar sakta jin larkio ki app baat kar rahi hain wo apnay ghar mein aisa karti hain wo baray level pe a k pakiza bebian honay ka dhindhora nahi peetein ya ye nahi kehti k hum apni nation ko itne baray level pe represent kar rahy hai n no 1 appreciates us jub app puri dunya k samnay a k ye claim kartay hain k app muslim hain tu phir apko sahi se represent karna chaiye n koi ye nahi kehta inki waja se zalzalay atay hain bal k zalzalay in amaal ki waja se atay hain jo aj kal hum log kar rahay hain aur jin ko ye khulay amm represent kar rahay jis tarha achai pehlanay se pehlti hai isi tarha burai bhi phelanay se hi phelti hai aur this media is doing the same thing logo mein awareness jaganay k chakar mein they are actually making the conditions worst coz 10 mein se sirf do hon gay jo aik cheeze ko positive way mein lein gay bakki 8 us galt cheeze se lesson lene ki bajai usko follow karein gay

        • Well aap shayad logo k comments ghor se nai parhti is liye keh rai hai k ‘koi aisa nai kehta, koi wesa nai kehta’ bcuz sub aise hi batain karte hain jaisi mene likhi aur koi actor/actress kabhi NAIK MUSLIM hona ka dhandora nai peetta yeh sub in logo k apne dimag ki batain hoti hain k falana ne dupatta pehna to naik warna gandi aurat hai.yahan logo ko yeh tamiz nai k insan ko bura kehne k bajai burai ko bura kehna chaiye bcuz insan ko judge karne ka hakk sirf ALLAH ko hai,khas torr per jb aap kisi ko jante nai bus tv per daikhte ho tb to aur bhi khayal karna chaiye.Aur woh log ‘acha muslim’ hone ki wajah se nai pehchane jate blke woh log apne ‘ache kam’ chahe woh acting ho ya singing ya koi bhi media se related kam, woh us waja se pehchane jate hain toh humko bhi sirf unke kam ko judge karna chaiye k yeh achi actress hai ya buri..humko yeh fatwa nai dena chaiye k yeh acha Muslim hai ya bura bcuz yeh baat sirf Allah janta hai. Hm per afat is liye aati hain bcuz hm khud gunah kare to theek but koi dosra kare to woh GUNEHGAR he ..especially actors wagera to Pakistanio k subse asan target hain..jam kar daikhte hain inko aur jam kar bura bhi kehte hain.

          • Agree, most of ur points make sense ! they are doing their profession its their bread and butter, apko ni passand channel change kr do news laga lo, ya HAQ Tv laga lo :-P
            But masla yeh hota ha MAM AYESHA jaisy peoples ka, inko spicy cheezain b chaye hotin han dekhnyy ko n khwahish b yeh hoti ha kay inki zaban b na jalaay…hahahaha.. oh wao hani what a line :D

          • You just passing smileys, thumbs up, :D, :D :D ???
            khairiatttt , kch to bolo baita, I wanna listen you :-P

          • ma to njoy kr re conversation bs .. bqi sanam is looking fantabulous or i want the same photo shoot for my own wedding

          • 2,3 years hain abhi.. phr jb mera Mr. perfect mil jaye ga tb.. abhi to these are just my sheikh chilli plans :D :p

        • AYESHA app bhee kis beemar say behes ker rahi hain?? HANI baycharay ka qasoor nai hay is ki terbiyat jis mahool may hui hay yeh uska nateeja hay or in k gher k mahoool bhee wesa hee hoga jesa in so called islamic scholars ka hay jesay wo AMIR LIAQUAT hain…or MAYA KHAN sahiba hain… ab dekhtay hain k HANI BHAI kub apni shadi ki or apni bride ki pics public kertay hain q k un k nazdeek to yeh sub theeek or in other words jaiz hay

  • Nida, you have said in the comments section of an article about Sanata-upcoming drama that ullu barae frokht nahi is not a popular drama, i don’t know if many people watch it, but its definitely a show that is liked by many people. Second, don’t judge this show if you haven’t seen it- it has excellent acting, excellent story. You can’t judge a show based on it ratings. It has many twists and turns, I recommend it.

  • although i have never been in relationship :) (virgin), but i swear she deserve “PALANG TOR PYAR” u r lucky mr abdullah……….
    nd u guys…… dont take my comment negative……….

  • If a girl is too pretty, she doesnt look good in makeup…sanam baloch is one of those girls, make up doesnt look good on her…she is looking much prettier without makeup

  • ASTAGHFIRULLAH ALLAH PAK tamam ummate muslimah ko be hayai uryaniyat se mehfooz rakhe…. aameen…

  • thik lag rae hai but kapray fazul hai muslman to nai lg r hai jesy sleeveless kapray pehnay hain……… but ye ab common hai pak mai ….. achi bat nai ha

    • hmm ryt yaar b8 hum kia kar saktaey hain…akheir kse ku badal tu nahi saktaey ALLAH SAe dua or yh k ALLAH hamein aisae rastoun sae mehfouz rakhaey……………..

    • ap se ks ne pucha muslman hai k ni? ak to ap log foran bndy k mazhab py ajaty ho mind blowing

  • MAsha ALLAH sanam baloch bht bht khoobsurat lagrhi hain aap..ALlah nazar bad se bachy..
    aur dua hai k Allah dhair khushiyan aur sukoon ata fermain ameen.

  • Sanam baloch is looking so beautiful in the yellow dress!mere dua h k sanam hamesha khoosh rehay in the marriage life!

  • true hmen apna ap dekhna chahye un ko koi zarurt ni ye [ics net mn dalny ki wo apny fans k sath apni khushi share kr rahi hn or wese b zahir se kia pta kn kesa hai kia pta wo ak zbrdst muslim ho kisi ko sirf dekh k ap us k eman ka faisla ni suna skty buht shrm ki bt hai bs krdo yar ye jealousy chor so ab ehsan kro ALLAH sanam ko buht khush rakhy Ma Shaa ALLAH! itni pyari hai hasad na kro yar rashk krlo kuch krna hai to

  • she1s nyc bt i agree k dressing thk ni……bt over all dakha jaiy to she looks cute innocent beautiful…ALLAH naseeb achy kary

  • wao sanam u looking beautiful n ur’s dress as well
    u r my favorite……………………….

  • real and natural beauty of pakistan drama industry!! mashallah she is is gorgous even with out make up.

  • Pakistani dramas are amazing…they are doing an amazing job mashaAllah. S when we watch pakistani channels and shows we expect it to be decent…so the whole family can sit and watch and enjoy our culture… Youngsters especially young women and teens living in and especially outside of Pakistan learn at about the pakistani culture and language which USA beautiful thing I think…. But what saddens me and a lot of women is the presentation of women especially on award shows like lux and fashion showsfor example. What are they doing? What are they trying to prove? Where has modesty gone? It is gating worse every year! Our youngsters watch these actresses work in decent clothing and enjoy thier dramas with family and then lux awards come on and everyone strips off like this is thier chance to gain some extra points… Woohoo they are really wertern and everyone is desperate to be western? Why? Im from America.. Born and raised in America and it’s sickening to see this myself…if only they knew how pathetic they look imitating everything that goes on in the west in Hollywood….why?! Have all the be stern designer so paid them to wear thier clothing? And promote them? The whole thing is not clasy at all..I hope they see that one day.

  • buri bt h kisi ko iss tarha nahi bolna chahiye by the way ye uski marzi k wo jese kapre pehne ap sb logo ko apne bare me sochna chahiye dosro se q? jealous hote ho apne kaam se kaam rakho.agar koi iss tarha apko koi bole tu ap ko kesi feeling hogi?tu yehi behtr hoga k ap pehle apne aap ko dekho

  • Looks more like wedding night attire. Anyways I had respect left for her which is blown now she is also a sleazy copy cat of Bollywood

  • bohat hi khobsurt pics hain ALLAH sb khobsurat lrkion ko hidayat day k wo apni khobsurti chhupa kr rahain…ammeeeen

  • sanam tum bhi ayseee nikleeen main soch bhi nai sakta tha kya ho gya hay tumhain???? jo ham tum ko tv main daikhtay hain woh sab drama hay tumhara real life main tum aysee ho. aj tum tumhari aysee dressing kabhi nai daikhee tu abb aysa ku??? abb tu lagta hay k showbiz ki her larki aik jaysee hee hotee hay sab daikhawa hota hay its mean k sanam tum main or veena malik main kuch zyada farak nai. bohat afsoos howa. agar aysee pics banwa lee theen tu kam say kam upload tu na karteen. jaysay pehlay chupa howa tha abb bhi waysay he rehnay dayteen…. abb morning show main bhi aysee dressing kar loo app tu hakeeqat samnay ajay app ke real image sab k samnay ajay. very bad ….

    • plss…critize karna chor dijya…ap sanam aur veena ko mila rahi hai…kabhi veena ki bollywood main tasweerah dekhe hai…astagfirullah….at least sanam only where sleeveless clothes….usne apna pora jism to nahi dekhaya…only her hands…aur wasay her ghar main log almost sleevless kapray pehantay hai… amm baat hai…i know its wrong but still people where it….plss cristize karna bend kariyah….and by the way yeh os ki life hai hamhe allah ke samne uske liya jawab nahe dena hoga….sanam looks very pretty and may allah always bless her marrige life…

  • She is cute, no doubt. Has a decent profile as well…wish she had worn a sleeved dress…or atleast had not shared the sleevless pics publically. After watching her strong characters of bano..and recent one of kiran, the public expectations are genuine. Mishi Khan is one such example which Sanam should avoid following..

  • She is very beautiful even without Makeup!!! My fav actress Sanam baloch <3 may you have a great life wid your partner :D

  • after reading all ur comments i v come to dis conclusion k pakistani awaam k pas kafi faltu time hai i mean guyz grow up……crazy folks:P

  • prettiest and loveliest lady in Pakistan industry! I wish she has a great life waiting ahead InshAllah.. all the best sanam!
    and may Allah guide all of us to the right path!

  • Shaaabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash…or aaik ka apna point of view hota hai or tm log janwaro ki tarah celebrities k liey larna shuru kr dia karo…aik dusrey ko desperate př kia kia keh rahey ho lekn khud sb parhey likhey jahil ho

  • She loooks Fabolous <3 <3 The most preettty Mayon bride i have ever seen …… the most beautiful girl on Universe <3 <3 :*

  • ye apni mahyon pr yoon mu bigaar bigaar kr over exited hoti hui zehr lg rhi hay, jesay bht tarsi hui ho shadi k liye ….. aadhi omar guzar gai acting krtay krtay, ab bhi thori sharmanay ki acting hi kr leti, hochhi

  • celebs kay way of living pe jhagadne ka koi faida nahi hai they r all two face people sara saal ye west culture ko promote kartay hain aur holy days aur months mein ye saron per dupatte le k a jati hain mazhab ko promote karnay ye media ki galti hai k wo aisay logo ko use kartay hain to promote their islamic programs aur apni behn aur betion ko ye cheezein na dekhain aur ager dekhti hain tu unhein samjhain k this is not what religion says i m sure they ill listen to u if u explain them properly n islam koi amm religion nahi hai k jis ka dil aya isay follow kar lia jab dil kiya chor jub app kalma parhtay ho tu app per bhut barri responsibility a jati hai to protect urselves n ur muslim bros n sisters from committing sins n some1 said k pehle logo ki mushkilat dur karo phir vulgarity ki baat karna tu ager app muslim ho aur achay se quran ko read karo aur thori si research bhi karne ki zaehmat karlo tu u will know islam mein har cheeze aik dusray se connected hai jaza aur saza depends upon ur amaals aur jub ALLAH kisi kom se naraz hota hai tu uska hal yehi hota hai jo ajj humari kom ka hai aur ALLAH kyn naraz hota i dont think i have to expalin that as well so please watch ur words while talking about islam

  • Sanam you look very lovely on your mayun. Please also show sanam wedding pic. Sanam is one of the best actress in Pakistan and very pretty indeed. I wish you all the best in your marriage life. Ameen

  • For God sake girls grow up… You all saw her half selves but the thing which was worth noting was her plain mayun ka jora infect a quit simple nikah dress… Atleast she is better than all of us who waste hundreds of rupees for shadi dresses which we wear just for once… And we are no one to judge anyones emaan… There is a Big personality sitting above us all… Leave this on Him to decide who is Good momin and who is not…!!!

  • Itniiiii itniii khubsuraaattt or haseen lgrhi hy sanam baloch I wish me b itni hi haseen lagu apne mayu me mhndi n gajray ard just so awsom wow

  • jis ka viyah hai usy koi masla nae to bqe sb ko pta ni q hai
    or jhan tk ISLAM ki bt hai hm sb janty hain hm log kitny achy Muslims hain or sanam apny amal k Allah ko jawab dy hai wo us ka masla hai ab wo bechi to hai nae jo usy kuch pta nae or sary Muslman a jaty hain comment marny dressing or ye wo….. ufff
    bae tm apni zindgi jeo bqeyon ko b jeny do is trah criticize krny sy sanam ny abaya to lyna shuru nae kr dyna
    by the way sanam u r looking so cute
    Good Luck 4 ur new lyf;)

  • i can say in sanum’s defence k ye pics bohat private function ki lag rae hn if u see in main family k loag hn like her sisters etc. maybe these pics were not meant for the public par photographer ya eveny managers ne leak out kr di.
    har aik ko islam se bahir na nikaal diya krain kindly phle apnay ap ko durust krain

  • u r looking so sweet sanam api n also simple ……
    simplesiTy is great honesty ….i like it …….may Allah give u n ur hasband long life with love……

  • salam sanam aap buhtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt pyari lg rhi hen i love u yar

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