Actors who are typecast

There is no dearth of talented actors and actresses in our TV Industry. These raw actors and actresses enthrall us with their immense talent and nuanced performances. However, many of these actors have been typecast now and we see them doing the same kind of roles over and over again. It’s not that these actors do not have talent,it’s the directors and producers who limit them or maybe the audiences want to see them doing the same kind of thing over and over again and don’t accept them when they try something new and different.The following are a few such actors and actresses

Fawad Afzal Khan

Fawad Khan is a superstar and is a powerhouse of talent.No two views on that.However, he is limited to playing lover boy kind of roles.Infact,whenever a love story or a popular love story is filmed for screen,everyone starts demanding that Fawad be cast as the main lead. This was the reason for Mata-e-Jaan not getting so popular and not doing so well on the ratings chart.Similarly,the audiences are already disappointed with Farhat Ishtiaq’s upcoming ‘Bin Roye Ansoo’ as they wanted to see Fawad as the perfect lover boy with Mahira and not Humayun Saeed. Another one of Fawad’s serials ‘Numm’ to be aired on Geo again features a love story with a feudal background. So, we can say that audiences and makers consider Fawad fit for love stories only and do not give him other roles.Audiences do not accept him in other roles either as is evident from his grey shaded characters in Akbari Asghari and Kuch Pyar Ka Pagal Pan Bhee Tha.This supremely talented actor definitely deserves more and the audiences also need to accept him in roles other than the perfect lover boy.

fawad (2)

Sanam Baloch

Sanam Baloch is a fiery performer and that she has proven time and again.Her serial ‘Dastaan’ is testimony to this where she played the role of Bano to perfection showcasing Bano’s transformation from a simple girl in love with Hassan to the one emotionally craving for Pakistan to a crusader who can’t see an impure Pakistan.Unfortunately,Sanam’s choice of projects in recent times such as Roshan Sitara,Nadamat,Zindagi Dhoop Tum Ghana Saya,Durr-e-Shehwar and now Kankar see her playing her the ‘bechari’ wronged woman type of characters.Most often,her husband and in-laws wrong her,make her life miserable and she either suffers in silence with the hope that things will get better with time and everyone accolades her bravery or she puts up some form of resistance.I am not sure if audiences want to see Sanam shedding buckets full of tears everytime she appears in a drama but I long for the Sanam of Doraha where she went to the extent of breaking up Humayun Saeed’s marriage with Sonia Rehman so that she could marry Humayun.

sbsanam3sanam baloch

Hina Khawaja Bayat

Hina Khawaja Bayat is talented and beautiful.She rose to fame with Humsafar where she played Sara’s mom.Since then what she has majorly done on screen is utter Falak Jani,Zaroon Jani,Aun Jani.Except for Talkhiyan where she played a grey shaded aunt,she can be seen either the doting, suave or indifferent mother in all her other plays.She need to try out something different and makers should also harness her talent for something totally novel and new.

hina bayatHKB3


Shehryar Munawar

Shehryar Munawar is hero material from all angles.He’s good looking,has got good physique and good screen presence.He lights up the frames in which he appears.However,the same cannot be said of his acting skills.He needs to work on his expressions and smile less which is probably his habit.If he can work on his expressions a little more,he can become the perfect actor.He has everything else going for him.Maybe,he just needs time to perfect himself like many other actors before him have done.


Mawra Hocaine

What does the name bring to your mind.Yes,definitely the image of a poor woman who is subjected to torture,mental stress and harassment at the hands of husband/in-laws.She played this role to the hilt in Ik Tamanna Lahil Si and has done similar stuff in Mere Huzoor,Mein Gunahgar Naheen,Mere Harjai and many episodes of Kitni Girhain Baqee Hain.With the exception of Yahan Pyar Naheen Hai she’s never played a grey shaded character and most probably we won’t see her playing such a character again either.

mawra hocane

These are some of the actors who have been typecast. You are free to name others. I would once again reiterate that more than the actors,it is the fault of the makers and audiences who don’t accept them in new avatars.

Haseeb Ahmed

  • Zona

    Sanam bloach is also seen as a lively girl in every drama who suddenly gets mature due to her miseries.

  • LubnaRashid

    true that , all these actors are gr8 , but just playing the same roles .

  • Aiman

    Now Sanam Baloach fans will start bashing writer..claiming tht she is the Most Versatile actress..which she isnt…feel sorry for her..i mean she is so talented but victm ov type casting…its actully her fault aswell..she should choose her projects wisely…like Aisha Khan…i dnt knw if thr is any other 'heroin category actress' who is as versatile as Aisha has been in her career…halankeh dramas main lead actresses k liye margin bht kam hota hai versatality show karne ka bcuz her drama main aurat ko rona hota hai…but still agar aap Aisha Khan k career ko ghor se dekho to aapko patah chalta hai 'versatality' kis ko kehte hain..
    FK, SS, Hina , totally justify thr places in this list but Shehryar dsnt…
    In MDKJZM woh gonga tha, in Tanhaiyan Patriotic Pathan , in ZGH supporting role ov frnd & in Kahi un Kahi Pehla normal hero ka lead role tha…to phr yeh 'type casting ka victm' to na howa..infact Mawra ka bhi Mere Harjai main -ve role hai…i think Mawra and Urwa both r doing diff diff characters but thr only prob is k woh 'bht ziada' projects kar rai hain…ek channel per mazloom to dosre per zalim nazar aarai hain thts y yeh bhi type casting ki victm lagti hain…
    BTW Saba Qamar is missing…

    • Haseeb

      I am sorry for meray harjai but other than that and Yahan Pyar Naheen Hai Mawra has always played the bechari type. as for shehryar munawar,the sweet understanding type is his typecast. don't you feel that he's played such a character in all his serials so far

      • Aiman

        Well i think it does not matter agar aap ek sweet aur understanding hero ka role kar rahe ho har drama main what matters is keh how u r doing it…infact Fawad bhi mjhe issi wajah se type casting ka victm lagta hai bcuz na sirf woh lover boy ka role kerta hai balkeh her character ek hi tarhan se karta hai with same accent , same expressions..agar SM ki baat karen ..ab tak sirf do dramas main he has done Lead Role MDKJZM main he waz deaf and dumb…and he portrayed the feelings of a deaf and dumb man outstandingly in tht thn in KUK pehla normal Hero ka role tha jismain more thn half of drama main he waz "Mazloom Beta" of a dictator Father..and baki ZGH it wz a supporting role and again in Tanhaiyan aswell chota sa cute sweet boy ka role tha but again with a little bit of "Pushto accent"…thts y i think woh "type casting" wale actors ki list main nahi aata….
        BTW Mekaal , Saba Qamar , Ahson bhi is list ka hissa hone chaiye….

  • fahad

    also mention fahad mustafa i have seen playing same violent husband role in many dramas like ik tamannah lahasil si,mera saaein 2 and now in kankar.then ayeza who is also talented as she has done negative,positive,grey shaded and comedy roles but she always doing rona dhona in every drama like adhoori aurat,mi raqsam,kahi ankahi and saba qamar she is also talented she did a negative role in maat but she always do same roles in every drama where her husband dont love her and is involved in affair with another girl and the list is so long like kaash aisa ho,ypnh,thakan where kashan hates her but shukar hai kashan ne kisi aur larki ke saath affair mein involved nahi tha,na kaho tum mere nahi and sami khan un ka to sabhi ko pata hai and ahsan khan is always sandwiched between two girls in every drama.anyways good article.

    • Haseeb


  • silver moon

    Mikaal Zulfiqar belongs in this list.And Fahad Mustafa is rightly in this list too.
    Ahsan Khan hasnt mainly just done roles where he is sandwiched between 2,Mere charagar,Pani jaisa pyar,Dastaan,Baraat series,Mirat ul uroos,Neeyat just to mention a few.

  • saba

    yes 1st of all love u sanam and fawad both are very telented and both of them have already shown their talent through ''Dastan'' drama waz awsm but pple did not gave them as much rating as to give them except why people like humsafar like love stories?2ndly in bin roe aansoo we don't want to see fawad with mahira khan we want sanam with fawad khan why u can't undrstand?both look fantastic!and mahira khan always does same roles over and over again that's why ppl start hating her.

  • FatimaAwan

    I would really want to see Fawad Khan and Sanam Baloch in particular in a different role – Dastaan has to be the most memorable one for me. They looked so good together. Fawad Khan was great in Akbari Asghari, Sanam Baloch nailed her character in Durr-e-Shehwar but yes the rona dhona has to stop. I liked her character in Kuch Pyar ka Pagalpan too. Hina Bayat was simply brilliant in Talkhiyaan. I don't really like Mawra, I think she is highly overrated as an actress. Why is Shehryar In the list? All the roles he did till now have been different from the others. I agree with you about his acting though. I made a list of actors who are victims of typecasting some time back, it included Mikaal, Mehreen Raheal, Ayza Khan, Nimra Bucha and Saba Hameed. Saba is doing different characters now at one time she was playing the evil aunty quite a lot. Mikaal really needs to stop playing the rotten husband, he should do some comedy serials maybe. BTW Haseeb you should think about reviewing a play too now that you have time to write:)

    • Haseeb

      Shehryar is in the list as he's always playing the sweet understanding type whether he's the hero or hero's friend and Fatima thanks for your kind words but I am too inconsistent to be able to review an entire play plus whatever is on air doesn't excite me for the moment except for kadoorat

  • aqsa

    i like fawad in any role

  • I agree about Hina but she fits the elite role to perfection, as for Shehryar may be it is too early to judge him but hasn’t his roles been different in all 3 he has done so far? Fawad shows versatility.. Ashk was different, kucch pyaar ka pagal pan was different and so was Humsafar… He might play the loverboy but there’s a difference…

    Sanam is typecast tho totally and so was Aminah Sheikh a little while ago…. even Saba Qamar gets the same kinda roles all the time

  • blue

    you cant say fawad is typecast its just that people like him as a lover boy…
    his role in humsafar was a mature and romantic man…
    in zgh he acted as a flirt and over confident boy turned into a one woman man
    kpkpp completely different role…an unromantic husband
    akbari asghari you know that well what kind of role it was
    behad:a plain role,being a friend
    dastaan;an extremist for love and patrioism
    it may seem biased and it may even be cox i am just a fawadian:p

  • mahnoor

    maya khan is also typecast the same role of lively,bubbly and a bit mun phat girl in every drama…chahe aik naye cindrella ho,khoya khoya chand ya aunn zara bas aik he role hota hai maya ka.

  • fatima

    i agree with you on every single word ……….. you have covered the topic very well ………. and i think this issue needs to be adressed direly ,,,,……because repetition of the same kind of roles would spoil the industry as well as the actors in the long run

  • obaid

    wao i like it?