So much for TV Channels’ 14th August Celebrations!

There was a time when 14th August came soaked in patriotism.New patriotic songs used to be the order of the day along with special 14th August plays and talk shows and documentaries on independence and its significance. But it was before the advent of private television channels in Pakistan. With the inception of private television programming in Pakistan,the independence day celebrations have somehow taken a backseat.

There are no more ‘special’ patriotic songs made for the day.Rather,we have mediocre songs sponsored by corporates such as Ufone,National Foods,Warid etc. No effort is made to create any special song anymore. Even Ptv has lost interest in this regard.

On top of it, the few special dramas that were telecast on the occasion were neither engaging nor were promoted widely for people to be informed of them. There was this one special drama which was sponsored by Walls once again.Since Turkish and Indian dramas have become invincible on our TV screens,this independence day saw Kuzey Guney and Ishq-e-Memnu on Urdu1 (a foreign channel operating in Pakistan only), Janay kiya bat huee and sub se sona ishq on Aplus and Mrs Pammi Pyarelal, Asi and Yeh Hai Meri Kahani on Express Entertainment. These shameless channels could not stop foreign programming even for a day yet they earn buckets full of revenue from Pakistan. Very sad indeed and a reason for all Pakistanis to stop watching these channels!

The remaining mainstream channels do such special and strong programming and promotion for alien occasions such as valentine’s day,mother’s day,women’s day that you are left wondering why did they leave out our independence day? Was it worth leaving out or do they not get enough sponsors for such occasions? Have we lost all interest in our country and its quest for independence which saw hundreds of thousands of people rendering bloody sacrifices?

Local cable channels were also busy showing Indian movies with Pakistani flag logo pasted on the top of the screens.But Punjabi entertainment channel Apna takes the cake here as it showed Salman Khan starrer Veer which was the story of a Rajhistahi Prince against Britishers. This channel and its management should have telecast this movie on 15th August as they intended to commemorate Indian’s independence day and not Pakistan’s.

Overall,very disappointing and low key programming by all channels on this symbolic occasion. It goes on to show our dying patriotism as channels only show programs which fetch them ratings. Apparently, such programming doesn’t boost ratings….


Haseeb Ahmed


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • totally rite Haseeb, its been long that we havent heard a new patriotic song, it was tradition of PTV that every year they made remarkable songs composed by sohail rana, nisar bazmi, khalil ahmed, mohsin raza, mujahid raza, and other famous composers but these were composed mostly in 80's during zia ul haq time. After PTV our bands and solo artists also include one patriotic song in their albums, like yeh jawan by awaz, dil se by haroon, tere binaa by faakhir, tu sada tu nawa by hadiqa kiani, dil dil pakistan by vital signs, jazba junoon by junoon,

    Now with our music scene deserted no albums of bands and solo artists are releasing, our private channels have so far not shown any interest in producing or promoting local music content apart from OST of dramas they are happy with playing indian tunes, so what we hear on 14 august is remix of old songs, and that is too not by private channels instead some corporate company produces such song, which is mainly interested in promoting their own product through the video.

    • Rashid bhai macha by entity paradigm was also a patriotic sponsered single sponsered by djuice and was released 2 or 3 years back i guess

  • Yes u r totally right Rashid Nazir Ali…..and this article is also written on a true fact…….nowadays our news channels are so busy in focusing on false news such as the scene created in islamabad and our entertainment channel hav nothing positive to do except on onairing turkish and indian dramas that they completely ignore important days such as INDEPENDENCE DAY…..i mean….there must be some sort of song or drama that would arose patriotism and inspire the youth to be able to do something for the nation….very disappointed….

      • Ah!!! True Haseeb and i think yahan par jitnay bhi articles jis ko bhi promote kar rahy hain un mein say this was the best!!! Itni important cheez ko highlight karnay k liye thank u very much!!!amay ALLAH give us all guidance and we feel for our country !!( ameen)

    • Good to know that you agree with me,i was myself sad and disappointed to see the dying spirit of independence amongst us and I can feel it more as my grandmother (naneee) migrated to India at the time of partition leaving her big haveli,orchards and everything behind

  • Okay that is an extremely stupid point of view. Channels show foreign content because people are watching that content! They are earning and continuing because the PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN have been enjoying it! It's not entirely the medias responsibility to be all patriotic! Channels showing Pakistani content don't get ratings whereas channels with Turkish and Indian content have been leading on trps! Why? Because YOU ALL have been watching it! People here say that Pakistanis are not making movies upto the standard which is why they don't support them..okay but when you had an option of a high budget award winning Pakistani movie JOSH in cinemas,YOU opted for Chennai Express! Stop blaming it on the media and do something yourself than bullshitting about the media!

    • your comment is totally right regarding foreign content, it is on our screens as there is demand for such content, and also Chennai express is doing splendid business that is reality. As long as our public is fond of indian and other foreign content it will continue to capture our cinema and tv screens and media cannot be blamed entirely for this.

      But I think in this article Haseeb has not said foreign content to be banned or cursed channels for telecasting it, he just emphasized that on 14th august while all type of foreign content was on screens there was not much content related to independence day. All of our channels have every right to telecast whichever program they feel can make them profitable within PEMRA and other broadcasting rules. But telecasting some 1-2 hour special program on independence day by stopping normal transmission is not an unusual expectation.

      • I know what you're saying but you see,instead of veer had a Pakistani syed noor movie been telecasted on a channel how many Pakistanis would watch it? None. Showing foreign content was profitable to all the channels which is why they didn't feel the need to do something else! And it's profitable because the people are watching it so instead of complaining about how our media is so irresponsible why don't we just boycott this foreign content and tell the media that you know what? We want to see Pakistani faces on our channels! But we're too fascinated with Behlul and Fatima Gul and Mrs Pammi Pyarelal to do that!

        • yes fatima, every word you have wrote is reality, and no one can deny it. Majority of our audience prefer indian movie over a pakistani movie. As i said earlier media has every right and choice to telecast within pemra guidelines and other broadcast rules.If anyone has complains that can be raised with PEMRA on their website as well. I am with you on the stance that foreign content can only be reduced if it is rejected by viewers, there is no other way.

          But again i would say this article is not a condemnation of foreign content on media, its just that on Independence day some channels have not even bother to play even a half hour program related to independence, and that attitude is highlighted over here. Haseeb has just quoted this in comparison that while telecasting routine program some special independence day program may be half hour one was also required.

    • firstly,there was no need to use bad or abusive language.if you really thought you had a point there was no need to do that. moreover, you conveniently chose to ignore what i have mentioned in the last para 'it goes on to show 'OUR DYING PATRIOTISM AS CHANNELS ONLY SHOW PROGRAMS WHICH FETCH THEM RATINGS'. Here 'our dying patriotism' means the patriotism of us, the people, the public,who don't want to watch such programs and because of us the ratings of such programs aren't good.The channels earn handsome revenues from this market,so not telecasting foreign content in the prime time for just one day wouldn't have hurt anyone. As for doing things, I never watch foreign content nor do I intend to, the choice is with the remaining people also.

      • You know what? You're just doing what I pointed out as being wrong. Why blame the media for going according to their convienience when you're not letting go of yours? If you don't follow and watch Pakistani content DO NOT solely blame the media for it! And honestly I seriously don't see where I was abusive and if you think something was abusive in my comment then either,you got offended as you knew I was right or you simply need to grow up :) why should tv channels give up on even one days revenue when the audience is not willing to ignore all the foreign content for even a single day? It's always a two sided affair. Blaming on party alone to hide your weakness as an audience is foolish.

  • Haseeb i just got a chance to glance the morning shows on 14 August and every morning show was independence day special, morning shows on Geo Entertainment, HUM TV, ARY Digital, TV One, were called as independence day special, so we could say there were independence day programs in morning. But there were not many independence day special program in the evening on entertainment channel like some special drama or special song, or historical documentary program.

    Just today HUM TV has telecasted telefilm "Zindagi Ab Bhi Muskarati Hai", with a nice constructive method to our youth. I think this telefilm would have been a perfect program for independence day.

  • Totally agree! There wasn’t anything worth talking about and no proper advertising either. All they did was air mornign shows with ppl talking…. a patriotic movie or proper show would’ve done wonders

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