Aunn Zara – Honeymoon in Pindh.

I loved, I loved, I loved just so many things in the whole episode. I wonder how do they come up with everything so nicely all the time. Even though the story is not moving forward lately but I like the fact that they are taking their sweet time by just focusing on the relationship of Aunn & Zara. They both are our eye-candies & for sure, I don’t get bored of the details. I like how their relationship is evolving & how Zara is working stealthily on her ulterior motive which she has set for her husband Aunn. Her character is a true inspiration I must say!

Well, I didn’t expect Jamshed to act so rudely especially with Nighat, then I didn’t either expect him realizing & rectifying his mistake so quickly & the I least I could expect was Jamshed actually taking Nighat for her shopping spree. Nighat mentioned a tiff with her Bhabhi in front of Jamshed & then went out for a retail therapy, that too with Jamshed Sahab. It was a sight. I love how their paths are crossing again & again even though when she thinks he’s a ‘kharus’ & Jamshed himself feels that the ‘mohtarma’ is a sorry excuse of a human being. lol. For me, the best thing was Jamshed acting all ruthlessly & then even though he was rigid & believed firmly at what he said, he was sorry on his part. Their timely encounters for sure are going to drive them towards each other & I just can’t wait for that. Having said that, I find Adnan Jaffer perrrrfeccctttt for this role. He has justified the character of Jamshed by all means & I absolutely respect his acting skills & on the other hand I love Sabreen Hisbani’s voice. She sounds just as sweet as she looks.

Aunn wanted to spend some time off the routine & Voila! His prayers were answered but with a little catch & some awesome strings attached. He wanted to spend some quality time with Zara, which he thought he got to but Zara was too busy figuring out the relation of ‘ta’u’ & ‘mausi’. I felt that Zara has gradually started to understand Aunn as well. She wants the best for him therefore, she is getting a little flexible for him, because she knows this will make Aunn the person she wants him to be. Even though the couple was flocked with the relatives who were in an awe of the ‘sohni wotti’ yet they both managed to steal some time & have a heart to heart with each other. Aunn has started to get more vocal about his feelings for Zara & Zara has started to give a listen to what he wants to say every time.

For Zara, Aunn should be the one taking care of all the members of the family, not in terms of finance but in terms of emotions. He should be strong enough to extend some emotional security to his mother. He should understand what someone around him is feeling & fortunately Zara has started working on it. I find it really sweet how Zara keeps on reminding him about what he should have done or said to his elders. For now, Aunn might not understand what Zara wants because he’s too blinded by the idea of getting pampered by his wife but eventually will get the picture clearly.

The ‘bakras’ getting more privacy than Aunn & Zara was spot-on. No doubt they have highlighted this issue so nicely where generally in our households in Pakistan, husband & wife do get everything, in literal sense everything BUT the privacy. What makes it more cute is that in the foreground Zara’s enjoying everyone’s attention & at the background Aunn’s sulking alone feeling attention deprived. He at first wanted Zara to divert everyone’s attention from him & now when she has done it, he wants more from her. Like he said ‘dunya dene aur lene k asool pe chalti hai’. So finally they have come to terms with the give & take. Their deal was another thing worth a praise. Zara has started making Aunn understand his responsibilities & Aunn has started to do what Zara wants because in return he wants her attention & love. Which is acceptable & perfect.

Glad they didn’t miss out Daadi this time too. The conversation between her & Husna about Nighat was hilarious where Daadi stated she wanted to see some human face. LOL! Husna, who may have carried a facade all these years, deep down, does get hurt by the lack of attention of Aunn’s father. It was really gutting to see Husna sad. Hope Aunn & Zara can fade out all of her worries & make her smile from deep inside again.

All the conversations were amazing this time. I loved Aunn & Zara’s especially. No matter how long their scenes were or even on the same lines but I loved watching them again & again. That goes without saying but like always amazing episode of an amazing drama.

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Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.


  • Agree with you on all points. Every one doing his/her job well…writers and entire cast.
    It's sweet, enjoyable, simple family drama.
    Looking forward to next episode.

  • Sorry missed out alot of conversations bcoz I was always a lil late in catching up with the epis n reviews due to Ramzan, but now Im back…EXCELLENT DRAMA, their is no other way to say it.. From Story, to Direction to Acting..everything about it is Top notch.. BEST DRAMA of the YEAR award candidate.

    • Thanks a lot Sobia for joining in. Nevermind, I know how Ramzan & it's routine is & I know just how impossibly I took time to watch & review the play during Ramzan. But now that you're free do take time to watch all the episodes otherwise you'll be missing a lot of amazing one-liners. Hehe!

  • for me "osman-maya from aunn zara" seems to b the 2nd most compatible on-screen couple till now….they r lovely.
    1st on my list is "fawad-sanam from dastaan."

  • So Zahra u have started watching Kankar,RIGHT??????
    Lagta hai mein nay aap koo aamada kar liya kankar daikhnay pay???!!!! ;-) ;-P ;-)

    • Haha! To be honest, Kankar is liye dekh liya as Friday ko Middle East mai weekend hota hai & family k saath beth k dekhne ka mauqa mil jata hai. :) But yes, mai chalte phirte dekh loongi but definitely not getting involved in it. :)

      • Oh so u r in middle east man,u are so away from us and still giving fantastic reviewssss!!! Haha! Well agar sanam baloch naa hoti tou shayad mein bhi kabhi is mein itna involve na hoti lekin yaar dekho agar directorz,producerz, aur awards denay waly log Sanam ko appreciate nahin kar rahay tou hamein hee meanz us kay fans ka farz hai k us k saath kharay hon!!! Agree???

        • Yes, I am in Middle East for my vacations, otherwise I live even farther than that. I know, I am a huge fan of Sanam Baloch as well & I hate when her talented go un-acknowledged or unappreciated. Yes, as fans we do support her but then the people who are actually in charge of all the awards & appreciations should get heed that her fans need their Star to be awarded for all her work.

          • U are totally right zahra i dont know why every tom dick and harry is being seen in every second best play and is spoiling it but talented actresses like sanam baloch and otherzz are being wronged and they are not being acknowledged!!! Shayad incharge of awards andhay ho gaye hain!!

  • every episode of this play, bring smiles and its a typical faiza iftikhar light comedy play like akbari asghari, tujh pe qurbaan based on a punjabi family.

    Zahra you mentioned about Daadi, yes Nasreen Qureshi is a seasoned artist, doing acting for more than 30 years from PTV lahore center, she has always done justice to her supporting roles

    • Yes, certainly, Nasreen Qureshi is undoubtedly the best & I loved her in Akbari Asghari, I just love how fluent her 'Theth Punjabi' is. :)

  • I agree that today's episode followed the same track but not boring at any point. Loved how Aunn is "awain" and Zara "soondhi"!! And Aunn's rashk for the "bakras".. Heart went out to Husna when Aunn's dad dropped the line.. Looking forward to how Aunn becomes "the man" and Zara takes on "improving" him.. Jamshed / Nighat are the best!! Missed Manzar alot..

    PS: Zara please stop troubling Aunn.. Admit to him that you are head over heels for God's SAKE!!!! :P

  • Thanks for the review Zahra. I loved this anokha honeymoon in the pindh as well. the people in chachi's home were so cute, especially , Taou with his squint & Masi with her high pitched , husky voice.

    Undoubtly, the BEST show on air right now.

  • Thank you for a lovely review Zahra. I enjoyed the first few episodes of the play but unfortunately I am not a big fan of Maya Ali so haven't been able to enjoy the play fully. So good to know that so many people are enjoying this show. OKB is great as Aunn but seriously Aunn should grow up; definitely feel for the poor guy though!

    • Thanks a lot Fatima for your input. I know, I feel she has for sure done justice to the character of Zara, so for that, she's forgivable but yeah as a celebrity I am not her fan either. Please keep an eye on Aunn as he has started growing up. We'll see more of it. ;)

    • @ Fatima,
      Watch the play for Aunn & rest of the women of his home. That's what I do. I love how they've shown all these women as strong, independent, loud, feisty & spirited. It's much more relatable than those other dramas where women are crying in self pity.

  • Thanks for lovely review on latest episode. I'm enjoying the drama thoroughly despite minor flaws. I would like to see more interaction between Jamshed and Poobho.

    • Thanks a lot Farah for appreciating. :) Yes, I want to see them get going with their relation or a little further than those usual spats. Hehe!

  • Yeah, I know Fatima. How can they just ignore such a girl who has excelled in every drama of hers. I mean, she has been my favorite & has left a mark in all her dramas by her acting skills. I am sad that we get to see very less of her in dramas. May be she ain't signing the projects like she used to just because she is heart broken for not being acknowledged or keeping a low profile.

  • Totally with you girls regarding SB. She is one of the most gifted actress & these award people don't even recognize her, no wonder she's disheartened & doesn't do alot of dramas. Would love to see her more.

    • No girls as far as i think she is not comming in different dramas bcz she is disheartened!! She was doing it bcz i read one of her interviews on radio in which she said that after durr e shehwar, she wanted to take a break for 6 months or something like that!!! But it's human nature and she must be heartbrokken!!

  • Lovely review Zahra!
    Unfortunately, I missed the episode yet again because of my exams. I'll catch up soon.
    I recently saw the actor that plays Zahra's dad in the play and I must say, he looks way younger in real life than in the shows. I wonder how he plays such old characters.

    • Thanks a lot Mariam & good luck for your exams. :)
      Yeah, I happened to surf through his FB profile & found out his different photoshoots. Man! There isn't even a single look which he can't pull off. He's in true sense a versatile actor.