Aunn Zara – Honeymoon in Pindh.

I loved, I loved, I loved just so many things in the whole episode. I wonder how do they come up with everything so nicely all the time. Even though the story is not moving forward lately but I like the fact that they are taking their sweet time by just focusing on the relationship of Aunn & Zara. They both are our eye-candies & for sure, I don’t get bored of the details. I like how their relationship is evolving & how Zara is working stealthily on her ulterior motive which she has set for her husband Aunn. Her character is a true inspiration I must say!

Well, I didn’t expect Jamshed to act so rudely especially with Nighat, then I didn’t either expect him realizing & rectifying his mistake so quickly & the I least I could expect was Jamshed actually taking Nighat for her shopping spree. Nighat mentioned a tiff with her Bhabhi in front of Jamshed & then went out for a retail therapy, that too with Jamshed Sahab. It was a sight. I love how their paths are crossing again & again even though when she thinks he’s a ‘kharus’ & Jamshed himself feels that the ‘mohtarma’ is a sorry excuse of a human being. lol. For me, the best thing was Jamshed acting all ruthlessly & then even though he was rigid & believed firmly at what he said, he was sorry on his part. Their timely encounters for sure are going to drive them towards each other & I just can’t wait for that. Having said that, I find Adnan Jaffer perrrrfeccctttt for this role. He has justified the character of Jamshed by all means & I absolutely respect his acting skills & on the other hand I love Sabreen Hisbani’s voice. She sounds just as sweet as she looks.

Aunn wanted to spend some time off the routine & Voila! His prayers were answered but with a little catch & some awesome strings attached. He wanted to spend some quality time with Zara, which he thought he got to but Zara was too busy figuring out the relation of ‘ta’u’ & ‘mausi’. I felt that Zara has gradually started to understand Aunn as well. She wants the best for him therefore, she is getting a little flexible for him, because she knows this will make Aunn the person she wants him to be. Even though the couple was flocked with the relatives who were in an awe of the ‘sohni wotti’ yet they both managed to steal some time & have a heart to heart with each other. Aunn has started to get more vocal about his feelings for Zara & Zara has started to give a listen to what he wants to say every time.

For Zara, Aunn should be the one taking care of all the members of the family, not in terms of finance but in terms of emotions. He should be strong enough to extend some emotional security to his mother. He should understand what someone around him is feeling & fortunately Zara has started working on it. I find it really sweet how Zara keeps on reminding him about what he should have done or said to his elders. For now, Aunn might not understand what Zara wants because he’s too blinded by the idea of getting pampered by his wife but eventually will get the picture clearly.

The ‘bakras’ getting more privacy than Aunn & Zara was spot-on. No doubt they have highlighted this issue so nicely where generally in our households in Pakistan, husband & wife do get everything, in literal sense everything BUT the privacy. What makes it more cute is that in the foreground Zara’s enjoying everyone’s attention & at the background Aunn’s sulking alone feeling attention deprived. He at first wanted Zara to divert everyone’s attention from him & now when she has done it, he wants more from her. Like he said ‘dunya dene aur lene k asool pe chalti hai’. So finally they have come to terms with the give & take. Their deal was another thing worth a praise. Zara has started making Aunn understand his responsibilities & Aunn has started to do what Zara wants because in return he wants her attention & love. Which is acceptable & perfect.

Glad they didn’t miss out Daadi this time too. The conversation between her & Husna about Nighat was hilarious where Daadi stated she wanted to see some human face. LOL! Husna, who may have carried a facade all these years, deep down, does get hurt by the lack of attention of Aunn’s father. It was really gutting to see Husna sad. Hope Aunn & Zara can fade out all of her worries & make her smile from deep inside again.

All the conversations were amazing this time. I loved Aunn & Zara’s especially. No matter how long their scenes were or even on the same lines but I loved watching them again & again. That goes without saying but like always amazing episode of an amazing drama.

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