Feeha Jamshed Wedding Pictures released!

Lately been discussed on social media and on, designer Feeha Jamshed is no more a single now. We did share her Mehndi pictures where we saw her good friends like Mahira Khan and Ayesha Omer showing their love and support to their friend and again it was her wedding ceremony where her showbiz friends made their way to contribute their wishes in her about-to-start new life.

It was Mahira and Ayesha Omar again who attended the ceremony but what is more exciting here is the presence of Sanam Saeed and and other fellow designers who were been seen in the ceremony. Here are the pictures,

Have a look!

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We wish Feeha a very happy married life,


Nida Zaidi


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  • i dont know much about work of feeha jamshed, but do remember TEE JAYS (perhaps Tanvir Jamshed) dresses were used extensively in late 80's and early 90's in every other drama including Dhoop kinare of PTV and Chand Grihan of NTM.

    • Exactly brother, Tee Jays was considered to be one of the top fashion brands. Now that we see its alternatives like anything, the name still survives.

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