Kankar Episode 11 – Fairytale Turns Into A Nightmare!

The first few years of marriage can be the most memorable for some but for many people these few years are the most crucial ones. It is in these early years that the two people who are tied into this union are getting to know each other and this is the time when even small disagreements are likely to be blown out of proportion. What happened in today’s episode of Kankar was extremely unexpected. Sikandar proved to be an over-possessive husband who may claim to love his wife but proved by his actions that he does not respect her at all. Weak men always resort to physical and verbal abuse when they can find no other way to assert their authority. Even though Kiran apologized to Sikandar but she felt like she had the right to go and stay at her parents place for a few days. Therefore, the matter was not resolved but aggravated further when Kiran’s mother requested Sikandar to let her stay at their house. Sikandar’s double standards definitely reminded me of Zaroon.


I must admit that for most part of the episode I felt like Sikandar’s demand was very rational; he even came across as very sweet and loving when he came to pick Kiran from college. But at the same time he also seemed to be a man with a very big ego; the way he “forgave” Kiran right away after she apologized could either be because he is very “generous” by nature or because he has a big ego that needed to be satisfied before he could move on. The way he beat Kiran up over a minor issue went to prove that Sikandar is a control freak. We already saw in the previous few episodes the manner in which Sikandar pressurized his mother when he wanted to marry Kiran. He is obviously not used to things going against his wishes and if they do he has his own ways of dealing with the situation.

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Kiran’s bewilderment was very apparent by her actions and her silence. Sikandar’s rigid behavior came as a complete shock to her. She was still in the process of coming into terms with this new aspect of Sikandar’s personality when he went as far as hitting her; something that is simply unforgivable. In today’s episode we saw Kiran getting closer to her Mother-in-Law and further away from her husband!


Rukhsar’s track has been putting me to sleep right from day one. I have absolutely no idea what is the purpose of this highly monotonous and boring track. I agree that there are many girls out there who must be in a similar situation, but when you wait for a week to watch the new episode of a play you expect something entertaining even if it has a serious theme. Rukhsar’s story hasn’t moved an inch right from the first episode. There is one scene in the school, where we see her complaining with one of her colleagues in every episode. There are few scenes in the house where we see her either envying someone or cursing her own fate. And now for the past few episodes there is one scene in every episode in which she has a phone conversation with her fiancé .


I feel the exact same way about Arzoo’s track as well. I guess we all get the message loud and clear by now that Arzoo won’t be moving on with her life anytime soon, so is her story going to go any further than that or not? I really feel that Kankar could have been a much more entertaining serial if the sidetracks were a little more interesting or a little less time was given to covering what was happening in Arzoo and Rukhsar’s life. Also, the performance by the senior actor Shakeel in particular is a little too placid even for the character that he is playing.


Today’s episode was very slow paced, so much so that even the shocking development in the end did not make up for it. The fact that there are innumerable commercials during the drama does not help either! That cannot be helped of course but the developments in each episode should be so intriguing that you should find yourself impatiently looking forward to what will happen next even in the commercial breaks but unfortunately that was most certainly not the case today.

Please share your views about this latest installment.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Dear Fatima…I dont agree with you. Today episode was amazing specially Sanam balouch acting and last scene when Fahad slapped on her face…The expression, the pain in sanam eyes was simply out of the world… i loved that episode……

    • I am glad you enjoyed the episode. It is always great to hear a different opinion:). yes, the acting by Fahad Mustafa and Sanam Baloch was impeccable.

  • I started watching Kankar from episode 8 onwards & yeah I am bored with Rukhsaar's constant taunt pointing at her mother. Have seen one such example in my life where the girl was always unhappy for not getting hooked that too at the age of 20 (lol) but the mother to used to calm her down all the time & Rukhsaar for sure reminds me of that real-life story I have seen. Even if her mother would want to take a stand for her, she won't because I feel she is a bit satisfied at the hope Rukhsaar has in regards to Zubair. Even if he is not willing to get married anytime soon, at least she has some sort of security in terms of being known as an engaged lady.

    Arzoo & her mother are sooo jealous of Kiran, which seems out of question. Ohkay, they want to feel it, they should but there wasn't any need of coming over to Kiran's mother in law & telling how happy Kiran is & how much she spends at her friends in college (taking about the scenes from the previous episode).

    & I really can't imagine how can a guy take a 360 degree turn. I feel even if he took her out for a lunch or some shopping spree, it still won't compensate his rudeness & last but not the least his physical violence. He is one of those who just want everyone to put ahead before them & this is why he is making her life miserable. All the issues at which they both argued were so petty & nominal that Sikandar looked nothing less than a fool.

    • Zahra great to hear from you, I guess mostly we just end up watching the plays which we are reviewing because of time constraint. I agree with you, no amount of sweetness can make up for physical abuse. Trust me there are people like Sikandar who think that their wives are things which they own and not real people with feelings. So, every issue becomes aggravated especially when the wife is also a thinking and breathing human being and not just someone who would say yes sir to whatever the husband says. I know may husbands who are so possessive and also insecure that they feel very jealous if the wives talk privately on the phone with their sisters even and that is the reason they do not allow them to visit their mother's place even unless they tag along with them. This world is full of strange people no doubt.

  • As per PEMRA in one hour time only 12 minutes can be allotted to commercials, to overcome this HUM TV starts its drama around 8:10 PM to accommodate more commercials, whereas GEO and ARY start drama at 8 PM. I think ARY has the best strategy for commercials, their drama has break in start, in between (at 8:30) and in the end. GEO and HUM have breaks in between which sometimes become quite annoying, off course its a necessity of channels to play commercials, they are not here to do business not to do social welfare, but these should be arranged like ARY to give minimum distraction to viewers.

  • Dear Fatima!

    I also feel like Rukhsar's track is boring and from the last few episodes I really really want to get rid of this Rukhsar's RONA DHONA and deppressing scenes!! Aarzoo from the very first day was on wrong track bcz it's clearly visible that in Kiran's and Sikander's marriage there was no fault of Kiran ,it's just that Aarzoo is not sensible enough to understand this but this is crystal-clear!!! After 2 or 3 days of Eid I read that short story by Umera Ahmed on which this drama is based!! If u dont mind can I share the story here in short wordss???????? I am very surprised Fatima do u remember once u said that Sikander will turn over-possessive husband ?? yeah it was true!! Kitna zabardast andaza that aap ka Fatima !!!

    As usual Fatima it was a great review and so was the episode but surely it was slow-paced and only Kiran-Sikander track moved ahead !! Most of the actors did a great job !! Fahad and Sanam were fabulous and in all of their scenes it felt like I am watching a real couple!!!

    Have a nice day!!!

    • I agree Maham, their acting was just so effortless that they didn't seem to be acting at all. They both are amazing actors. :)

    • Wah Maham, you remember that, you have an amazing memory:) I completely agree with you and Zahra, Sanam Baloch and Fahad Mustafa are simply brilliant no doubt and their track is the only good thing about the play right now.
      Thank you once again for the feedback, I really really appreciate it.
      You have a great day too.

    • Sure share the story, it'll be nice to hear the differences between what we are watching on screen and what is there in the novel, if any changes have been made but please don't give away the ending:)

      • It is based on a short story by Umera Ahmed named as "wo dil k thehar jaanay ka mausam".. Fatima Endind ki tou baat he nahin hai bcz is mein aik theme hai jis k zareeye aurat ki izzat karnay ka message diya gaya hai aur kaha gaya hai k unko physically abuse nahin karna chahiye!!! Baqi kuch bhi same nahin hai kiran sikandaR aarzoo ya adnan naam k koi log nahin hain bus aik larka aPni Bv eay bht mohabbat karta hai magar aik din bohat zyada ghussa anay ki waja say apni bv par haat uthanay lagta hai k uska baap us ka haath pakar kar usko mana karta hai q k uski apni story bhi kuch yun he hoti hai .. Uskay baap k khandaan mein bht zyada ameer aur parhay likhay hony k baawajud aurton par haat uthannay ki riwaayat hoti hai aur wo kamray mn jaa k bus yahi sochta hai jab uski shaadi hoti hai tou wo bhi apnay betay ki tarhan bht khush hota hai magar aik din pata nahin kisi waja say wo apni bv ko bohat buri tarhaan maarta hai aur khanndaan ki bqi aurton ki tarhan uski bv ye sab khushi khushi bardaasht nhn karti balkay us say tammaam logon ki mukhalifat k baawajood tallaq le lyti hy aur wo kamray mein usko yaad kar k bohat buri tarhan rota hai .. It was a very short story and i dont exactly remember the reason behind the guy beaing his wife lekin uska beta bv ko isliye maarnay lagta hai q k wo us say zid karti hai k wo us ko lay kar sair o tafreeh k liye bhoorban jayE

        • Maham it does sound like a very short story so the drama is going to be something brand new for even those people who have read the novel. hamare dramas ki heroines tu hardly kabhi aise apne husbands se divorce leti hein that is why i feel that they may change the ending. Kiran has a very strong personality so she will retaliate. I want to see how she reacts; Sikandar clearly told her that she could go back to her parents' house.
          Thank you for sharing the story:) Now we know that the drama has hardly anything in common with the story except that the main theme is the same.

          • Yeah exactly!;-) after reading the story i also got to know that whole of the story is changed except the main theme of giving respect to the women!! But fatima i think that kiran will leave sikander bcz the heroine of the novel was also a strong girl like Kiran and that is the reason she didn't bear her disrespect and put her husband's love aside and didnot go back to his husband's home even when he puts in weeks and months to bring her back home!!! And also there are no other tracks like Rukhsar's or Aarzoo's and i feel there was no need of them in the drama aur agar hotay bhi tou itnay lambay na hotay jitna inho ny kar diya!!! This was one if the reasons of such a huge success of humaafar that it only concentrated on the main couple's story and there was only one track!! And also Fatima there is no need of thanks cz it was my pleasure!!!!!!!…..

          • But Fatima they may change the ending but the only reason i think for changing ending would to provide veiwers with a happy ending in which the couple is together and lives happily ever after q k jab couple saath nahin rehta tou hamari audience aisay bhi in baaton ko bohat mind karti hai!!!

          • Maham, I am anxiously waiting to find out how Kiran reacts. I think she won’t go home just yet because they always prolong such incidents in dramas. The sidetracks can make a drama entertaining if they are given very little screen time – just enough to keep the audience engaged and of course if they are interesting enough. I really hope that the story picks up pace. Dil-e-Muzter was so engaging as well although it was also mainly based on Adeel’s and Silla’s story, so yes have to agree with you that single tracks can be engaging enough too.

    • Is the name of the novel "Kankar" or some name else…….?? Plz tell me because I want to read the novel………………………:)

      • Sparkling star its nam is "woh dil k thehar jaanay ka mausam" and ut's indeed very short and Rashid bhai has given the link of the site where u can read it!!!

  • its episode 11…and the real story hasn`t began yet………….same repeated scenes are now too annoying that i can watch this epi in 10 mins forwarding those scenes…

  • Nice review to a fail drama. I Regularly read your reviews, and then watched few episodes. God it's so boring, so familiar. Don't know why are you wasting your time on Kanker, you should have used your talents on AunnZara.

    • Farah S, I haven't been watching Aunn Zara because I was finding it a wee bit annoying now. The problem with all our plays it that the story hardly progresses. Zahra is doing a fabulous job of reviewing Aunn Zara, I must catch up with the last three episodes because the review and the comments are compelling me to give it another shot. Once I start reviewing a play I do it till the end so I will be reviewing this till the last episode. It isn't about wasting time but more about commitment:)

      Thanks a ton for following the reviews, it really means a lot to me.

  • I am saying good by to Kanker. I better do some dish washing, and may find it more enjoyable.

  • good review.i agree with you the drama is going very slow and this rukhsar and aarzo track is getting on my nerves yeh inki kahani aagay kyun nahi barhti hai but fahad and sanam both were superb in this episode esp in the last scene per aap ko nahi lagta fatima ke fahad mustafa ka yeh violent husband wala role kuch ziada repititive nahi hogaya hai pehlay mera saaein 2 then ek tamannah lahasil si and now in this drama kankar.lakin sikander ne waaqi mein kiran ke saath bohat bura kiya.waise aap kya numm ka review karengi because fawad ka koi bhi ho drama usay aap ka review aur bhi ziada acha bana deta hai like zgh.

    • Fahad I am glad we are on the same page:) You are right Fahad Mustafa has been playing the same kind of roles but I didn't watch his last two plays so I am enjoying his performance. Yes, I will be reviewing Numm. Thanks a lot for liking the reviews and for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

  • I do not agree with this review. I think it shows different problems a women faces in the present age in terms of marriage, I think I have seen people resembling each of these characters in real life. For me the show is in the right phase.

    • I agree with you Rabia, everything that is being shown is very real indeed, I am not arguing with that at all. I am glad that you are enjoying the show. Thank you for expressing your opinion.

    • Rabia, I totally agree with you. It is 3 dimensional view of young women's plight and problems faced from society, parents and of course MEN and their double standards. I hope though boring, the other two links will also become dramatic soon. In my comments on the previous episode I stated the honey moon is over and drama is just beginning. Fatima. otherwise, your review is brilliant!

  • one distinctive part of umera ahmed script and novels is the comparison of a similar situation, and the behavior of victim of that situation and that thing is also observed here, may be its wrong but just a thought from me

    1- When Sikandar refused to Aarzoo, he placed the reason of incompatible and no-understanding between him and aarzoo, and at that time aarzoo and her family made a mockery of this idea what is incompatibility and understanding, upon sikandar refusal aarzoo was victim ,but now aarzoo is using same reason to break away with shuja and her family has no issues with theory of "incompatibility and no-understanding"

    2- Rukhsaar repetitively blames Zubair sister and mother for delay in her marriage and Zubair also says how can she expect him to marry before his sisters , but when question of marriage of his own brother adnan was raised she clearly said to her mother how can adnan think of marriage when she is still waiting, so being of victim of this attitude of zubair family her attitude her brother is same as that of sisters of zubair.

    • Interesting observations. I also mentioned the Rukhsar point you just highlighted in one of my previous reviews and also the Arzoo one. Very interesting situation indeed.

  • I really liked fatimas review because i compleetely agree that rukhsars and Arzoo' s track are going exemely slow and as a matter of fact when i watched todays episode i forwarded all the boring scenes of rukhsar and Arzoo because i knew they were discussing the same things as usual. Aside from that one big lesson that this dramas portrays is people having double standards. They judge other people while they are themeselves engaged in the same activities ….like rukhsar calling zubair and her nands selfish for not letting her get married but doesnt realize that she infact did the same thing to her brother and crushed his dreams of getting married to Kiran. Moreover the reason why sikander is acting so rudely is because he doesnt respect his wife and thinks of her as a girl from a poor family and hence inturn thinks that taking her to a restaurant and buying her clothes can compensate for his cruel behaviour. He couldve never done the same things if he had married Arzoo .

    • Hi Ayesha, Thank s a lot for reading the reviews and for sharing your thoughts. I agree with everything you said; the double standards reminded me of Zindagi Gulzar hai:) I think it is human nature; we are quick to judge others but do not reflect upon our own actions much. I hope we will be seeing you here more often now.

  • Fatima aap logon ki website ko kya ho gaya hai is ka design plz pehlay jaisay kar dain kuch problem ho rahi hai, i will stop visiting it agr yehi design raha tou!!!??????

    • Maham This is temporary, there were a few problems that haven't been sorted out fully. We will need another few days. Nahi aisa na kurna keep visiting:)

      • Oh ya I was talking about reviewit.pk and it has been fixed … Thanks for the response!!!

  • Hi fatima….ur reviews are always excellent and i always look forward to them after watching the dramas.i wanted to ask u that y are ur reviews are not being displayed on dramasonline now??why have they changed the format??is it temporary or permenant.i am not enjoying it out there without ur reviews and all the latest articles…..

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