• Uneza_j

    TRUE!!! all were outstanding!!!

    • nida_zaidi

      Thankyou Urooj

  • Milli

    Dastaan should be in the list.

  • Aziz

    Maat and kaafir should've been in the list

    • nida_zaidi

      Maat had a good viewership.

  • esha

    no matter these serials are the blockbusters of their times .. but Dastaan ???? it was a master piece … is there any way from where i can het its TRP's ?? plzz tell ??

    • nida_zaidi

      I was surprised too as Dastaan is a personal favorite too.I will let you know about it shortly

    • Uneza_j

      DASTAAN was reallt a masterpiece!!

  • fff

    where z dastaan???????
    dastaan k agy ye sb dramy kuh ni



  • irfan

    dastaan must be there its emerage huge sucess

  • asd

    humsafar all time best drama

  • S.Shah

    where's Dastaan? and where's Maat? Durre Shahwar?

    Uraan isn't even a blockbuster…never heard of it being so famous…weird list.

  • Haseeb

    i am surprized where's daastan, where's mera naseeb and where's mana naa yeh dil,besides i never knew jahez was that famous…was a mediocre drama at best

  • DDs


  • Mahnoor

    Where's Shehr e Zaat and Mera Naseeb? They had a really high rating too.. Shehr e zaat's rating was higher than Jahez, Meri Laadli and some others in this list! I loved Mera Naseeb! I haven't seen Dastaan, so, I can't say anything about it but I have always heard that it was really good, so, I expected it to be in this list as well!! Are you sure that this is official??

  • Annie

    weird list….where is mera naseeb and maat..

    • zari

      dastaan to

  • Nosh

    HumSafar <3333 But where is Dastaan It is one of the best show ever :/

  • sam

    dur e shehwaar was awsome

  • purplegem

    yes true.why not dastaan???one of the blockbusters of its time.It SHOULD be included in the list.

  • Hasan Umar

    Where is Dastaan and Mera Naseeb??

    BTW Daam was on aired in 2010 and not in 2012.

    • Jia Aabdi

      yes where is Dastaan n Mera Naseeb????

  • sehar

    where is dastaan ………. d best drama ever…

  • fffffg

    where is shehr e zaat???

  • Dr Saba

    dur e shahwar ??

  • aik

    shehr e zaat?

  • anne

    humsafar ever best drama
    dastaan definitely should be here but allover its satisfactory

  • Shaz

    I cannot believe that this list does not have Dastaan. That serial was a masterpiece…a CLASSIC! It beats all these dramas hands down – yes, it even beats humsafar :P
    Unbelievable to see it being snubbed from a list of all time block busters.

  • Khan Lala

    Dont you think Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishaan was much better than Humsafar ? It should be at no 1 slot

  • waqas ranjha

    is DASTAAN was a good drama?

  • fai

    humsafar i did't like it

  • nia

    well dastaan should be in this list otherwise this is an awsome list!!!!

  • waqas khattak

    i only see humsafar and meri zaat zara banashan and the ranking you people give i m agree hope the rest of ranking is correct

    • Aleezay khan

      boht are my fav.s

  • nay

    Zindagi gulzar hai is also nice

  • Aleezay khan

    where is khuda aur mohabbat shehr. e zaat Dastaan. Durre e shahwar?

  • Aleezay khan

    qaid-e tanhai was a popular drama …..lolz. and it is on the number 3.
    Meri ladli. at no. 4 what a joke.