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Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 5 – Enough Of Asmara Already!

Finally, today we all witnessed the second heated confrontation between Zaroon and Kashaf and I enjoyed every second of it. I really did think though that Kashaf was getting personal and taking something that Zaroon said in general terms, personally too. Zaroon’s statement in the class was not about a certain class but about the nation in general but Kashaf obviously felt he had no right to “label” all Pakistanis since there were people like her in Pakistan too who had worked very hard to get where they were today. Nevertheless, I did feel that it was actually Kashaf who over-reacted and not Zaroon. And I am so glad that the two of them actually have a very good reason now to be infuriated with each other’s behavior and I am also hoping that we will be seeing much more of Kashaf and Zaroon confrontations/interactions in the future episodes as well. Zaroon did say later on that Kashaf always has a problem with whatever he says in the class so lets just ‘assume’ that the two of them have had such heated discussions in the past too.

Ample screen time was given to the Zaroon and Asmara conversations and I must say that I want to see less of Zaroon and Asmara and more of Zaroon and Kashaf. The Zaroon/Asmara scenes are getting highly repetitive already because every time the two talk to each other whether it is on the phone or in the university all we see is a very annoyed Asmara asking Zaroon how much she hates it when he talks to other girls. Well apparently Asmara is not the only one who gets jealous when Zaroon talks to other girls but Zaroon also admitted today that he does not like it when Asmara talks to other boys and Asmara was also surprised to hear that ‘all of a sudden” Zaroon was afraid of commitment. Does that mean that Zaroon made a commitment to her in the past? Well the conversation that the two had in the car suggests that he did not but then he did not exactly tell her that they were just friends but only this that he wants to concentrate on his studies for now. Honestly speaking some of the dialogues were quite misleading and it seemed like a classic Madiha/Rohail scenario! Can I please make a special request to the producers to not cast these two together ever again because I am sure many of us have had more than our fair share of Mehreen Raheel falling for Fawad Khan.

Kashaf dislikes Asmara for being proud and full of herself but at the same time she envies her because she has everything that a girl can wish for and more; good looks and a man who loves her so much (or so she thinks!). Although Kashaf is dead against marriage but the fact is that like any other girl her age she also longs to have someone in her life who would make her feel special too. She thinks that apart from having good looks and money, having someone who loves you is what makes life perfect. When Maria asks Kashaf how she feels about Zaroon, she gives a very honest answer but even Kashaf has a hard time denying the fact that Zaroon is the most good looking boy in the class.

Kashaf’s conversation with her mother today where she asks her mother why she did not leave all her daughters with the father seemed somewhat childish coming from someone like Kashaf, it was very cute and showed how much she cared for her mother but did not seem in line with Kashaf’s character.

Today’s episode was more about Zaroon and Asmara than anyone else, also much of it focused on problems in Kashaf’s household. I would really like to see more of the University life focusing on Zaroon and Kashaf of course. Although till now I have been supporting Kashaf all along but today I felt like Zaroon was justified in feeling that Kashaf was attacking him personally for no reason. He maybe a flirt and have a “loose character’ but I have not seen him bragging about his wealth till now but he is someone who has also worked hard to get where he is today.

Overall, this latest episode lacked the intensity that was there in the past few episodes, maybe because a lot of what happened did not add anything new to the story and gave no new insights into the characters. If I had a choice I would honestly forward the Zaroon/Asmara scenes in particular, they are killing all the fun for me. I am really looking forward to watching the next episode and finding out how the story unfolds and hoping Asmara won’t be around till the end!


Fatima Awan.