Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 5 – Enough Of Asmara Already!

Finally, today we all witnessed the second heated confrontation between Zaroon and Kashaf and I enjoyed every second of it. I really did think though that Kashaf was getting personal and taking something that Zaroon said in general terms, personally too. Zaroon’s statement in the class was not about a certain class but about the nation in general but Kashaf obviously felt he had no right to “label” all Pakistanis since there were people like her in Pakistan too who had worked very hard to get where they were today. Nevertheless, I did feel that it was actually Kashaf who over-reacted and not Zaroon. And I am so glad that the two of them actually have a very good reason now to be infuriated with each other’s behavior and I am also hoping that we will be seeing much more of Kashaf and Zaroon confrontations/interactions in the future episodes as well. Zaroon did say later on that Kashaf always has a problem with whatever he says in the class so lets just ‘assume’ that the two of them have had such heated discussions in the past too.

Ample screen time was given to the Zaroon and Asmara conversations and I must say that I want to see less of Zaroon and Asmara and more of Zaroon and Kashaf. The Zaroon/Asmara scenes are getting highly repetitive already because every time the two talk to each other whether it is on the phone or in the university all we see is a very annoyed Asmara asking Zaroon how much she hates it when he talks to other girls. Well apparently Asmara is not the only one who gets jealous when Zaroon talks to other girls but Zaroon also admitted today that he does not like it when Asmara talks to other boys and Asmara was also surprised to hear that ‘all of a sudden” Zaroon was afraid of commitment. Does that mean that Zaroon made a commitment to her in the past? Well the conversation that the two had in the car suggests that he did not but then he did not exactly tell her that they were just friends but only this that he wants to concentrate on his studies for now. Honestly speaking some of the dialogues were quite misleading and it seemed like a classic Madiha/Rohail scenario! Can I please make a special request to the producers to not cast these two together ever again because I am sure many of us have had more than our fair share of Mehreen Raheel falling for Fawad Khan.

Kashaf dislikes Asmara for being proud and full of herself but at the same time she envies her because she has everything that a girl can wish for and more; good looks and a man who loves her so much (or so she thinks!). Although Kashaf is dead against marriage but the fact is that like any other girl her age she also longs to have someone in her life who would make her feel special too. She thinks that apart from having good looks and money, having someone who loves you is what makes life perfect. When Maria asks Kashaf how she feels about Zaroon, she gives a very honest answer but even Kashaf has a hard time denying the fact that Zaroon is the most good looking boy in the class.

Kashaf’s conversation with her mother today where she asks her mother why she did not leave all her daughters with the father seemed somewhat childish coming from someone like Kashaf, it was very cute and showed how much she cared for her mother but did not seem in line with Kashaf’s character.

Today’s episode was more about Zaroon and Asmara than anyone else, also much of it focused on problems in Kashaf’s household. I would really like to see more of the University life focusing on Zaroon and Kashaf of course. Although till now I have been supporting Kashaf all along but today I felt like Zaroon was justified in feeling that Kashaf was attacking him personally for no reason. He maybe a flirt and have a “loose character’ but I have not seen him bragging about his wealth till now but he is someone who has also worked hard to get where he is today.

Overall, this latest episode lacked the intensity that was there in the past few episodes, maybe because a lot of what happened did not add anything new to the story and gave no new insights into the characters. If I had a choice I would honestly forward the Zaroon/Asmara scenes in particular, they are killing all the fun for me. I am really looking forward to watching the next episode and finding out how the story unfolds and hoping Asmara won’t be around till the end!


Fatima Awan.

  • zara

    u right! kind of fed up wid asmara and zaroon's track. samina pirzada's track is getting boring day by day. cant these mother daughters discuss anything else? getting disappointing day by day..

    • Sikandar

      Well if i may add , it is a 24 Episode serial and i bet if they had spent more time on zaroon n kashanf's interactions/ confrontations , we would have given the same reasons just as we are talking about Kashaf n her mother's conversations Or Zaroon n Asmara shenanigans . Case in point,the novel is purely about two souls i.e kashaf n Zaroon . If they wanted to make something about Zaroon n Kashaf only . they would be better off making a movie of mere 2 hours n not a whole season.

  • NDL

    Too many scenes between Asmara and Zaroon and each beginning with " asmara ab chor bhi do, khatam karo" and she saying the same thing that she can't bear it if he talks to other girls. The scenes could easily have been trimmed. Asmara is not a very popular character with the viewers so editing a few scenes would have been wise. A large part of the episode was taken up with whether Zaroon will get engaged with her or not. Sara, Ghazala, Asmara and Osama, each one asking the same question repeatedly. Samina again was superb and the interaction between the mother and daughters very significant. Sidra's smile shows that she understands that Kashaf is obsessed with Zaroon. The bond between the sisters is very close but impending divorce between their parents will probably be the last straw for this family. Nice episode but needed some editing.

    • FatimaAwan

      NDL totally agree with you about the Asmara/Zaroon scenes and also about the part where everyone keeps on asking Zaroon about the engagement. I felt the mother daughters scenes were repititive too, we have seen the bill scene before and there was nothing new in the conversation that kashaf had with her mother too. Thank you so much for your detailed and well thought out comments, I always enjoy reading them:) Keep commenting.

  • baacha

    salam fatima,i was anxiously waiting for review article,it was good as always, totaly agree with you , today's episode was just ok, main focus on asmara and zaroon, i am so much fade up of asmara and her same style of acting, nothing new in her acting,she always do the same role, we want to see more interaction between zaroon and kashaf,he said she always attack on me in class,why we assume it happend in past, they should show that class room scenes…
    otherwise samina pirzada is superb actress no doubt, one more thing fatima , i noticed when kashaf's friend asked her who is handsom boy in class and zarron and osama crossed them then i felt kashaf wanted to say osama is much better than zaron so why all girls r so much crazy for zaroon …..

    • FatimaAwan

      salam baacha, thank you so much for following the reviews and adding to them. I wonder where Osama's one sided attraction will go from here and whether it will have some relevance to the future developments. Yes, they should definitely show the classrooms scenes more and the debates should be intellectually driven.

  • fatima jamil

    very well written miss fatima !! the most fast review writer masha ALLAH !! I really appreciate your writing skills πŸ™‚

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you so much Fatima, you are very kind. Keep reading and commenting, your appreciation means a lot to me.

  • Ultimate

    what i think its a serial drama may be consist of 22 or 23 episode and actually a novel based drama so definitely it ll take time to reveal. i have read this novel and there were many things that are not in this play & obviously they shouldn't be because its difficult to present what's written. Although it was wrong decision to cast MEHREEN RAHEEL as ASMAARA as she failed to win most of us heart by her acting this is the necessity of play to show initially JAROON/ ASMAARA's scene more & more than JAROON /KASHAF's.

    • FatimaAwan

      You are right ultimate, in fact i was telling readers/viewers the same thing last week but I am sure there could be more variation in the scenes.

  • maria

    Fatima thanks for always writing such to the point reviews. always a pleasure to read and discuss πŸ™‚

    i feel honsetly feel that the pace of the story is very slow and even though it’s understandable that Zaroon and Kashaf’s personalities, thoughts, interactions are by products of other characters that interact with them, I just wish we had more of the scenes like the one where Kashaf insults Zaroon on basis of his class which was in my opinion, highly uncalled for. We had quite a bit of discussion last week and from what I have been hearing from everyone else; there is a general consensus that the most beautiful aspect of the story of ZGH was the nook jhook that Kashaf and Zaroon have during class time. We keep on hearing about Zaroon and Kashaf discussing how rude they have been, and how arrogant they are but in the last four episodes, we barely had 3-4 scenes with them all together and they are always cut short! I was much happier with the scene today but it was still very diminutive and I wish we had been shown most of their rivalry in the 2nd and 3rd episode. I also would like to slap the continuity director for the obvious mishaps that are so clear that your head spins e.g. when Asmara and Zaroon have their engagement discussion dinner they are in a completely different get up, yet in the next scene when they are both in the car continuing their discussion; they are in a completely different getup! What the heck was that? The continuous DeS music was made for DeS not for ZGH and I wouldn't be surprised if I hear Khirad/Ashar tunes or “who humsafar tha…”

    • FatimaAwan

      Maria you are very sweet. You are so right just hearing about how rude both of them have been to each other is like leaving a little too much to the viewer's imagination and kills the fun completely. Thank you for pointing out the continutiy blooper.

  • Nina

    I agree with your review mostly, however for me it is refreshing to see that the lead role-Kashaf is not the perfect heroine: she verbally attacks others and shows signs of tough times. I like lead roles which have faults like normal people do, not chaadar mein lipti hui neik perveens :p
    But true about those Asmaara and Zaroon scenes. She's really getting on my nerves and this drama is slowly becoming a drag. Fourth episode and really the story's right there where it started.

    • FatimaAwan

      Nina I really like Kashaf's character too and for exactly the same reasons that you mentioned:) Yes the story needs to move forward.

  • bint-e-hawa

    I must say excellent writing skills by fatima!!! Well done for writing such reviews keep it up!!!!

    • FatimaAwan

      bint-e-hawa thank you so much. Please keep reading and commenting.

  • Shinylucky

    I am following the reviews on ZGH and these are too good upto the point…. Today's episode was a bit disappointing as I read the Novel already so i think that classroom scene is totally ruined in drama…. That was a classic scene in the novel … at first when I read this scene in the novel i thought that Kashaf did a useless argument with Zaroon when I read it again then I thought that Kashaf was right (as that confrontation between them is so clear and abvious in the Novel) …I wud suggest everyone to read that novel first because…its actually the essence of the drama… I dont like Asmara/Zaroon scenes at all… i just want to see kashaf, her thoughts and Kashaf/Zaroon's scenes more….

    • FatimaAwan

      shinylucky thank you so much for liking the reviews. I have not read the novel but everyone who has read it says that the Kahsaf/Zaroon confrontations were the best part of the story and I so feel like I am missing out:( I hope we will get to see more of them in the future.

      • Shinylucky

        yae the Novel is something to read and I hope so..

  • Shinylucky

    in today's episode I like the zaroon scene with her sister so much… Fawad khan treated so sweet with her sister… i loved the way he gently throw the cushion on her , teasing her so nicely ..being brotherly …he acted so well… whenever i saw Fawad Khan on screen in actuall(interviews etc) i feel him so repectable towards females… i like him so so much…he is a true gentleman….<3 him

    • FatimaAwan

      Yes that was a very cute scene.

  • Ume E

    I have been watching ZGH and reading your reviews and I agree with everything you said about today's episode.The drama needs to pick up pace now.It was a slow and repetitive episode and Asmara annoys me…'meray jaise kapray nahin na hain kissee ke paas is liye sab compliment kar rahain hai'…seriously…???
    I get it that Kashaf has a personaity of her own because of the troubles and hardships of her life but at times she seems to be too whiney and rude.
    But I enjoy the drama and look forward to it every Friday…!

  • coolkads

    i think that the reason asmara zaroon shots are more than care to see is so as to build up the past when eventually zaroon would pursue kashaf. This is not a mere two hour movie, its a whole series and more material needs to be added to it and therefore we are presented with zaroon asmara relationship prior to zaroon kashaf.
    The drama is better than the novel with additional characters and a different background for kashaf. The novel displayed no hardships in kashafs life and i had no love for zaroons character while reading the novel.
    The story is hung up for sure for now but the improvisations are to be enjoyed. Please watch the drama keeping aside the novel as i think they are both quite different in many ways..just my two cents.

  • syed asad ali saeed

    which uni is this?

    • coolkads

      indus valley

  • Hadiya

    agreed to this ..asmara thing and of course the kashaf attitude well to me kashaf in da previous episodes was more like a strong girl who depends on none than her ownself but the previous argument that zaroon kashaf had (the frst one) ws even a lil rude at kashaf's end and this episode it ws quite obvious she ws shown over reacting i didnt get the idea of the director showng kashaf in this way that is like very mean n rude of her ppl or girls who have strugled aint get that cold or do personal attacks the envy she has for asmara and the class is obvious n very natural n that is wht is sounding real n attractive to me but her attitude towrds zaroon is weird when even the guy himself isnt shown a show off or somethng hope the next episode brings sumthng bettr ! πŸ™‚

  • Sadaf H

    Good Review Fatima. I know this drama has promise but quite frankly it is losing me. Yes I will watch being a die hard K fan but this is increasingly turning out to be Not my cup of tea. I think Sana Saeed is doing OK as Kashaf but I feel no empathy for her. Umera Ahmed must be congratulated on producing the least likable heroine in my experience.Poor Zaroon πŸ™ His choices are the devil and the deep blue sea…Asmara is the Devil and Kashaf a sea of envy and confrontation..

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you Sadaf. I don't dislike kashaf, i find her somewhat interesting and am waiting to find out more about her. I am hoping that things will get interesting once Asmara is out of the picture and the focus is on Zaroon and Kashaf.

  • Annie

    agree with Sadaf, Maria and NDL. This episode should have been named Asmara ka Phoola Hua Mu. There was too much of her and we could care less. I forwardedthrough most of her scenes and there were still more to go! And that classroom scene was not properly edited so it came out of nowhere and ended abruptly. All in all, another filler boring episode which can be easily skipped.
    Looks like next week will be devoted to the divorce. As my husband says, Umera Ahmed ka play hai tow divorce is mandatory.


    nothing new…confrontation was not as awesome as in novel….a full diary page was dedicated to it but less than a min was given in serial is quite disappointing…well hope to see something good out of it

  • Kinza Khalid

    I totally agree to the statement that Zaroon/Asmara scenes were damn irritating….the whole drama was based on their scenes…and those scenes didnt show any important convo b/w them but just that bullshit "Engagement Matter" was constantly being discussed between them….Well..Zaroon/Kashaf scenes were really Grabbing ones…I really want to see more of them…:)
    On the whole…I must accept the fact that yesterday's episode was not one the one which kept me hooked up till the end of of it…Hoping that next episode will really come upto my expectations πŸ™‚

  • fari

    To be honest, I have been waiting for Zaroon and Kashaf's clash in the class since the beginning, as it was the highlight of the novel and served as the first introduction between the two protagonists… and seeing the top notch start of the drama, I had high expectations regarding that particular scene. But that scene was made so minimal that it was really a "thuss patakha"…. and as far as I remember, the dialogues in that scene also seemed reduced and changed as compared to the novel,,,,, overall I am enjoying the drama, waiting for Friday all the week,,, but we definitely need more of the clashes for sure πŸ˜› and less personal attacks….

    • FatimaAwan

      lol @ thus patakha , nicely put i agree it lacked the intensity.

  • UAg

    Nice review Fatima, you are absolutely right we have seen enough of Zaroon and Asmara already and actually I forwarded their scenes yup they are repitative and boring. The argument between the two were shooted nicely and I also think Kashaf over reacted. I wanted to see more of Kashaf and Zaroon also I am liking SM now he is justifying his character now. I am sure we are all waiting for the scene where Zaroon gets really mad at Kashaf and about to hit him but Sultana Siddiqui said in the intro show that She didn't let Zaroon hit Kashaf, heads off to Sultana ji for that. Yaar Fatima did you see Mera yaqeen last episode?

    • FatimaAwan

      Yes UAg SM is doing a good job now:) Yes I watched the last episode, it ended gracefully.

  • umeed e seher

    I was feeling same about the conversation b/w kashaf and her mother.

  • Kainat

    Agree with you Fatima, thanks for detailed review πŸ™‚
    but yes we are hopeful this story has lot more to come

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you kainat for taking time out and reading the review:) yes I am also hoping that the story will get more interesting in the upcoming episodes.

  • nazish

    its an intersting story kashaf's character is appreciatable

  • maraym

    plz ab bhot ho gaya hai zaroon aur asmara ka …. hm drama zaroon kashaf ke liye dekhte hain un duno ke liye nhi.

  • Rabia

    They should have chosen a younger girl to play Asmara's role

    • FatimaAwan

      Yes Rabia, anyone but Mehreen Raheel.

  • Ali

    main is drama ko lay kr bht excited tha lekin abhi tk koe episode aisi nahi hai jo dil jeet lay. kuch missing hai and i dnt know what is that πŸ™ πŸ™

    • Angel


  • Roh

    Nicely written, as usual, Fatima.
    I agreed with everything you said. But I quite liked this episode. I suppose a lot of that was because there was much more of Z in the episode. Much more than Murtuza even! πŸ™‚
    Asmara needs a good shaking. For her character as well as her acting. Her "boys, don't I look nice" was so idiotic, it actually got some laughs from me.
    I liked the scene between the siblings – Z and S. That was cute.
    K was completely unreasonable and rude. And then she keeps calling Z rude. I guess that shows what kind of a defensive and offensive person she is.
    Poor Z! He is really surrounded by all these complexed women, in different directions!
    And what was so wrong in Asmara's clothes? The colours were outrageous, but what else???

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you for the detailed comment Roh. I am glad you enjoyed this episode , I just don't have patience for Asmara anymore, I wish some other actress was playing the role. I know Asmara wears such outfits all the time so all we can do is wonder but ain't you glad that they just tried to get the message across with a decent outfit rather than dressing her up in something outrageous! I guess they only wanted to show how different Zaroon and Asmara are but I wonder why clothes are being used to show people's conservatisim for the second time. Zaroon has been friends with Asmara for long enough to know how liberal she is and Asmara must also know that Zaroon is a conservative person or more like he has double standards when it comes to what girls and guys can or cannot do! It wasn't just kashaf but her "friend" also thought Zaroon was the one who was wrong, I have no idea why! I wonder how Asmara and Zaroon managed to be friends for this long, they must have something in common.

      • Roh

        I also wonder how a bimbette like Asmara got into this really prestigious college and that too for an MBA programme. She comes across as someone who cannot have one intelligent conversation. Yet another reason to wonder how Z and she have managed to be "best friends" for so long!
        K's friend, Maria also needed some more help from the director for her dialogue delivery.
        I have a feeling as time goes by, things will fall more into place. Maybe because we get to see it one episode at a time, and "picture abhi bhi baki hai" AND that we want more of Z and K, that the disappointment is more. Looking forward to day after. πŸ™‚

        • FatimaAwan

          Lol you are right about Asmara! God we love her so much;) Yes I have most certainly not given up on ZGH Just yet and am looking forward to Friday. All we need is more scenes of Zaroon & Kashaf. There is tons to look forward to.

        • Ssis

          Why is K's friend Maria looking up at the sky while delivering dialogues ( almost as if she is sun bathing) After all who sun bathes in Karachi??? Also the season's are all confused here. One day Asmara is wearing a jacket with a hood and the next day she arrives in a sleeveless?? then Maria is looking up at the sun and relishiing it when actually all of us are running away from the heat of Karachi. I think what K said to the mother was very relevant. I personally think anybody with K's mindset WOULD feel guilty about her mother putting up with a character like Murtiza just for her daughters. As K has a lot of empathy for her mom, and so feels that anything would have been better than living with that man. Though many think that Murtiza is an unnatural 'black' character, but believe me I know several such men personally who have been horrible fathers, so to me his character is very real and true. Many women not only put up with this kind of nonsense just because of their children but also because of the pressure of our society. I am glad they are showing young women who are determined not to live by such restrictions but also disagree with their mothers and are vocal about it.

  • AnonymousSoul

    I dont think what Kashaf said to her mum was childish; i guess for children when they see their mother go through all that (which I have seen my mum go through somthing similar) the child feels guilty I mean the child feels as though if they were never born it would have been beter as both individuals could go their own way and the woman can establish a life for her self as the most painful thing for a daugher is when her mother is insulted @ye kaam karney waali aurtien' jistra istrhan ki aurtoon ney pata nahi konsa gunna kardiya ho seriosly agar itna hi masla hai jab aurat baahir kaam karney jaati hai to feed her children then why doesnt the stupid man take respinsibility. Also, when girls come from backgrounds like that often unko bhi tana diya jata hai and that is very difficult to see when your mum is hurt because she compromises and puts up with a mans 'crap', then insulted, then has her daughters insulted by their very own father… hoorrible. So in my opinion i didnt think it childish rather natural and got quite emotional at that scene especially when kashaf writes her diary and said par likh kar kuch bhi nahi hota and in a way I agree as strong and independent a woman can be she is still a woman and needs support she yearns love and warmth she wants protection…. ironic that jis cheez se woh protection haasil karna chahti hai wohi cheez usey muashrey mein tokrien khaaney ke liye chor deyti hai. Anyways this was my personal opinion anyway I guess we all have different experiences through which we interpret the events and stories around us πŸ™‚ Its just an opinion I dont mean to offend men, women or the writer here πŸ™‚

  • aminia

    some one please give mehreen raheel a wardrobe check!!! awfull shoes!!! ….. she looks like a cross between a wannabe and a fruit salad!

    • FatimaAwan

      lol We love Mehreen Raheel on so many levels;)