Ayeza and Shehryar Cute Photoshoot

Watch Ayeza and Shehryar Cute Photoshoot.
















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  • LYaila

    oh so stupisd i hate THeM

    • sara

      daaaaaa……. who hate them???? only YOU!!!!

  • noor

    sooo cute!! dono ka couple bohht acha lagaa…:)

  • fairy

    i hate Ayeza khan

    • fda

      koi baat nahee

    • Motu

      Hahahah I'm sure she is SOOOOO sad to hear that #sarcasm

  • Diya

    soooooo beautiful like made for each other…………love these pics especially of Ayza khan <3

  • ishmal

    hey they r married 2 each other?

  • kiwi

    ayza looks like a blanched almond….

  • Lubna rashid

    Really like her simplycity

  • fda

    Shaheryar munnawar has expressions on face and his eyes are so lively but dialogue delivery still needs work

  • zahid

    nice pics

  • Nyla

    Ayza is GORGEOUS even in simple clothes.


    cute couple both r adorable

  • Uneza_j

    they make a "perfect coulple" like feel!

    • Hassaan Javaid

      They are not a couple Uneza. Aiza Khan is unmarried yet. Don't know about Shehryar Munawwar

      • Uneza

        Yup….I meant to say the onscreen couple 🙂

  • Fatima Tuz Zahra

    ayza z simplyyyyyyyy beautiful MASHAALLAH…..

  • kiwi

    how old is she?in a talk show she said 19?i highly doubt it.

    • nehabibi

      really!im also shocked…i dont think so that she is under the age of 20.

      • Alina

        yes I think you are right.she is nearly 21 or 22

        • Enterprenuer

          she is 24..!

  • mahdiya

    danish tehmoor and ayza r real couple both r cute

    • fda

      who is danish tehmoor ?the raju rocket 1

      • Hassaan Javaid


  • Sarah

    the innocence does reflect from them

  • mia

    ayeza khan is extremely beautiful !
    who is katrina or kareena or that priynka in frnt of her?
    this is what we cal natural personified beauty! <3

    • kiwi

      kareena and katrina are fake ,man

  • think pink

    oh i like both of them sooooooooo……..sweet

  • pices kz

    so sooooooooooooooooo cute couple

  • SHEH


  • Hassaan Javaid

    Aiza Khan started her career as an actress from GEO tv's soap serial "Tootey Hue Par" which was produced by A&B productions, directed by Mohsin Mirza and written by Seema Munaf (writer of Mera Yaqeen, Khushi Ek Roag, Main Gunehgar Nahi, Talafi"

  • hajra

    aiza is one of the most adorable actress…

  • abdulghani

    very very very beautiful couple

  • Huma

    Soo adorable they look perfect together

  • Alina

    i really like Aiza.jo khty hain k aiza achi ya pyari ni hy vo aiza sy jealous hota hy ar kuch ni.

  • maheen

    iz ayeza khan married?

  • mehro

    they are one ofmy fav couple!!God bless you both..

  • hammad

    Her acting was Superb in Zard Mausam, & i saw her first time on this Drama,

  • nimra ahmad

    nyc picz……..

  • jiya khan

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice couple………….

  • sajjad

    she is really beautiful

  • fahad

    are they real kife couple??? ayza khan ki tw danish taimoor se mangni hui th naaa????

  • saadi

    both looking so fit together

  • hina

    aiza i really like u ap bht innocent ho ap na hi behaya dressing krti ho yahi waja ke apki saadgi humko bha gae

  • alisha

    aalaaaa …….

  • sara

    awwwww i really love this couple a lot….. they both are sooooooooo sweet!!!!

  • Nazi


  • ain

    OMG MASHALLAH they are both so so cute…I love their couple awwwwwwwwwww…….so cuteee eeeeeeeeeeee

  • saveeya khan

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice both r looking nice

  • zoha butt

    ooooooooooooooooo sooooooooo painduuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Asim

    Ayeza khan just a heart killer beauty.

  • Sara Aleem


  • ramsha

    so beautiful no one is beautiful than aiza khan i m a biggest fan of her

  • ramsha

    i really like her she is so beautiful she is my dream girl