Kahi Unkahi Episode 12 – Taking it slow

So the episode today was al-right  We didn’t see much progress in the story today. It was once again mostly about Anam & Sherry & their pending decision.

Sherry has finally reached to a conclusion that he is not ready to get married to Anam at least because he is not finding her compatible. I find Sherry at fault here too that he shouldn’t have gotten carried away by Anam & her charm that now he is backing off. Anam on the other hand is planning her out-of-the-world sort of an engagement ceremony where she is going to demand a huge diamond from Sherry. Her mother is persistent too but she still is sceptical when it comes to Sherry because till date they haven’t gotten the official proposal from Mr. Kamal’s family.

Sherry got to see more of Zoya & finds himself attracted to her. She is innocent yet head-strong. I absolutely love her character & I feel Ayza Khan is the perfect choice for this role. The way she has portrayed the character of Zoya is beyond perfection because she seems to have indulged herself in the character completely. Her concern for Rajjo, her straight forwardness, her shyness is everything that a man can wish for & Sherry is finding it hard to ignore his childhood friend now.

I am kind of bored with Shahzeb, his lingering feelings & his family. It’s tiring to see him after a couple of episodes that too stuck on the same scenario. He needs to move on or let go. Once again he approached her & she was spotted by Anam & Shahzeb’s sister. His sister accused Zoya of so many petty things & she quoted her childhood days. It was something unnecessary or I think the dialogues weren’t written with much heed. To quote what Zoya did in her childhood that too which was a made up story of Anam could’ve been ignored because those pointers weren’t convincing enough & seemed unreal.

Finally, Sherry took a step & confessed in front of his mother about what he feels for Zoya or his Zoyee. Mrs. Kamal’s concerns were right to some extent too. She didn’t want Zoya to feel awkwardness in her life anymore. She has seen her suffering enough for her age. She shared her fears with Sherry saying she may not have done good to Zoya by teaching her so much because now she won’t be able to fit in her own social class nor anyone else from the upper class would accept her. Sherry being a gentleman & someone who’s smitten by Zoya presented his proposal but Mrs. Kamal straight away rejected it. I kind of feel that her character is dis-tackled because at times she doesn’t take stand for obvious things like Anam where she herself claimed that she doesn’t find Anam suitable for Sherry, still we see her supporting Mr. Kamal & Sherry for this proposal. & now when Sherry has talked about Zoya we saw her saying he shouldn’t be thinking about her even when she treats Zoya as her own daughter. I hope they kind of pay attention to what actually they want to do with the character of Mrs. Kamal because at times she does seem unreasonable person who has no say in her family matters.

Anyhow, I hope they soon get over with the Anam-Sherry flick & Anam gets to see what it takes to earn dignity in the eyes of a man. Still loving the drama as it’s going strong.

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Zahra Mirza.